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    Trade Limit has returned: All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements. NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals. Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash. Increased the drop rate of the following items: Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items: Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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    Hey Guys, We're expecting some downtime whilst I fix a bug crashing the servers. I wouldn't expect the servers to be online tonight the servers will be back online tomorrow. Any information on how the bug is occurring is greatly needed (not just "this is what is happening") I need full technical input so I can minimize the issue. For those who were duping during this expect to be banned (unless you cooperate and help us fix the bug) then I might be nice and leave it with just the item being removed. Thanks for your patience!
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    This is quite a disappointment that I even have to make this announcement, but it has gotten to the point where it's becoming more of a problem each day. I'm getting massive amounts of reports of people trying to conspire against the testers in order to get them in trouble and kicked off the server. Whether this is out of jealousy or the fact that they themselves were denied from the test server stands to question. Honestly, I have had enough of hearing about it and would like it to finally end. The testers that are currently testing the patch were past testers that were invited by their GS friends or approved by myself. We no longer accept random people to be invited by the GS's because of the past incidents of people blatantly taking screenshots of the patch information and spreading it around before the patch was released. Those who are on it now have shown that they are both useful to the testing environment and can also keep quiet about what the entirety of the patch is (aside from already given information). I've also been hearing, though this baffles me too, that people think it's unfair that some get to see the patch prior to it being released. The staff, and those who were chosen to stick around and help test, are needed to test a patch of this magnitude. Would you rather a buggy patch be released that could possibly damage the server/economy/game-play? I'm honestly not sure why this is even a worry anyway. You cannot expect Jordan to make and test a patch of this magnitude single-handedly. So this whole, "Oh they get to see it first, so unfair," far-fetched mentality should be left at the door. Patch testing is also part of a GS's job. It's quite a shame that it has even gotten to this point, but I will be banning those who continue to attempt in harassing the testers and bait them into getting in trouble. It's sad, it honestly is, that there always have to be those few who either hate the people so much or are so jealous of them that they'll do whatever they can to attempt to get them in trouble, even if that means trying to bait them into saying information that is already given/or was publicly told and claim it was leaked information. I'm tired guys, mentally and emotionally tired of having to deal with this day in and day out. Screenshot after screenshot of people actually saying, "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' kicked off the test server" or "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' fired". The fact that some of you are even trying to get JORDAN, YOUR DEVELOPER, "fired" is an absolute disgrace. Do you really hate the game that much that'd you'd like to see development come to a complete halt? Honestly, to be as lucky to have someone like Jordan working on Eden only to have some of you attempt to get him fired is just appalling. If it wasn't for him taking the lead, you probably wouldn't have the classes and things you have now. Jordan took the spearhead and went through, guiding/suggesting to Bash how to do the patch before learning and taking it on himself. Its easy to speculate that some may have this hellbent hatred towards Jordan or the other staff because they themselves were not hired. Honestly, if you applied and are now one of these problem people, ask yourself this 1 question: Why would I hire someone who acts like this towards others when they don't get their way? The only person who hires staff and who gets the final say in who is hired is me, myself and I. The last batch of supports that were hired for Eden were completely unknown to the other supports and Jordan, and were ones I chose myself. I'm sick and tired of these petty jealousy games and will be taking complete actions on those who wish to continue to try and play them. I'm done with it guys, so consider this your only warning. I'll be issuing out bans from now on.
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    Ok, I'll be brief. How many times has it happened to press the G key involuntarily? How many times during raids do you see people who blaspheme for having pressed that key and for being left without SP at an important time? As we know if we use this key our transformation will cease and we will have to wait from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 600. Now it is clear that I do not want to influence this button in any way because it is clear that it is a vital thing to be able to remove your SP whenever you want. I only wish that once the G key is pressed, a small window will appear (such as when you activate the ice flower oil) that asks for confirmation of the command. Like this: (Sorry for the poor quality but I used Paint to make the idea)😇 In this way, if I accidentally press G, I will have a chance to cancel the command and avoid the worst during certain activities) What do you think?
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    Channel 1 player count has been reduced back to 300. Global Speakers have returned to the game. Created the following new stats: Added Zephyr's Calamity wings to the game. Added Zephyr's Vanguard wings to the game. Updated the stats of the following items: Removed Fibi Frosty from Mimic Mystery Box rewards in-game. NosMate Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Partner's Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Updated text of certain items that gave wrong information. Improved drop rate of Amon and Lucifer bosses. Martial Artist now has a Trade Limit requirement of 93+30 and 2,500,000 reputation. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash this week. Fixed bug where "Huge Monsters" would not drop anything.
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    PvP Mode Changes Starting with the most important information there is a new schedule for PvP game modes and times when they open and close. Here is the new schedule: Note: These are based on server time which can be viewed on the main website or ask a GS if stuck. You might have noticed 3v3 is not on the schedule and that is because 3v3 is now permanently open all day (there is a slight closure at midnight for 1 minute 23:59 till 00:00, but that shouldn't cause much of a problem). Territory War Territory's will no longer reset at maintenance. Territory's will now take place twice a week (look bellow for more information). Crystal's have been made harder to cap. Note: HP has not been changed. Now grants 15% extra DMG reduction. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Crystal Island Battlefield: <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now deal more damage. <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now be harder to kill. Flurry Gem Battlefield: Totem buff "Snowy King" now deals damage fit for the current state of the game. Totem buff " Snowy King" new makes you immune to being transformed. Guild vs Guild Crystal HP has be increased by +50%. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Elysian Island PvP HP has been increased to TW standards. Friendly fire within your own party is now disabled (No more accidently killing your healer). Note: Currently a number of AoE skills still hit your party and I will be attempting to fix this at a later date. Changed the reflect "Gallop Peeper" to Physical Resistance. Changed the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to be used as many time as the player likes and requires you to be level 79 or lower. Changed the stats on the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to DMG Dealt, DMG Taken and Move SPD. Fixed the Boss Spawning so they always spawn. 3v3 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. 10v10 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Monster Battle Arena No changes to this mode currently. Deserted Island Survival Currently Disable due to large un-popularity (basically has never been queued in 3 years) Will be made into a new PvP gametype next patch. Sakura Island PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Territory War Schedule Change Due to their now being 16 territory war's a week instead of the original 10 I had to find compensation for this due to some limitations made against me from increasing the territory car beyond 3. Due to this I found a new way to balance the TW's while preventing the whole "We're capped so we wont go to TW attitude". Now every territory war map will take place twice a weak so there is a total of 8 territory's up for grabs. Here is the schedule for every map and what map it takes place on: Note: This is the regular schedule, certain maps have been replaced in the patch week with the new TW map so that people can test it out more often than usual cause its the first new map in 4 years. The following maps have been replaced FOR THE FIRST WEEK ONLY: Tranquil Hill Battle Goss Mt. Battle Avila Volcano Battle Additional Note: Due to the change in system i decided to double the rewards gained from "Domain Guardian Treasure Box" from the daily salary aswell as add back warstone's back to the box.
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    An update in regards to this. The person behind stealing peoples accounts is this person here: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/members/6585209-systemx64-.html If you have ever registered to any of the servers this person is affiliated with I'd advise you strictly to change your password. We do not return stolen items or anything but the people behind stealing your items and ruining your experience here is this person and whoever else is helping him. It is just plain stupid and rude of them to be doing such actions but they have a bitter jealous grudge against our accomplishment and are wanting to ruin this for you all. This shows bad practice of information handling and I'd advise you all to keep away from the servers this person is involved in. In fact because of OpenNos being so open I'd advise you to keep away from any of the new servers coming up that is OpenNos based. It is to my own knowledge people are deliberately placing servers online now to just steal your information and benefit here. That being said it is always advised never to use duplicate information such as accounts and passwords on any website, email service and even here. You do not know the people handling your information and as you guys can tell they will use it against you! Thanks for your time!
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    Hey guys just a heads up that our official launch will be Friday 9th June I will be working a lot during next week finalizing more changes for NosTale in time for the launch.
