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    Update: The bug has now been found and fixed. Rollback Information We have decided to not perform a rollback to the server. We respect the fact everyone here has a lot of effort put into their characters. We will be working on some ideas to reduce the damage done to the server. We ask for everyone to be patient whilst we figure this out. Extended Downtime Over the next few days I will be reviewing the code of the server. The aim is to try and wipe out as many exploits we can find to ensure this does not happen again. The server will remain offline while this is being done and will remain offline till it is finished. NOTE: This does not mean that once the server is online the server is indestructible. No matter what efforts are placed it is only a cat and mouse game in the end. Please do not take this information and expect the world. Changes to the Game Whilst analyzing the code, we will be also working on solutions towards gold buying, selling and any other illegal activity that goes on in-game. Better explanation is, we're looking to lock down a lot of systems in an aid to stop lower level alts abusing the game. Compensation Our staff will be arranging some form of compensation for all accounts that have been active over the last 30 days. Any new accounts or accounts that are innactive will not receive this compensation. Anyways, I hope this news is good news to you guys. I will be working now on restoring everything. Please be patient and understand we are doing our best. Thank you.
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    Update We're at the end of the road now. We are doing a final QA over the night. Final changes and applications will be done then and we hope to launch early AM UTC tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience.
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    Update So we're now into our testing stage. We've added and changed a lot of areas of the game and are testing everything thoroughly in order to ensure our changes will not cause any damage. There is no ETA yet on launch but I can advise you all it will not be coming back online today. Sorry everyone and thank you for your patience!
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    Chatbox has now returned, now that everything has cooled down we've allowed the chatbox to return. ~~~~~~ Chatbox has been removed until further notice.
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    So, A lot of you are not understanding the concept behind the Trade Limit that we've applied. We understand it comes as an inconvenience we really do. However, 6 days downtime and a lot of work is more of an inconvenience, if we don't continue to push against those attempting to break rules we will continue having these problems. 9/10 of any case we look into in regards to anything in relation to exploits, gold buying/selling, botting and any other illegal activity that happens in-game is done by using a low level alt account. So think about it... the Trade Limit slows down the process a lot for these people. I'm not saying that there will no longer be gold sellers or buyers because hey... as long as someone pays someone will do it. But I am saying each time we catch a bot, gold buyer/seller, exploiter they have to go through the goals again. Eventually it won't be worth it for the people doing these activities. Now before there is thread after thread, think of the whole picture. The goal we're trying to accomplish here is to keep this game as clean as we can. We understand that it's an inconvenience but this game is more than just trading please remember that. That being said, for only a few hours of your time you will be capable of trading again and all is well. Do not break rules and guess what? You're done... simple. So relax please and understand we're doing this for the benefit of the server. Thank you.
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    So, we're nowhere closer to figuring out the source of the issue. But I can say, we've got a lot of names of those linked or involved. If you know any of the following players: As much as they won't cooperate, at least ask for some information. The faster we can speed this up, the faster we can get back online. Until then, investigation continues.
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    Hey all, We've listened to the communities concerns as they did not have any time to react to this change. We have removed the Trade Limit until Monday, this will give everyone enough time to grab items off their alt accounts. We feel 3 days is enough time for you all to react and get comfortable with the change. Do not see this as a position of weakness either, the Trade Limit is returning we are just being understanding towards some of your concerns. Thank you
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    Trade Limit has returned: All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements. NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals. Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash. Increased the drop rate of the following items: Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items: Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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    The issue has currently been located and replicated. A fix for it is currently be worked on at this time. There is no ETA as to when this will be done, and there is no announced solution for repairing the damage caused by this issue as well. When its decided, we will announce what will happen on this thread.