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    Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing good. As everyone can tell, I'm new to the VGN community. So please go easy on me! Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and attention i received. So I guess a bit about myself? I played a bit of Nostale and Eden before, but I wouldn't count myself as pro at it. I still have a lot to learn with Scarlet Blade though so I'll be looking at you guys for help there. In general, I still have a lot to learn so please look after me. I'll try my best to help as a new GM and I hope to be able to give assistance to everyone soon! Nice meeting you all!
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    There is a couple of changes this maintenance that will affect Territory Wars, some players will not agree with the changes but we feel like they're in the best interest of the players currently to make Territory Wars more competitive. Note: The changes are not permanent and can be reversed if it has a negative affect on the game or the situation does not change at all. Change 1: Territory Wars will be returning to the original schedule the server had, with 1 Territory War on a weekday, 2 Territory Wars on a Saturday and 3 Territory Wars on a Sunday. Change 2: We will be resetting the Territory Wars with maintenance so that people have to compete for the Territories and not just attend for defense only. Change 3: We will be temporarily removing Normal Class Territory Wars for a short while until I get confirmation on something else which will help me decide the best approach as I'm finding it difficult to find the best approach to balance the normal classes without completely changing them all entirely which would then void the point of normal class Territory Wars. We hope you understand these changes thank you!
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    New PVP Schedule NOTE: TW is at 17:00 not 17:30, it was my mistake and will fix later on. This can be changed again if people do not like the new times. Territory War Info Marked by a * is the new normal class territory wars (Monday TW2, Tuesday TW1, Wednesday TW2, Thursday TW1, Friday TW2, Saturday TW1, Sunday TW1, Sunday TW3). Normal class TW's will disable your character when you try to use awaken classes as this is the limitation of the game and the only way I could put this in. If people dislike the mode it can be taken out as easily as it was put into the game so do not panic. For the following classes there is a special requirement for them due to limitations: CQC Training - Warrior Combat Knowledge - Knight Demon Slayer - Templar Life and Death - Warlock Drake Energy Safeguard - Dragon Knight Sickleshot Expert - Inquisitor Twin Lightshadow Blade - Luminary This requires just 1 KP point in the corresponding class talent for the class to be usable. NORMAL CLASS TW's come with free path of destiny buffs, so no need to prepare as much.
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    Maybe this suggestion will be a little controversial, buuuuut whatever, looks like everything i post is . So if I can give an idea for the staff, is worth. My suggestion is simple: rework hunting ts. For those who don´t know about huntings ts, are a special ts, like pts, made to earn gold at low lvls. Where is the problem then? It gives you max 300k at the higher lvl one, only if you do it alone (0 gold on group on ts) and it takes a lot of time. My idea was to put some drop on the ts, but what drop? I was thinking on removing the gold from the ts and putting woa, gillion, and some raids mats, like slade claw, or green/red glasses. The drop should be lower that is out of the ts, in order to not to make it really op, because there are a lot of mobs on the ts. If this is implemented, we can also remove gold and angel feathers drop outside of the ts, since no one farm on act 1, 2 and 3 but bots, and new player are going to have a little mine of gold on this kind of ts, as on official was. So the only thing bots are going to farm are seed of power and other garbage. Is also a must to remove or fix the luxury boxes, since there are a lot of mobs and drops a lot of this boxes that makenothing but hinder. I think that is a good idea because with that, you don´t need to play with 3 accounts or with more people to farm gillion, and have a good way to farm woa (at the moment, the best way to farm woa is buying from the npc). Also I was looking for a good place to farm slade claws and I didn´t get nothing. Eddit: I haven´t seen any bot that can search and craft a pts, so I don´t think they can abuse this
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    Hey everyone, As it is a Holiday we will be activating a +150% EXP/CP boost until next maintenance (Remember this EXP/CP boost counts towards your charms so if you have EXP Charm I it will be +675% Exp (500% Server Rate, 25% Charm, 150% Event). Enjoy!
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    Because of the reports of possible abuse to this event that we've been receiving, I have decided to wipe the current GOP rankings and allow them to reset for this week. Why were they wiped? Though it was meant to deter people, parties found it to still be worthwhile to use tower pots when they were never suppose to, making the rankings illegitimate and giving possible cheaters/bug abusers the chance to take the top spots. Rather then reward them, we've added a measure to deter the tower pot use again and are allowing those who can do it legitimately the chance to do so. I'll be watching the logs of what buffs are used in this dungeon and if someone finds another bug and attempts to abuse these buffs again in this dungeon, then I will be forced to take further action and possibly ban those involved.
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    Dark Blood Dress(HISTORY) This is the story of the dress that leads to death; its owner was Lily, a shinigami who loved killing humans. One Halloween night Lily was looking for victims as she always did. Uh !! Today there are many "preys" (She thought). "All together to be butchered for me." There were many people near a lake, Lily looked at a girl who was somewhat apart, she approached her and killed her cruelly. Carl (a shinigami senior) He observed what Lily did, approached her and asked: Why did you do that? It was not her time to die! Lily replied: ALL humans there are for me to play with their lives! When I want to kill! Carl looked at her with disappointment, He took her neck and made ashes (whispering: You do not deserve to be a shinigami). Time passed and every Halloween night the dress appears with all the hatred of Lily, attracting girls, and every time it one of them wears it , these are killed in a gruesome manner. For this reason it is known as the dress that leads to death (Dark Blood Dress). BlackQueen
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    Hii here Milya ~ Merry Christmas ?❤️?
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    ※ Some family missions may be restricted depending on the family level. ※ World Skills can be used once a day for one month. So let's take a look at the Family Mission UI. ① Mission icon: Each mission icon is displayed. If you right click on it, you can see detailed information of the mission. ② List of missions: The title and detail information of each mission, current progress, and the number of successes are displayed. ③ Select classification condition: You can check the mission by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the mission in progress is completed is displayed. This time I will look into family achievement. Family achievements can not be repeated, but you can challenge higher levels of achievement as you raise family levels. [Family achievement type] Classification Kinds Explanation reward Achievements Family Reid Family Raid Attack Family Raid Success Completed Acquire each attribute resistance, experience of family Family General A word of the day, family level Achievements accomplished at family level Family feature purchase privilege, family experience This time, I'll show you a family achievement UI. ① Achievement Icons: Icons of each Achievement are displayed, and you can see the details of Achievement by right clicking. ② List of achievements: Title and detailed information of each achievement, current progress, and number of success are displayed. ③ Selection of classification condition: You can check achievement by category. ④ Compensation Information: Compensation when the achievement in progress is completed is displayed. Of course, when you complete the Family Mission and achievement conditions, you will be able to reward the various effects of the Family as a basic unit. [World Skills] Effect name Effect description Usage criteria icon Increased experience Experience gain is increased for 1 hour. (Use family 20%, other 10%) (once a day, one month) Except Frozen Crown Warm aura effect The warmth effect of the camps is maintained for an additional hour.(Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs Increase faction points Fill camp's camp points 20%. (Once a day, for one month) Only in the family to which the family belongs [Family effect] Effect name Effect description Requires Level (Family) Purchase amount icon Increased damage and defense (Lv1 ~ Lv6) Increases the attack and defense strength of the player and the Nomate by 1% to 10%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000 to 900,000,000 G Increased food and simple food effect (Lv1 to Lv3) Recovery from food and simple food use increases by 5% to 15%. Lv4 to Lv17 300,000 G to 3,000,000 G Warp Tower, Boat discount rate (Lv1 ~ Lv3) 25% to 75% discount on warp towers and boats. Lv8 to Lv18 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Increased recovery effect (Lv1 ~ Lv3) When using a remedy that fills a certain amount, the effect increases by 5% ~ 15%. Lv3 to Lv20 1,000,000G to 3,000,000G Family Warehouse (Lv1 to Lv2) You can use 21 spaces, 49 spaces for the family warehouse. Lv2, Lv7 500,000G to 2,000,000G Family Expansion (Lv1 ~ Lv2) We extend family member to 70 people, 100 people. Lv5, Lv9 5,000,000G ~ 10,000,000G Fire resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Fire resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Water property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Water property resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Light property resistance increase (Lv1 ~ Lv5) Light attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect Dark property resistance increase (Lv1 to Lv5) Dark attribute resistance increases by 1 to 5. No level Achievement compensation effect ※ The attack power and resistance value increased by Family Mission compensation are not displayed in the character information window. Depending on the type of family mission, you will be able to purchase the World Skills or Family effects you have shown above when you complete the mission. Family Mission rewards can be purchased through the "Family Functional Officers (NPCs)" in Milano Village. If you complete the Family Mission and meet the purchase criteria, a reward icon is available for purchase. Note that purchasing can only be done by the family head, but world skills can be used by the head of the family and the head of the family, and only once per 30 days. Finally, I will look at the family title sentence that can be received under Family Mission Completion Condition ~ [Family Experience Title] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - Ranking 1st in FXP Monthly Ranking [Family festival title sentence] [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in Angels Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown [Monthly] Ranking Competition - 1st in the Monthly Ranking of Frozen Crown Devil Show title sentence If the title is achieved at the same time, both the Family Experience Point (FXP) sentence and the Frozen Crown Ranking sentence are displayed at the same time. I want you to check the details of the family mission and achievements in the game. True, there are some missions that are related to family levels and family missions and achievements, and if you have already achieved that level, you can still get the rewards if you do not do it again.