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    Hey Guys, Just an announcement regarding current situation. I have been notified the guy returned (don't worry he didn't dupe I just couldn't find some of the alts because he's either using another machine or he's working with other people). He started dropping items so I've figured best course of action is to remove all the duped items in the game. This is in retaliation of me banning all of his customers and demanding that if they wish to be unbanned they must show me successful charge backs against the guy doing the damage to our beloved server and game. Does this mean I might possibly lose items? Unfortunately some people are going to be missing items if you are it's because it was a duped item. I understand people bought them but there is no way of compensation tbh we do log everything but to expect us to manually hand out compensations is just not something feasible given the size of our community. If you have any anger please direct it towards the people who have bought the gold they're the reason he is doing this and as long as they keep trying to buy it from him he's gonna continue doing this (alongside him being a jealous little script kiddie). Small note to all you "hackers" out there. You're hacking a game made in 2003 it's the definition of someone using cheat engine life hacking on Super Mario. It achieves nothing and it's cute you guys wanna continue calling yourselves "reverse engineers". You're hacking a game that uses plain text packets bravo! I will notify everyone when the server is online the scripts are taking a while so it's gonna be down for a few hours. Thank you for your understanding.
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    In-Game Rules It is your responsibility as a player to know and read these rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in some form of punishment. Continuing to break the following rules will increase the length of the listed bans. These rules can be changed at any time and a post will be made noting the changes. It's up to the staff regarding punishments. Punishments listed below may not be exactly what you'll receive and may be shorter or longer based on the offence. This post is merely a guideline. Bans can be appealed through the "Support" section of the website. Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Advertising/Fake Links Usage of a third party program or playing the game in a way that's not intended Client modification/reverse engineering the client Promoting the use of a hacking program Advertising/Promoting another server Promoting the use of a fake/knock-off VGN website (Be smart people!) 1st Offense: Permanent ban Harassment This includes but is not limited to: Vulgar and/or sexual remarks Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs. Usage of a different language in order harass to try and avoid punishment Harassing in tickets, forums or in-game about a subject that does not involve you (e.g bans) Harassment and/or disrespect of staff - this also includes hunting the GS specifically in arena over a mute you/friend received. 1st Offense: 1 day ban/mute or a warning depending on severity. Continued actions will result in longer mutes or bans Account Sharing/Item Trading If you share your account with another person, you lose all support privileges for that account. If you get scammed, then we at VGN cannot help you get anything that was lost back. This goes for item trading as well. When trading/bartering another player, all are considered final. If you lose an item to a trade scam between another player, those items will not be recovered. Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade. Keep your account safe from those who would wish to do it harm! Unauthorized Transactions Buy or selling in-game money, items or accounts for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for other game currency or items 1st Offense: Permanent ban for all parties involved Fraud Chargebacks* 1st Offense: Permanent Ban *Permanent Ban till the issue is resolved. Inappropriate Names Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation of staff 1st Offense: Forced name change and a ban till if the name is deemed inappropriate. You will have to provide the VGN needed for a name change. If you cannot, your account will remain banned till you can. English ONLY in General and Speaker English Only in General Chat English Only in Speaker Chat 1st Offense: Mute by Support Member 2nd Offense: Additional Mute by Support Member 3rd Offense: You will be banned for 3 days. This rule is a new rule we've inserted due to the nature of certain people ruining the environment for all. We are an English ran server and we must be able to police the game accordingly. We respect your native language and you are allowed to use it within Family, Party and PM's but we insist you keep any public chats in English so the game can be moderated accordingly. Alt Account Abuse Abusing the Fame System by killing alts. Abusing the Commend System by having your alts Commend you. 1st Offense: Fame, Gold or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. Because this has gone on for a while now we've had to step up our act before it's too late. Gold in game is being generated way too fast because of this kind of abuse as well as the Fame System now useless due to the fact people can't play fair. Commend System being the same and it's stupid we have to take such actions! Trading Kills or Commends Abusing the Fame System or Commend System by working with a friend or someone else by allowing them to Commend or Kill your characters. 1st Offense: Fame or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault! Raid Alt Abuse Abusing the raid system and bypassing the alt abuse checks. 1st Offense: Warning 2nd Offense: 7 Day penalty 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault!
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    Introduction Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of post that was due after Patch 35. However, I delayed it for Patch 36 (The follow up patch) and unfortunately falling rather sick for a couple of days over the weekend and the start of this week that I've been slowly fighting through to reply to posts and tickets. Anyway, to the post itself this post will be similar to Vivi's "Dev Diaries" and other games like League of Legends "Roadmaps", I will be detailing some of the changes you can expect over the next couple of months to keep everyone in the loop of what is coming rather than having misinformation and rumours being spread along with allowing people to add suggestions that would fit around the plans. Finally note: This doesn't mean that the patch order will be held accountable or smaller patches won't be thrown in between them as I cannot guarantee everything goes to plan, so think of it more of an objectives/plan rather than a THIS WILL HAPPEN kinda ordeal. Patch #1 Full Cosmetic Patch Possible (If not will be between Patch 1 and 2): Kage Rework Yes long overdue, I will make sure to impress with it I have some pretty cool ideas for it. Shadow Clones will be removed as they just will not work with how Eden has been designed. Patch #2 Return of Normal Class TW Likely will feature gear level restrictions of some form that will be enforced along with less clunky spawn issues with the buff. Will be balanced to feel more 75-80 cap level just like PlayEden. Possible: Buffs to some of the more known normal classes that have always been under appreciated Note: I am pretty adamant on the opinion of never reworking or doing too many drastic changes on Normal Classes as they're very fundamental of mine and everyone else's original image on Eden Eternal and even though the game has changed so much since we were rocking the normal class life it won't feel much like Eden Eternal to me as a developer if the fundamentals are completely gone. If you don't understand this then that's fine but just know Normal Classes are very delicate to change in my opinion. Patch #3 Awakened Weapons Level 100 Hint: Level 100 Mutant Bosses Hint: Level 100 25 Man Raid Racials Level 100 Possible/TBD: Awaken Armors Level 100 Quests: Part 1 What does that mean? Well you have to wait and see! Patch #4 Would like do do another dungeon in a similar fashion to Gates of Pandemonium. Quests: Part 2 What does this mean? Again, wait and see! Final Notes Yes there be bug fixes along the way, yes there will be other content in the patches other than what i mentioned and like said in the introduction there will likely or atleast have a change for some content from patches to sneak into other patches if extra time is there or lack of time in the previous. I hope to have all these patches done before January and bits of each patch are already being conceptualized or planned by the respected people involved. I will not be working on much Eden Eternal things over the next 2 weeks as I have some real life commitments to take care of and Bash has asked me to give Vivi a hand in making some stuff for Scarlet Blade to make her life easier which I will prioritize over Eden as Vivi helped me with some of my patch work in Eden Eternal! I may post previews or thoughts on work as it progresses on this post but no promises because I might forget or not have anything interesting to show that wouldn't need an explanation on what it is first.
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    Hey Guys, We're expecting some downtime whilst I fix a bug crashing the servers. I wouldn't expect the servers to be online tonight the servers will be back online tomorrow. Any information on how the bug is occurring is greatly needed (not just "this is what is happening") I need full technical input so I can minimize the issue. For those who were duping during this expect to be banned (unless you cooperate and help us fix the bug) then I might be nice and leave it with just the item being removed. Thanks for your patience!
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    So last time i did some daily raids and i think the rewards would be upgraded cuz now when trophy pieces were deleted would be fine if rewards from Draco and Glac would be better. It would help for new players to earn some money and the better players would do this raid. My suggest is: - draco claw, glacerus manes 2x per raid - angel feather from 6 -> 12-20 - full moons from 3 -> 5-10 - dragon skins from 3 -> 5 - dragon blood from 2 -> 4 - dragon hearts 1(its balanced imo) - perfection stones 1 -> 2 - exp pot 1(balanced too) Thats my suggestion for those raids. Enjoy discuss. EDIT: Family exp isn`t count too
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    Servers will be coming back online very soon. You can read the patch notes here: Compensation Package has been distributed to everyone who logged in within the last 30 days. Thank you for your patience.