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    System Changes: - Due to feedback we have returned channels 5, 6 and 7. Arena Changes: - You will no longer be able to enter arena as a party. - You will no longer be able to form a party inside arena. - All buffs will be removed from your character before entering arena. Betting & Upgrade Changes: - New and improved custom rates applied to Upgrade System. - New and improved custom rates applied to Betting System. We feel the current official rates are just not fair so we've decided to improve the rates in game for everyone when upgrading or betting. General Changes: - Created new "Avenger's Gloves and Shoes": - This new equipment will drop from: - Following Monsters no longer drop gold: - Legendary Hunter Quests will now provide x2 Earth Crystal instead of x1. - The following monsters now have a 5% chance of dropping "Shining Blue Soul": - Relic of the First Tribes now sells for 25,000 Coins. - Intact Relic of the First Tribes now sells for 100,000 Coins. - The following raid box modification have been applied: Frozen Crown Changes - You will now obtain more points in Frozen Crown for your side. - Every 15 minutes an announcement will be made through all channels showing the status of Frozen Crown. - When a side is successful an announcement will be made through all channels. - The following monsters will now drop Draco's Claw and Glacerus' Mane:
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    General Changes Added a duration to the pets Dark Dragon and Flame Dragon from the class Dragon Emperor as afk farming became out of hand. (Note: This shouldn't affect the gameplay of this class just the ability to AFK. Added a duration to the pet Holy Dragon from the class Celestial Arrow (same reason as above). Note: Pets from the above classes will now need to be re-spawned in after 5 minutes
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    Hey Guys, It's just one thing after another with this game. It's very tiring and I don't understand how many people can be just so poisonous to a community. Please understand that you do TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK we do not recover your items but if you do report the scammer we will look into the player and also ban every one of their alt accounts. Please be aware of the scamming attempts of the following: Pet Beads Whatever you do if someone wants to sell their pet but insists on you giving them the bead do not do it. I have received a lot of reports lately of people doing this and it's stupid and I don't know why some of you are falling for it. Specialist Card on Alt Only trade if someone gives you the card. Don't go for the whole "hey give me the gold on this character I'll jump on my main after" routine. This is just stupid and again I don't know why some of you are falling for it. Cardholders Same with the Beads just don't do it guys. Stop falling for these tricks! You've been made aware and there are plenty of other people trying to scam you out there just again be aware that the community is full of these pricks who just want to ruin the fun for you. Stop allowing them to continue and wise up on your moves. We are doing our best to stopping these people but we cannot police the game 24/7. Thank you
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    General Changes: - Added a Consumable Shop named Bash in NosVille (located near Salim the Family Manager). This NPC will be used for selling useful consumables for players. - Added an Equipment Shop named Armored Bash in NosVille (located near Salim the Family Manager). This NPC will sell up to level 85 equipment and level 45 resistances. - Modified the crafting recipes for SP 7 & SP 8. It now only requires Act 3&4 materials. You can see the changes at Lilith and Sarakael in Port Alveus Square. - Minigame rewards have been disabled from the game. - Partner and Pet exp has been increased by x3. Bug Fixes: - Family member bug is now fixed. - Family invite bug is now fixed. The above 2 fixes were applied a while back this is just here for documented purposes. - Fixed several exploits.
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    There's always times in NosTale where there's no maps available to mob, or you just grow bored of doing the same repetitive grinding over and over again, therefore I would like to suggest a PvP mode that is similar to AoT but isn't centered exactly around arena. Currently Channels are really full meaning players like me are unable to participate in Arena Of Talents as its only relevant on channel 1, not only the channel difference is affecting this but the fact that you have to find another 5 participants in order to start. This is where I want to come in and suggest a new registry type of PvP mode, where you register in any "normal map" ( excluding maps such as raids, lod etc) for a 1v1, players who register for this mode will then be teleported to a small arena map to fight with a timer, the opponent will always be someone close or similar to your player level. This is very similar to the PvP mode in Elsword. I personally don't beleive there needs to be a ranking as it would be a mode just to waste time while waiting for an opportunity to mob or raid but I wouldn't mind in there being something of the sort. This really is my main suggestion but I do also want to leave some alternatives like 2 versus 2 battles where your partner is randomly chosen, or a free for all containing 4 players. Thanks for listening to my suggestion as I really believe this will be a fun experience and more active if you don't have to go arena to register, it would also keep me sticking in the game when things get stale rather than afk'ing or logging out.
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    Hey all, Our CDN is having some issues right now. If you experience any issues with downloading our clients or using our launchers then please keep trying. You will connect a working node eventually. We're sorry for the inconvenience and will update you asap.