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    Major Changes Kage Rework! It's finally here, I hope people enjoy it as it provides all new and fresh gameplay with a truly unique class design. Defense Cap has been reduced from 70% to 50%. Note: Experimental Change, after some revision of PDPS classes one of the main problems I came across was that they have to go through 1 extra step compared MDPS classes. So I made this change to hopefully make that step easier and will likely balance some classes that become too strong from this change once we see them in full scale PvP. However, this can be reverted if found to be a bad change. Elemental Resistance vs PDPS skills is now capped at 50%. This change only affects classes that can change their elemental damage (Annihilator and Kage). Their damage vs 70 resistance will limited to 50 just like if someone had 70 pierce. Note: This does not have any effect on MDPS classes and this has been tested heavily. Changed some server side values relating to skill casting and skill range to make skills react more fluently. This should mean "Target Too Far" should be a less frequent problem. Note: This does not mean classes have extra range. Note: This mainly affects Holy Blade and Physical DPS Classes. Captcha has been disabled on all Battle Maps. Dimension of Souls Alternate Dimension of Souls The Battle of Time and Space Devastation Dimension Vingot Lab Minor Changes Badge of Honor now works on Awakening Classes. Class Master Crystal Gem now works on Awakening Classes. Cosmetic Additions Mounts Azure Foxfire Kitsune Crimson Foxfire Kitsune *NEW* Wigs Metamorphosis Hairdo Assassin's Coiffure Hallowed Radiant Wings Hairdo There is a small problem when fully zoomed in to this costume that makes it disappear. I will try to fix this for a later patch. Fine Templar Archmage Hairdo There is a small problem when fully zoomed in to this costume that makes it disappear. I will try to fix this for a later patch. Metamorphosis Dance Hairdo Imperial War Coiffure Ice Queen Hairdo Ice King Hairdo Cute Bear Hairdo Custom Spirit Samurai Hairdo Gear Changes Neck Shredder now grants M-ATK on its base. Neck Shredder now grants M-CRIT on its affect. Neck Shredder Skill Bonuses for Kage Updated. Air Cutter now grants M-ATK on its base. Air Cutter Skill Bonuses for Kage Updated. Holy - Boomerang Dagger now grants M-CRIT on its base. Hallowed Slicer now grants M-ATK on its base. Hallowed Slicer now grants M-ATK on its affect. Satanic Slasher now grants M-ATK on its base. Satanic Slasher now grants M-ATK on its affect. Balance Changes Beserker: Skill, Ram: Removed Cooldown. Glacier Knight Class Talent, Duty: Now gives 4% Healing instead of 5% Healing. Blood Knight Passive, Iron Will: Now gives +20% DMG Dealt instead of 10%. Paladin Skill, Light - Divine Shield: Upon deactivation, Movement SPD reduction is now 30% instead of 50% and duration is 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds. Dragon Soul Class Talent, Dragon Wagging Tail: Increased from 4% DMG to 6% DMG. Class Talent, Dragon Potential: Increased from 4% to 6% DMG. Class Talent, Dragon Armor: Stacks 10 times instead of 5 times. Dragon Emperor Skill, Dragon Wing Bash: Damage Over Time affect lowered from 25% to 15%. Skill, Dragon Emperor Leadership: Primary P-ATK / M-ATK Lowered from 40% to 30%. Skill, Dragon Emperor Leadership: Secondary P-ATK / M-ATK Lowered from 20% to 15%. Assassin Skill, Sudden Stab: DMG Dealt lowered from 75% to 70%. Note: Holy Skill is unchanged. Rakshasa Passive, Cestus Expert: Now grants +20% Cast SPD. Elegant Dancer Skill, Swift Dance: MP Cost changed from 3% to 2%. Blade Master Skill, Raging River: MP Cost changed from 3% to 2%. Trainer Skill, Survival of the Fittest: Duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds. Misc, Class Pets: Have been given more damage reduction. Devil Hunter Skill, Stealth: Can now be used in Combat. Skill, Stealth: Cooldown of 10 seconds added. Passive, Bow Expert: Now grants +10% DMG Dealt. Mecha Ares Class Talent: Grenade Burst now grants +2% DMG. Class Talent: Improved Fist: Increased from 3% DMG to 5% DMG. Class Talent: Electromagnetic Radiation: Increased from 3% DMG to 5% DMG. Lethal Arrow Skill, Lethal War Cry: Accuracy Reduction has been reduced by 25%. Reaver Skill, Final Destination: Duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds. Time Manipulator Skill, Time Freeze: Base M-ATK has been increased. Skill, Galactic Contortion: Base M-ATK has been increased. Conjurer Skill, Thunder Burst: Range increased from 10 meters to 15 meters. Adjudicator Talent, Boundless Light: Now gives 5% Healing instead of 4%. Druid Skill, Monkey Morph: Cooldown changed from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Totem Master Misc, Class Totems: Blessing Totem and Grace Totem have been given more damage reduction. Angel of Justice Skill, Heaven's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Skill, Demon's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Skill, King's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Major Bug Fixes Fixed the Blade Master Combo Problems, all combos should work correctly. Fixed the issue where Invisibility skills would not work when in combat with a player/monster over level 100. Fixed the issue of players who are in the next day could not find the ongoing Territory War due to their Time Zone. Fixed an exploit used to avoid the Captcha Check. Minor Bug Fixes Fixed the Anuran Paladin Passive. Fixed the costume "Treasure: Hallow's Yukata Garb" on Anuran's. Fixed the costume "UltraMech Bluejet Wings" on Male Halfkins. Fixed the costume "Magic Energy Wings" on Male Halfkins. Text Fixes Fixed the description of the Druid Class Expertise. Fixed the description of the Achievement "Pike King". Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Magic Energy". Fixed the description of the Item "Eternal CP Talisman I". Fixed the description of the Item "Eternal CP Talisman II". Fixed Various Things Regarding... Quick Explanation, as many of you know some content more than others from our custom content was causing people with who did not have a SSD in their computer would have a high chance of getting an Alpaca Box when in the rendering range of the custom content in question. This was apparent mainly from the new custom Senshi pets from Twin Saga and the old monster in Viroona before I replaced them with EE models. I have figured a way to prevent this issue and have gone back and performed the fix on every model in the game. Although we've tested this fix and have proven it to be effective this does not mean you will never Alpaca again, as Alpaca is just an error catcher and anything in the game can cause it. If you suspect this fix to be ineffective please tell me what you think caused the Alpaca and I will investigate the problem. Thank you. Pets Koharu: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Aflallo: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Fina: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Aryn: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Shirley: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Nerokas: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Mounts Ostrich: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Demir (Alucard): Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Red Flame Divine Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Midnight Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Daybreak Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Evil Dragon Gram: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Shadow Hyena: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ethereal Wolf: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Golden Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Fiery Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Blue Dragon Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Crimson Dragon Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Rock Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Stoneskin Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Steelskin Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Blizzard Iron Wolf: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Lavender Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Iceback Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Quetzalcoatl: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Strawberry Bunny: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Pudding Bunny: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Shadow Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Glacial Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Divine Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Wicked Shadow Midnight Lion: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Heavenly Silver Griffin: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Infernal Plum Griffin: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Imperial Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Moonlight Panther: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Arrakin Wolf: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Viridescent Flaming Phoenix: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Amethyst Soul Puma: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Onyx Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ruby Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Amethyst Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Pyrite Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Coral Turtle: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ice Soul Puma: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Energized Armored Kaiju: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Abyssal Armored Kaiju: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Snowy Shiba Inu: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Sooty Shiba Inu:Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Ares' Crimson Combat Machine: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Ares' Black Combat Machine: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Jet Black Sportbike: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Fixed Sidewalking Animation and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Racing White Sportbike: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Fixed Sidewalking Animation and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Gray Kitty: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Flushed Kitty: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Dark Knight Alpaca: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. White Knight Alpaca: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Sacred Dragon Warrior: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Dark Sabretooth Wings: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Alabaster Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Crimson Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Obsidian Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Monsters Fixed all monsters Alpaca Problem excluding Sachiel, Sachiel the fix broke so unfortunately he will have to remain how he is. NPC's Fixed all NPC's in the games Alpaca Problem. Thank you for taking the time to read to the end! Enjoy Your Day!