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    I just wanted to suggest an easier way for perfectioning sps, could you put the "continuous production" for it? Now the perfections are very slow, and everytime you have to talk again with the npc,(the window closes every time you do an attempt). I hope I suggest something good for improving our gameplay
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    Event Changes: - Summer Event has now been activated! - Following Summer Event related items can now be traded: System Changes: - Gold Rate has been reduced from x5 to x4. - Reduced custom drop system by 1 loop from 5 to 4. - Once a character is Champion Level 30 their exp rate will be reduced to x5 instead of x20. - Deleted all current raidboxes from the database. Act 6.2: - Added Act 6.2 which includes new maps, raids, equipment and much more! - The following maps will only have a drop loop of 2 instead of the custom drop loop: - Added the following items to the following monster drop tables. - Updated Ancelloan the Creator Treasure Chest box rewards to the following: - Updated Fernon the Destroyer Treasure Chest box rewards to the following: - Ancelloan the Creator Treasure Chest and Fernon the Destroyer Treasure Chest box will have a max rare of 6. - Rotated Ancelloan's Will map names to be in the correct order. - Disabled useless drops from Ancelloan maps. - Set drop rate to x1 for Crazed Crusader and Brainwashed Crusader. - Increased amount of monsters in Ancelloan's Will 6 and Ancelloan's Will 3. - Added a force TP when entering Fernon Raid. - Reduced gold rate inside Fernon Raid. - Disabled the first set of items Fernon Drops before rewarding players for completing the raid. - Disabled the use of "Ambush" in Fernon Raid. - Renamed Akashic Record to Fernon Raid Seal. - Updated Icon of Fernon Raid Seal. - Improved Fernon's HP and Resistances. Caligor Raid: - Added Caligor Raid to the game. - Caligor Raid will open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday each week at the following times (Server Time): - Removed the following items from Caligor's Treasure Chest and Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest: - Removed Mukraju's Circlet from Caligor's Treasure Chest. - Removed the following items from Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest: - Added an alt-check when being rewarded for completing Caligor. Act 3.2: - Added Act 3.2 which includes Valhalla and 2 raids (Yetirand and Fafnir). - Reduced gold drop rate in Fafnir/Yertirand raid. - Disabled custom drop rate for the Bushtails in valhalla. - Removed the PVP Reward from Yertirand Raid. NOTE: PVP will still be enabled but you will not receive the reward for being the last man standing. - Removed Bone Warrior Ragnar from Forgotten Tower 7. - Removed Strange Yertirand from Jotunheim. - Updated Fafnir's Raid Box contents to the following: - Updated Yertirand's Raid Box contents to the following: Mini-Games: - Added Sheep Farm and Bushi King Mini-Games to the game! - Mini-Games can only be accessed on Channel 1. - Added alt abuse check for Mini-Games. - Added a check for when Mini-Game is about to start to check if there is enough players. - Mini-Games will reward 2 coins for the winner and 1 for the losers. - Added the 60 minute cooldown onto Mini-Game entrance. - Disabled the following items from dropping off monsters: - Disabled Meteor Mini-Game. We have a plan for this in the future but for now it doesn't serve a purpose for the new system. Glacernon Changes: - Removed Brave Shares' Heavy Armour from Lord Morcos' Chest. - Removed Abyssal Lorten's Spell Gun from Lord Hatus' Gift Box. - Removed Leather Armour of Silver Soul Glacernon from Lady Calvinas' Gift Box. - Removed Luminiel's Shining Crossbow from Baron Berios' Treasure Chest. - Added an alt-check when being rewarded for completing a Glacernon Raid. General Changes: - New UI has been added to the game. - Extra Partner slots have been added to the game. - Extra Character slot has been added to the game. - Added new Costumes, Mounts, Wings and Pets to the game. - New Cuarry Bank added to store gold for your entire account to share. - When leaving the Arena of Talents it will wipe all buffs from your character. - Added the following items to Bash NPC in NosVille: - You can no longer sell the following items at an NPC: - Updated Trophy Icons. - The following Trophies have been renamed: - Separated all Raidboxes to their own version. - Disabled custom drop system and disabled gold rate in the following maps: - Increased drop rate inside Laurena's Fabled Witch's Chest for the following items: - Updated stats on the following items: - To avoid possible inflation in-game we've reduced the daily quest rewards that reward x80 to x5 of the following items: - Updated Mystic Heaven Military Supplies box rewards to the following: - Updated Hellord Military Supplies box rewards to the following: - Disabled Fafnir's Fried Dinner from being used in FC maps (still works in raids). - Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: - Removed useless trading options from Sarakael. - Umbrella Shield cannot be used in any raids. - Added Zenas' Egg to Raid Box: Zenas. - Added Erenia's Egg to Raid Box: Erenia. Item Mall Changes: - Added Cuarry Bank VIP Medal (10 Days). - Added Cuarry Bank VIP Medal (30 Days). - Added Savage Dyes. - Added Jelly Rolls Hair Wax. - Added Faux Hawk Undercut Hair Wax. - Added French Braid Hair Wax. - Added Choppy Bangs Hair Wax. - Added Partner Slot Expansion. - Added Magic White Tiger Box. Bug Fixes: - Fixed an error causing items to randomly disappear when registering them to NosBazaar.
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    Bug Fixes: - Fixed the Glaceron and Draco raid crashes.
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    honestly, no? Don't be dumb in the first place and try to get advantage over other People, in no way. You can't hack and then say "but pls no perma, because it was just eagle eye!" i rather not respond to everything i could here Udyr
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    I'll see what I can do, maybe add it sometime today.
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    I'll have to ask @Nanami if she can make the white bits black but i mean this is the best i could get it.
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    Honestly this is how I see wings when I play high, looking cool ?
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    1. New Battle Map (End Game) Mobs be atleast level 115 (This is important so that DoS does not become obsolete, because 115-9 = 106, therefore players will have to be atleast level 106 to get Exp from the map. Therefore grinding in DoS will be necessary to be able to even get ExP on this map. This will also help having less fight for channels between lower level & new players to older ones, since it is very difficult for them to be able to get parts to run themselves. It also will make the effort people ran on other maps to level higher than 106 be worth it, rather than just be lazy and wait for new content. Add a buff to the mobs of the running areas , that gives more ExP the faster you kill them and making them harder than previous tiers. For example: A tick of 15 seconds upon the monster being hit, if the monster is killed before the buff runs out the monster will give the player a bonus of +20 % EXP to its original EXP. This will make players want to try hard and kill the monsters faster, therefore Running builds will become a thing again, Effort will be rewarded with bonus ExP. Add a buff to the monsters that prevents them to be affected by the Totem Master debuff, therefore being an end game map, it should not be just a no-brain afk run. People will have to be geared and find actual damage classes to kill the monsters. 2. Extreme Trial Battle Map Following suggestion 1, from the new battle map, add a portal there which will be locked unless the following requirements are fulfiled: Portal Opening Requirements: -Kill Specific monsters on the map -Obtain Specific items -Obtain a buff Once those requirements are met, players will be able to access the other part of the battle map, In this version there will be 4 Raid Tier bosses (like 25 man raid) will spawn at specific hours. Killing these bosses will give specific items: -Materials to craft Rare Weapons/Items/Armor -Materials to complete specific daily quests, for example a daily quest that gives the player 5x Eden Crystal (NT) -Blueprints of craftable Mounts which will require materials from both the first part of the battle map and these bosses This can be done in a same manner as the Ormormu mount in old EE days. 3. Adding a new crafting/gathering system while using the current available resources Add new drops from lower level monsters and bosses or new rare monsters that spawn on maps. For example: Instead of just gathering materials in Guild Town, use chests that have a drop rate like enchants from everywhere. To craft xxx recipe you will need: -Drop from Normal Monster Level 5 xx/xx -Drop From Rare Monster Level 22 -Drop from Guild Boss Level 70 -Drop from Chest in xxx map -Drop from Boss in xxx trial -Gather xxx material from GT You can also add random nodes like those small trees etc that give drops for quests. It could be used for future awaken armor/weapon This would also create an economy in game where people would buy and sell materials more often rather than being a dead gather bear things for their own. They could sell it and make gold circulate more around the game, rather than just the usual things like EC. EP, Stardust, Legendaries etc etc. From this same system, you can also add blueprints to craft costumes or anything that would please the players. You can also do it in depth into something like this: -Collect xxx materials to craft ''Broken Outfit'', BP will be available on a specific way in game. -Collect 10 Broken Outfits + Other materials to craft a new in game Legendary costume Of course , this would take time to get, Let's say you can only get 1 Broken Outfit every 2 days, so it would take the player 20 days to get that specific Legendary, You can also make it more fun by altering in better ways you would like. You can also increase guild level cap and add more things to Guild Town for this. 4. Make player Housing great again. A gathering and crafting system should be diverse and huge. So i would suggest, remove the current housing item drops from monsters and implement them into the crafting system on no.3. This way people would go craft and fetch materials to craft housing items. Add new types of banquets that will give different stat boosts after meeting a specific requirement like Rarity, Luxury etc These banquets could give the players buffs for things like PvP or PvE Some examples you can add a banquet requiring xxx Rarity xxx Luxury and the banquet would give a buff of: - Atk +3 %, Defense +3 %, Crit reduced by 2 % -Matk +3 %, P-Resist +3 %, , M crit reduced by 2% -Dmg +3%, Atk +3 %, but resistance reduced by 5 % -Elemental resist + 5 %, Defense +5%, Parry +5 %, Block +5 %, Physical Resist + 3 % Atk reduced by 5 % -G Heal +5 % , P heal +5 %, All stats + 5 %, but defense -7 % These are rough examples of what you can add, it can be thought more into. 5. Removal of Arena enchants and Adding Rewards Let's talk a bit more PvP wise, Arena has been dead for long time. People just do it for their dailies, or they just don't queue because of the overwhelming boosts arena enchants give. So i would suggest completely remove those, or just rework them. But this still will not be enough to make people queue for arena. This can be fixed by adding specific items that you get on arena. I know some people will still try to afk and queue farm for others. But it will still make those try to win. So you can add a quest that requires the players to win and that quest will give drops for awaken weapons and armor for future patches. Those token rewards that you get from winning can also be increased, there people will not just go farm Honor Stars to get their things. Add more things that can be crafted using those class tokens. Example: Awaken Weapon for Berserker would require xxx amount of Warrior Class Tokens. You can also modify those Aven Dungeon dailies reward drops, so this will keep people busy doing all sorts of contents in order to acquire things and NOT just get things in 1 week and finish everything then bored until next patch. A bit like the first Content Suggestion i did to prolong patch lifetime. 6. Customize Wedding/Couple buffs Add system that requires players that are coupled ONLY to be able to do a specific dungeon everyday. These dungeon would give a new type of Love Token, which will be required to use specific buff skills which will be added. For Example: -Daily Dungeon or Quest drops xxx amount of Love Shards. (limited daily) Love Shards permit the use of new skills such as: -Skill 1: Increases couples Defense by 5 % for 30 minutes -Skill 2: Increase couples P-healing by 5 % for 30 minutes. -Skill 3: Increases Couples Atk by 2 % for 30 minutes And many more. But SINCE the Love Shards are limited daily. Players will have to save them for specific occasions for example PvP mostly. Or use it on PvE if they are not a PvP player. So lets say you can only get 2 per day per couple. They can only use 2 of the skills on that PvP occasion, or just save it for GvG occasions. Its not a biggie but it is content to be added and done in game for people. 7. A new type of Aven Since all these contents might be a mess to just implement in the current contents, you can also add a completely new map which has Aven like NPCs for fame etc. This new map will have the specific NPCs for future trials, contents etc. It could also feature a new type of NPC that crafts special Blueprints unlike those FF/Alchemist/Craftsmen in GTs. It could open more ideas and add a ''standard base'' to working for Level 100 + content. You could add new ways to make fame, that uses specific items that are just not so readily available, it would also make an economy of new items. Or just simply use the old versions of will distribution, but can only be done at Level 105 +. There is also this dead NPC alpaca that requires Jades etc etc from specific dungeons, you can add something like to that map and make a custom rare mount (like it will be an achievement for the player to have gotten that map, remember this is a mmorpg, players don't like everyone to have the same things as them. So adding contents that require work and be unique will be great)
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    Here is where you can post patch feedback and any information/bugs/concerns with the latest patch. P.S Please no commenting about Class nerfs and buffs as that is not relevant to this patch, unless in regards to the new gear. Anyone who ignores this warning will just have their reply hidden regardless.