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    Hey Guys, Patch 35 is finally here with some big changes to the game! There will be a followup patch next week with the anniversary event and some costumes from Aura Kingdom and Twin Saga coming with it! I will also be posting an update thread in the coming days about the future of the games patches and what you can expect from me over the upcoming months so keep an eye out for that! If you want to give some feedback or report some bugs with the patch please head to this thread and post your response: Major Changes New Level Cap: 120! We're proud to announce that we are now the most advanced content Eden Eternal server even surpassing the official Taiwan version of the game. We plan to keep developing this game further and further for your guys!. New Level 100 Trials! Camodor Chaselands Dark Tide Cave Vingot Lab Devastation Dimension New Level 100 Gears. Weapons Armors Added Daily Login System! You are now rewarded each day when logging into your account for more than 30 minutes. Note: This is per account and not per character. Added Several New UI Features: Bag Auto Sort. Allows you to sort your bag into neat and tidily fashion! Archive Saving. Allows you to Specify specific items so that they don't get put in the archive when clicking Archive All. Select all mail. Allows you to select all mail items on the page to multi-collect or multi-delete. Status Assistant. Allows you to automatically use potions, mounts, star stones, etc. Updated Backpack Manager Allows you to bind Repair Hammers to be automatically be used if your armor falls below a certain durability. EXP/CP Bar upgrades. Will now use decimal numbers for more accurate reading on your current EXP and CP. Added a Bot Check that will appear every so often to reduce botting and Pet Afking within the normal maps. When disconnecting inside a dungeon, as long as you where not the only player in the dungeon and a player is still inside the dungeon you will reconnect inside the dungeon. Note: Exactly how Dream of Destruction dungeons and Gates of Pandemonium does. Changes Another Portal has appeared in Dimension of Souls opening a rift to an Alternate Version of itself. To compensate for the new level cap and peoples grinding needs, we have opened a duplicate Dimension of Souls to double the amount of grinding locations available. Note: NPC's and Bosses have been removed from Alternate Dimension of Souls but the mobs are exactly the same. Server rates are now always on and have been made so they no longer affect the EXP, CP and Awakening CP charms. This means charms, achievements, gear, etc. that give EXP rates are now all in full effect. This means we can host EXP events too. Note: Exp Charms give n% of the original EXP and not the Rates EXP. Example, EXP Charm I gives EXP +525% exp not (EXP + 500%) + 25%. Increase the Width of the Tip box that appears when hovering over Items, skills, etc. This means weapons with a lot of enhancements should no longer go off the screen unless your screen is SUPER TINY. Made some minor improvements to some buffs within the game to try and solve the issues with channels crashing. We hope this has fixed the issue. Peer channel has been merged for all levels so that new players can communicate with veteran players. Territory War will now give Guild Honor to enter active TW guilds into Guild vs Guild. Change Class Cooldown has been reduced to 5 seconds from 20 seconds. Viroona Vale has now been officially added to the map (South West Continent). The warp portal has been restored to its original state. Removed the Cooldown of: Basic Elysian Devil Soul Intermediate Elysian Devil Soul Advanced Elysian Devil Soul Increased the duration from 3 minutes to 30 minutes on: Quick Recovery Potion Lv1 Quick Recovery Potion Lv2 Quick Recovery Potion Lv3 Quick Recovery Potion Lv4 Quick Recovery Potion Lv5 Quick Recovery Potion Lv6 Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 (Enhanced) Quick Recovery Potion Lv7 Added EXP/CP/Awaken CP Charms to the Item Mall. Additionally created some bundles to save your some AP when purchasing. Eternal Talisman's I and II now worth with Awakening CP. Altered some skills