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    This guide will explain to you and help you understand how to: Make Money Save Money Invest properly Keep you interested in the game (hopefully) Whether you are new to the game or you have played a long time ago, or even if you never knew how to keep pushing yourself to level and make money to become stronger, this guide is for you! If you don't want to look for something that doesn't matter for you use the colour system to skip to what you need, also the numbers are approximately there but it doesn't mean you have to follow them directly. Text in green colour will be for players under level 84 (Investment phase) Text in red colour will be for players between 84-93 (Raiding & Mobbing phase) Text in blue colour will be for players above level 93 (Solo phase) So you decided to play NosTale vendetta! If it's your first time playing NosTale or first time on Vendetta you have to understand a few things. As you probably saw the rates on this server are different than the regular servers; https://ibb.co/kT3L7x You are about to make a new character or you already have one which is low level and you are interested in making money? You should probably not worry about making the money so much as investing in the right things and saving the money in different ways! When you start playing you should focus on making the transition part (80-93) the easiest so you can get into the late game faster! That means the following: If you are a mage you should acquire the first 3SP's (redmage/holymage/bluemage) so you can do Draco's and Glace's, you should also have your Kliff with you the whole time so he can level up and become more and more tankier so you can mob solo easier. If you are a swordsman you should acquire Crusader sp for draco/glace and warrior for everything else, you should really focus all your jlvl exp on your warrior and also you should invest a little into making your warrior sp stronger. If you are an archer you should acquire ranger for early game leveling, destroyer for glace/draco and wk for glace/draco+ Lod + mobbing, you should also keep your Kliff with you all the time so u can level up and mob easier latter on. Everything said here is about investment, so what do I mean by that? While you are leveling (which I don't want to go into too much detail since it's not the topic of my guide) you should only stick to Main quest until you finish ts 55 ( about level 84 since of the EXP rate impacting quest rewards). When you do these ts's and kill the mobs you will be getting gold which you should only invest into finishing the SP's quests (not buying it from NosBazar) and into equipment. Whenever you are doing your main quest and you are stuck you can go to NPC in NosVille Armored Bash and purchase equipment from him, then you can procede to go to Teoman Topp and upgrade them to +4 (don't go over since you risk of failing). Everything else you make you should save up for the future phase of the game. You can also save money by not buying anything from NosBazar ever in this phase and only focus on leveling and proper investment~ So now you are level 84 after finishing the questline and you want to start making money? Doesn't matter if you are Swordsman/Archer/Mage you should start making money and also using the money you saved from leveling, some of the methods you should use are: Instant combats (Not very quick since it's every 2 hours but it's a steady income) WOA farming (Fir Forest, Maple Woods, Mine, Sheli Lusha) The average drop of woa around 99 woa( 1 pack) an hour which roughly estimates 2.5-3m/h (depends on NB) Reselling ( This one is a bit tricky since you are probably a new player and don't know the prices so you should probably stay away from this one) Finding a family that does LOD and act4 (while doing LOD you level but you can also loot accessories and gillion stones and a bunch of other cool stuff( you should always check the prices on NB before dropping or destroying your items!) (When doing act4 raid you can always get a r7 box which is worth 15-20m) In my opinion WOA farming is the ultimate money making that you can always do no matter how strong or weak you are. If you are having difficulties you should invest in your sp to make it +5/+7/ or even +9 (if you really love the sp but you should probably not do that right now) and you can invest your Fame into honourable eq(level 88) So now you have money, what should you do with it? This is where it becomes very easy to go on a binge and spend all your money on things that are not worth the investment, when you could probably invest into stuff that will be a good payout! You should do sp5/6 amulet questline in act5 (if you don't know how to watch this guide from the UK legend PosiTv ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At5f-nq34Og (if you have troubles doing these quests farm more WOA invest more into eq(again only from Armored Bash, do not buy anything from Bazar just yet! and maybe buy some pots or make them~ ) So now you have the amulets, and you are asking for people to add you but you get kicked out huh? If it doesn't happen great do the raids! But if it does (like it happened to me sometimes) MAKE THEM YOURSELF!! You just made yourself be sure to stay in raid because you are the host.That's why if you are made the SP's in (Investment phase) Make Draco seals (1 seal= 20seed 20gil 20dona river ~~ 120k of gold per seal) If you loot 1 of the gold from the floor per raid you almost recover all the money and getting 5x raidboxes and 5x the rep. If you have quick enough fingers you can loot around 400k bonus gold+trading your reputation for reputation gear to make yourself stronger (LEVEL88) or selling Shoes/Gloves for money (around 600k-700k curently) + selling 5 raidboxes (prices always shift but lets say 1m-2m gold) you are making money~! You can repeat the same process with Glacerus( only the mats are much more expensive so you ask everyone VIA speaker to join you at glacerus and give you the mats (beforehand make 1 newbie character and with sandboxie bring it there so they can trade their mats over to the other char while you invite them to the raid ( which seal you made beforehand so you can control who gave money and who didn't. Now you make even more money from glace and you also get reputation so when on your off days you are lazy to do raids you can trade in the rep for shoes/gloves and make them your everyday 600k-700k) NOTE: You can get from NPC only 1 fame item per day, so pick wisely~ You can also do a lot of raids now. Let me start counting and explaining! Lord Draco 5x a day as you know, get yourself some easy rep ~ Glacerus 5x day - | | - Grenigas do the daily quest and get yourself more money (daily quest acquired from Bounty hunter at Port Alveus Square Valakus - | | - Kertos - | | - Currently a good choice would be Ibrahim since the bags are being sold for 1.5kk-2kk for a ~10m raid that's a good amount of money and 85+ should be invited since it's easy. Since the trophy system has been implemented all of the raids (Jelly/Slade/Spider etc) have been done more and more often for the trophy/raidboxes, so farming the materials for the seals and then either 1)Sell the seals 2) Make marathons (consecutive raids ) and ask people for some extra $$ to enter the marathon (as in the case of the slade, you could charge 2.5kk / 3kk per person to do 10 raids.) After sometime you will start to want to make more money quicker. Hopefully by this time you have solid Honourable equipement (or if you leveled up to 93 via act6 and lod and you purchased 92/93 set( which you should again not buy from NosBazar but make yourself) You are ready to start making more money quicker! This table was made by ChavezSempai and I won't take credit since it wouldn't be nice: Act 5.2 Now it is here where the thing is divided according to the classes: Archer It is the easiest thing to have, you can go through the easy way to grow all the articles of the 7 and create them. You can choose the difficult option to raise money and buy DH directly. Note: It does not have to be +9, with a +5 that you rent for everything you need. With an armor of 93 r5 + 6 and at least one dagger r5 + 6 or a forgotten hero r4 or r5 is enough to lurear in Act5.2 Most archers prefer to go without a pet to heal more. Budget Bushi Pumpkin x8kk Magmaros x 10kk DH x 30kk Armor r5 + 6 x 5kk-6kk Dagger x 5kk-8kk Total: 62kk This is the minimum necessary for Act 5.2 Gain x average hour of 5kk. This means that in 13h you recover the investment. Magician This is another class that may be easy to handle but it depends on your gameplay. We have it easy if we fulfill the rule of taking the first s4 sps before, since we would have the blue obtained. I would recommend raising the blue to +9 to have more element. the equipment basically the same, armor r5 + 7 and wand r5 + 7. The magician I recommend that you have the pistol of 92 also, because it gives you more enhanced. If you are going to try to lure, I would only recommend you to use I would recommend having a pet like the Bushi Pumpkin and an 88 armor of fame for your kliff and a couple of magmaros for the kliff . Budget Blue + 9 x 12kk Magmaros x2 x 10kk Bushi Pumpkin x 8kk Wand r5 + 7 x 8kk-10kk Armor r5 + 7 x 5kk-8kk Pistol lv92 x 300k Armor Kliff x 270k reputation Total 58.3kk This is the minimum necessary for Act 5.2 Gain x average hour of 3kk-4kk. This means that in 20h-15h you recover the investment. Swordman directly would not recommend it because it is more preferable that he has a sword of lv 95 and the expense would reach a total of 100kk or more. Here in this little guide I do not tell you how much is the cost of the materials they can use, but in the long run in the case of magician you will spend a lot of guardians to hold the lures with the pets. The average gain per hour going 3 people to Act 5.2 is 2kk-3kk per hour. This is one way to do it, for an archer you will most definetly enjoy this more than WOA farming and you will get your money back and be able to invest into your EQ, as for Mage you probably have your blue +9 already and a bunch of other things so everything you buy here will be helpful later on aswell. Now let's say you started making money here but you don't enjoy it as much, is there any other way to step up the game? Ofcourse there is haha! Act 6.1. A party of 3 is the best way to start (TL+WAR+WK). You do Hell ruin's 2 For archers what is needed is the following: Wild keeper +9, Magma+Honour set of res (if you tried act 5 you already have magma so get the honour shoes sum5), Armor 93 that is atleast r5+7 and bow aswell because most people won't want you unless you bring something to the table. If you are doing this for money you do not need to buy BOA, only thing you should invest in is FB(very cheap) and FP (full recovery potions) to keep you alive. If you are a mage you need the following: Tide lord +9, Magma +Honour if possible same reasoning for archer Armor and Weapon strong enough Same goes as Archer , FB and FP and don't need BOA in the beginning If you are a swordsman you need the following: Warrior +9 so you can tank Magma + Honour for sure Weapon is not important, you only need a good Armor You need only FP's Now what you need to know to farm A6.1 Doing it in a group of 3 gets you a share of money going from 7kk-13kk an hour (without counting the investment so like 6kk-12kk an hour total). How it goes, one of the 3 people need to have a pet to lure more, if you don't mobs are going to deaggro. Warrior goes first and everyone runs with him, when the lure is big enough warrior vokes, TL puts them to sleep WK ED's them and then you let the wk run out of the crowd and you pop them. If you are the Warrior and you are new to this you should probably ask someone to tell you when to stop and group them up :p. When you clear the lure 1 of the party member( who you agree to do ) loots everything, and he does that for the next hour. After that he splits the loot into 3x 1/3 of everything he picked up and gives it to his mobbing buddies , everyone profits! ~~ Now you're approaching THE BIG BOYS haha! So lets say all the money you make you always invest into PVE and never into PVP (trust me your time for PVP will come, but not now!) You have a good pet, good res, good eq and good sp's. What's the plan? Get better stuff. Get yourself to Champion level +30, and start making champion gear. I won't go into too much details on how to do so since now you're pretty experienced at this game. So we're all interested in how to make the most money possible so we can get stronger. When you get yourself better stuff from mobbing you should start doing the following stuff Solo IC (a lot of money for a few minutes investment , try it and see) Leveling ALTs! (Now what I mean by this as a gold investment is pretty simple, you can buff yourself and start doing number 3. and 4.) Act 5.2 with a twist (Farming again but this time charging leveling for between 3-5kk per hour (so you can make around 10kk constantly or more depends how good you are) Act 6.1 with a lot of twists ( Doing it solo, which will prove to make you around 20kk an hour if you fullbuff and good lure and you can charge in the meantime leveling for 6-7kk depending ''how good you are'' ) Reselling( By the time you get this far into the game you will know most of the prices of items and sps and eq's and you can start reselling, the better you are the more you profit, try it out) Act6 raids( you will need very strong gear to enter a team but the prize is worth the wait) Act 6.1 Time Space (Farming books , you can get a lot of money selling them ) Act 5 Silver coin farming ( Desert -> Neil's camp is the probably the best) What should you do with your money? Spend on whatever you find and throw it away? You can do that but you should always I-n-v-e-s-t haahaa! Get all the books for buffs,pets for mobbing, a fast mount for raids , partner sp (PVE) strong farming sps (WK for archer(always) Renegade for swordie, TideLord/Archmage for mage) and even stronger EQ's ,Accessories etc so you can start doing Act 6.2 when it is out. If you stayed until the end I am glad, if you think I missed something or I should add something please do say so, since I am a very open minded person who takes criticism well~~
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    Add more gear swap points for versátil people or try autoconfigured it like (heal) (Pdps) (Mdps) or random configuration for each players instead 1 - 2 -3
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    Hey guys, We've decided from now on to begin doing maintenances every Thursday of the week instead of Wednesday. Reason being is that Wednesday is not the best of days for us to consistently be performing maintenance due to IRL tasks and responsibilities. Thank you
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    This isn't true I can design new monsters We've just been using the official content for now as there is still a lot to use but when we hit the roadblock don't worry a lot will happen This is a good idea and can possibly happen, we are looking to prepare 2018's holiday events way before their dates so we can just launch as we go so please keep ideas like this coming!
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    Amethyst Royal Purple Saffron Lace White Lilac Indigo Pine Green Paradise Blue Red Brown Seafoam Misty Rose Sandstone
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    Summer Event is here! Whether you want to fight against Pirates or battle against the Bunnies it's your choice in this 2 week long event! Event will end: Tuesday 1st August 2017 Lola Lopears (Bunny Raid) During this event you will be allowed to accept quests from Raphael located in Port Alveus. He will have 2 daily quests available each day for you that will reward Raid Seals and other items. NOTE: The main quest is level 70+ (to avoid alt abuse). The other Ginseng quest is for 20+. You will have to locate Bunny Burrows during the main Quest they look like this: This NPC can found anywhere in Nosville it will appear in random locations around Nosville. Raid Access can be found in Nosville! Pirates! Yarrrr! During this event the Pirates will have many quests to claim and possibility of winning new limited costumes and amongst other stuff! Access the ship via Port Alveus! Raids 2 new raids are now accessible the Bunny Raid and the Pirate Raid! More Drops Throughout the entirety of the event you will obtain new items when hunting monsters. Some of the items are:
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    General Changes Added the "Mysterious Leather and Lace Dress (Legendary)" and the "Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary)" to the archive. Added new items for the newly implemented Event System: 4 New custom pets (based on in game bosses). 2 New back costumes (from Aura Kingdom). 3 New mounts (from Twin Saga). More Information about the Event System: Bug Fixes Fixed the archieve bug on the "Rose Magic Accordion (Prime)". Fixed the Female "Dragon's Treasure: Tarragon Horns (Legendary)". I'm aware there are more bugs that needed fixing but the remaining bugs requires me to do a lot more work as shuffling patches in while making the balancing patch is rather difficult. The other bug reports I have will be fixed in the balancing patch. Mount: Imperial Guardian Back: Abyss Evil Wings Pet: Petra Pet: Kimba Have a wonderful day from the Vendetta Team!
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    Formula Collection A quick overview over all formulas in this topic. For more in-depth explanations, check the post that they appear in (click on the title). In general, your Arkana's stats are simply a sum of their base stats and any bonuses gained from levels, gear and buffs. In addition to that, offensive skills can have additional bonus effects (displayed after the skill's damage), such as being more likely to crit or being more accurate. These stats are simply added as well, but only for the use of that skill. There is one issue with that however, namely Crit Attack, which has no effect at all. Instead, there is "Additional Crit", which gives both Crit Rate and Crit Attack. For example, this one has 20% bonus Crit Rate and Crit Attack, rather than 20% Crit Rate and 40% Crit Attack: Arkana Base Values and Increments Flat HP: 300 at level 1, +10-67 per level depending on level Flat SP: 150 at level 1, +10 per level Flat CP: 1000 HP Regen: 10/0 (idle/combat) SP Regen: 1/0 (idle/combat) CP Regen: 3/0 (idle/combat) Physical ATK: 0~1 at level 1, +1 per level Chakra ATK: 0~0 up to level 19, +1 per level thereafter Accuracy: 95% Chakra Accuracy: 80% Defense: 0 at level 1, +1 per level Movement Speed: 60 Resources You start out with 300 Flat HP, 150 Flat SP and 1000 Flat CP at level 1. Each level increases your Flat SP by 10 and your Flat HP by 10 at level 2, 11 at level 3, 12 at level 4... 67 at level 59. Flat HP = 291 + (17 * Level + Level ^ 2) / 2 + sum of all flat "Max HP" stats (gear) Flat SP = 150 + 10 * Level + sum of all flat "Max SP" stats (gear) Flat CP = 1000 + sum of all flat "Max CP" stats (gear) %HP = sum of all % "Max HP" stats Bonus HP = sum of all bonus "Max HP" stats (pet, buffs, passive effects) Total HP = (Flat HP) * (100 + %HP) / 100 + Bonus HP (SP and CP equivalent) Healing HP Healed = Instant HP + HR + (Target's Total HP) * (Instant %HP + %HR) / 100 If the skill doesn't feature Instant HP, HR takes no effect: HP Healed = (Target's Total HP) * (Instant %HP + %HR) / 100 If the skill doesn't feature Instant %HP, %HR takes no effect: HP Healed = Instant HP + HR SP Healed = Instant SP CP Healed = Instant CP Skill Damage Min ATK = Level - 1 + sum of all "Min ATK" values from gear and buffs Max ATK = Level + sum of all "Max ATK" values from gear and buffs CH-ATK = (Level - 19 or 0, whichever is higher) + sum of all "CH-ATK" values from gear and buffs %ATK = sum of all "%ATK" values from gear and buffs Damage = Base + ATK * (%Scaling + %ATK) / 100 Damage Reduction DEF = Level - 1 + sum of all "DEF" stats from gear and buffs Reduced Physical Damage = (Physical Damage) * (100 - %VOID) / 100 - DEF Reduced Chakra Damage = (Chakra Damage) * (100 - %Chakra Resistance) / 100 Reduced PvP Physical Damage = (Reduced Physical Damage) / 3.5 * (100 + %PvP ATK - %PvP VOID) / 100 - PvP DEF Reduced PvP Chakra Damage = Reduced Chakra Damage / 3.5 Reduced DoT = DoT * (100 - %DoT Redcution) / 100 Reduced PvP DoT = DoT / 2 * (100 - %DoT Redcution) / 100 Pierce Reduced DEF = DEF * (100 - %DEF Pierce) / 100 Reduced %VOID = %VOID * (100 - %VOID Pierce) / 100 Reduced %Chakra Resistance = %Chakra Resistance * (100 - %CH Pierce) / 100 Accuracy and Evasion %Accuracy = 95 + sum of all "%ACC" values + (sum of all "ACC" values) / 100 %Chakra Accuracy = 80 + sum of all "%CH-ACC" values + (sum of all "CH-ACC" values) / 100 %Evasion = sum of all "%EVA" values + (sum of all "EVA" values) / 100 %Chakra Evasion = sum of all "%CH-EVA" values + (sum of all "CH-EVA" values) / 100 %Physical Hit Chance = %Accuracy - %Evasion %Chakra Hit Chance = %Chakra Accuracy - %Chakra Evasion Crit %Crit Chance = %Crit Rate - %Crit Evasion %Crit Damage = 150 + (%Crit Attack - %Crit Avoidance) Spotting Render Distance (meters) = 40 + 50 * (%Character Setting) / 100 Spotting Distance (meters) = Detection - Concealment Movement Speed Running Speed (meters per second) = Movement Speed / 10 Attack Speed Reduced Cooldown = Cooldown * 100 / (%Attack Speed) Reduced Animation = Animation * 100 / (%Attack Speed)
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    I don't see why not, it depends on how it works though so I'd have to check.
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    It could be the case that it doesn't destroy Wing B it just changes the appearance and removes the Transmog Item. This way the only thing you have to keep buying is the Transmog Item. Seems a fair trade given some games destroy the item.
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    This thread in a nutshell:
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    Trial: Camodor Chastelands(5P) Kerus Nightfall Axe Satanic Slasher Kerus's Lost Dagger Arcane Wizard's Crown Katus Melody of Fear Wicked Tragedy Crystal Fragment Advanced Druid's Crown Mighty Berserker's Helmet Sinash Neptune's Icicle Spear Twilight Sword Sinash's Lucky Skull Master Hunting Belt Legendary Protector's Boots Ramona Aerial Slayer Cosmic Star Ramona's Web Virtuous Exorcist's Leather Hat Master Hunting Bracers Trial: Dark Tide Cave(5P) Solaris Archangel Club Celestial Catapult Cooked Wolf Meat Virtuous Exorcist's Gloves Sorkin Hallowed Slicer Sentinel's Grip Sorkin's Stash Arcane Wizard's Boots Master Hunting Hat Lochero God's Fortress Universal Journal Lochero's Updated Scale Mighty Berserker's Gauntlets Legendary Protector's Gauntlets Dug River of Sorrow Death Wish Dug's Shovel Virtuous Exorcist's Leather Boots Advanced Druid's Boots Trial: Vingot Lab (10P) Blade Sunrise Blade Seraphic Bayonet Crescent Temple Katana Blade's Sacred Sword Master Hunting Brigandine Legendary Protector's Armor Isolda Defective Demon Mace Demonic Bayonet Isolda's Forgotten Gem Stone Arcane Wizard's Gloves Virtuous Exorcist's Belt Ultimate Beast Messiah's Call Fortune Sword Tribal Quarterstaff Ultimate Beast's Lucky Blood Advanced Druid's Belt Mighty Berserker's Boots Saad Wyvern Pike Moon Eclipse Gun Marquis Saad's Lonely ashes Advanced Druid's Robe Legendary Protector's Belt Devastation Dimension(10P) Maul Melody of Faith Immortal Arrow Maul's Slime Advanced Druid's Gloves Mighty Berserker's Belt Corken Immaculate Angel Mace Paranormal Fantasy Corken's Mask Virtuous Exorcist's Brigandine Arcane Wizard's Band Kequa Doomsday Fist Sun Eclipse Gun Reaper's Sickle Kequa's Confiscated Escape Plan Master Hunting Leather Boots Legendary Protector's Helmet Kimba Hades Inferno Heavenly Halcyon Axe Kimba's Dimension Stone Arcane Wizard's Robe Mighty Berserker's Armor All set BPs are color coded to the same color per set, trophies in pink, and weapons in black! Might have missed something, I will double check and update if so. ~
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    Before I start, I just want to say that the solutions provided in this guide may not always work for everyone and they might vary depending on what sort of PC you're using. There might also be simpler ways to counter the issue than explained below but these are the ways I'm most familiar with myself. So I’ve noticed a lot of players are still experiencing issues with the game not starting after hitting the “Play” button, and I’ve decided to make a continuing guide on some solutions that may solve this problem if the first guide was not successful for you. Part 1 of the guide can be found here: 1. Verify your files. ALWAYS try this before searching for more advanced solutions to your issue. There are many occasions where one of your files could just end up being corrupted and a simple verification can turn out to be the road to success. It does no harm to try it! Press here on your launcher: 2. Run the game as Administrator. Sometimes the game is not being ran in administrator mode by default, which basically means that you’re not approving of your PC to run the application safely. This can then cause the application to not run at all. You can simply allow the app to run with administrator privileges (your confirmation) by right clicking on the patcher/desktop shortcut and press “Run as administrator”: 3. Use the right Launcher. If you recently installed Eden Eternal Vendetta to your PC and you’re unsure how to start the game, NEVER use the file called “_Launcher” or ”launcher” to access the game. That file belongs to the official server and can mess up your game. The file you’re supposed to use is called only “patcher”. That is the only file you’re going to be using to start the game. Right launcher: Wrong launcher: 4. Make sure your Antivirus Protection Program is turned OFF when starting the game (if your PC has one). This also goes for Windows Defender. Antivirus programs are relatively easy to turn off, at least the ones I’ve stumbled upon. You should be able to find a “Disable” button somewhere in the app’s settings or simply by right clicking your Antivirus icon on the bottom of your screen if it shows one. It could look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Antivirus As for Windows Defender, the course of action may vary depending on which version of Windows your PC is running on. I’m not going to list Windows 7 because I assume most people nowadays are running Windows 8 or above and if I remember correct Windows Defender does not work in the same way for Win7 users. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Start screen and type “Windows Defender” in the search bar. Click on the app and enter the “Settings” tab. In the list on the left it should say “Administrator” at the bottom, click on it and uncheck the box that says “Turn on this app”. There should then be a window saying something like this: For Windows 10: Click on the Start menu and select the “Settings” gear in the list. In the settings window, choose the “Update & Security” option and choose “Windows Defender” in the list on your left. Once there, uncheck the box that says “Real-time Protection”. By doing this it means that you’ve successfully turned off your Windows Defender and it’s no longer blocking your PC from running certain programs seen as spyware/malware (such as Vendetta). 5. Add Vendetta Gaming Networks to your Antivirus Programs Exception List. If you have an antivirus program on your PC I’d suggest you to add your Vendetta folder to the exception list to exclude it from any safety shields. **If you do not have an antivirus program you can skip this part**. In this list you can add any files or folders you’d like to avoid in the computer's scanning for potential threats since it may detect Vendetta as one of them. It should look something like this: Example shown is from Avast Free Antivirus 6. Turn OFF your Firewall. Go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. One of the options there should be the Windows Firewall, click on it. In the list to your left there’s an option saying “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”, click it and mark the boxes saying to turn OFF Windows Firewall and then press OK. There’s also a second option in the list saying “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall”. If you click on it and choose the Vendetta launcher, it should allow you to run the game through the firewall without having to actually fully disable it. However, I haven’t tried this option myself. 7. Make sure your hardware and graphics card(s) is up to date. Always make sure you’re sitting on the latest updates for your computer, whether it’s security updates, system updates, updates from your graphics card provider, or released updates for programs such as your C++ Library, .NET Framework, JavaScript, DirectX and so on. To access your available updates for Windows, go to your “Control Panel” and choose “System & Security”. In the list there should be an option called “Windows Update” where you can find available updates to your PC. Installing these and keeping your computer up to date is always worth it. 8. Run your game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (or Windows XP). Making the launcher run in compatibility mode for Windows 7 (sometimes it tend to work with Windows XP as well) can have it bypass whatever interference that prevents the game from running properly on your current Windows program. This especially tend to work for Windows 10 users since Eden Eternal is not properly optimized to run on Win10. The compatibility mode can be changed by right clicking on the launcher and selecting “Troubleshoot compatibility”: Then press “Troubleshoot Program”: After clicking it, mark the box that says “The program worked in earlier versions of Windows but won’t install or run now”: Press “Next” and choose “Windows 7” (If this does not work try Windows XP): Press “Next” and click on the “Test the program” button. The launcher will pop up and hopefully so will the game. If it succeeded, click “Next” again and then choose “Yes, save these settings for this program”. 9. Reinstall the game. You might wanna consider removing your EE Vendetta files completely and re-download them with all of your safety protections OFF to prevent any files from being deleted or damaged. There’s a zipped folder you can use for downloading Eden Eternal Vendetta here: 10. Install the game in Safe Mode. If the issue maintains even after reinstalling the game you could try putting your PC into “Safe Mode” before downloading. This means that your operating system will only load the minimum software required for your computer’s systems to work, which in other words means that your PC has less obstacles to get past for your downloaded applications to work correctly (such as Eden Eternal). The path to access Safe Mode looks a little different depending on which Windows package your using, and as before I’m not going to list Win7 below. For Windows 8 / 8.1: Go to your Windows Start screen and type “Advanced Startup Options” in the search bar. Click on the app with the same name in the list below. A window called “PC Settings” should pop up. Press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field of the window. Your PC should then restart by itself and put you in the Advanced Startup menu. In the menu, click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. This will take you to the Advanced Options screen. Click on the “Startup Settings” that allows you to start up your Windows with Safe Mode enabled. In the bottom right of the screen there should a restart button, press it and let your computer restart once again. Once restarted you will automatically be sent to the "Startup Settings" screen where you will have to choose which Safe Mode you want to put your PC in - “Safe Mode” , “Safe Mode with Networking” , or “Safe Mode with Command Prompt”. You will want to choose the “Enable Safe Mode With Networking” option so that you can use your internet to download the game. For Windows 10: Press the Windows Start button and click on the “Settings” gear. Then head to “Update & Security”, and choose “Recovery” in the list on the left side of the window. After entering the recovery section press the “Restart Now” button under the “Advanced Startup” field. After restarting you will automatically get to the Advanced Startup menu (same as above), click the “Troubleshoot” button and then the “Advanced Options” button. After entering the Advanced Options screen, click on the “Startup Settings” that puts your computer into Safe Mode. Press the “Restart” button at the bottom of the window and let your PC restart again. After restarting, choose the “Enable Safe Mode with Networking” option so that you can use your internet while in Safe Mode to download the game. Note: There are more ways to enable Safe Mode on your PC that you personally might find easier but this is the approach I’m the most familiar with myself. 11. Format your PC. If none of the above solutions are successful for you, you might wanna look into formatting your PC. This can end up being quite advanced, but basically what you will want it to do is wipe all your downloaded files on your PC and bring it back to the state it was when you first got it. This means that any program/background program or files that may stop your game from starting correctly will (hopefully) vanish. Keep in mind: If you want to format your PC and save the stuff you have on it already you will want to use a CD, flash drive, external hard drive or similar to backup your data on. However, I will not mention how this works here. I will also not mention how formatting your PC with a Windows CD works since I assume not everyone has a Windows CD laying around at home. You can research on the internet for more info regarding this. Formatting your PC without a CD: Go to the Start menu on your computer and type “Computer Management” in the search bar. Click on the app and choose the “Disk Management” option under the “Storage” tab in the list to your left. There you can see all your hard drive partitions available on your PC. Choose the one you want to format, right click on it and choose the “Format…” option. A small window (as shown below) should pop up naming your chosen hard drive. Leave the options as “NTFS” & “Default” and check the box that says “Perform a quick format”. Then just click OK and let your computer start the formatting process. Hopefully something out of these alternative solutions is helpful for you. Good luck!
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    Server is now back online! Issue is now resolved!