to fit the trial versions of the Dungeon, should not affect the base dungeons at all. Text Fixed the text on multiple skills in regards to the new trial dungeons and the base version of the bosses to help improve understanding of what the skills do. Fixed the Recommended Event System Message. Fixed the Buff Description Name on the Auric Jewel. Fixed the Name and Buff Description of EXP Charm III, CP Charm III and Loot Charm III. Fixed the Typo with the Life Worshiper KP "Explosive Music". Fixed the Description of the skill "Dragon Wing Bash". Fixed the name of "Formula: 1H Weapon Enchant - Violence Lv5". Bugs Fixed the EXP and Loot Bug when in a monster taunt party and the monster puller leaves the party passing all the EXP and loot to another member. Fixed the Locus Life Leaf being usable in PvP. Fixed the "Anniversary Alpaca Ornament" item preview crash. Thank you all and have a wonderful day! Please make sure to leave some feedback and some suggestions of future content
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    So everything is pretty much done. I am doing some clean up. So what exactly has been done? I've ran several scripts used to identify duplicate items. Those items have been placed in another table (incase of an error on our behalf we can retrieve an item back to it's owner but I very much doubt it will be necessary). Please don't be placing 100s of tickets requesting items back your item will return to you after I've reviewed the items myself and believe it was a mistake. I will be sat reviewing all the items we marked as duped in case of an error on my behalf so maybe the item will return to you who knows but don't be taking more of our time spamming us. What procedures are in place now to prevent such a long down time in the future if this is to happen again? I've decided to backup the database on an hourly basis from now on and not a daily basis. I believe pin pointing the damage and then rolling back so people aren't losing days but only hours of work is a necessary approach. We are doing our best to monitor and fix all the exploits in the game eventually I believe we will be critical bug free but until then things like this will happen the game is very old and have very old methods remember. When will the server be back online? I anticipate the server to be back online in the next few hours. I have some cleaning up to do and some just final analysis before I am happy with the progress. Compensation? I will talk with the team on a possible compensation package being added. But right now no plans have been made (maybe on maintenance next week I will have a little more info about this) but we will be extending the Summer Event for another 2 days. Thank you everyone for your patience!
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    Servers are currently offline and will remain offline whilst we investigate an issue causing serious damage to the game. We're aware of a guy who goes by the name of Hotu or Tuop who have found a way to dupe items and gold. The servers will remain offline until I have figured out how they are doing this. Those who have bought gold or items from this person(s) expect to be banned (very easy to find your alts given I log your mac ). The servers will remain down for as long as it takes. Please do not spam our contact forms asking why the reason is here. If you have any information involving this issue please come forward. Thank you
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    Hey all, So we've looked into all the trades placed by the people involved. Due to the significant amount of gold being injected into the economy we have reversed some of the trades. Obviously some people spent their gold and so on. We looked at the more damaging trades in-game, we're aware of the many box purchases and other items but it was simply not enough to reverse it all without wiping the entire economy. We have however taken 20% of the gold from the entire economy to suffice. So please read below what has happened and who has been affected: NOTE: We've also taken into account the 20% deduction made to the economy. Items Returned Gold Removed Items Held NOTE: Some players have been banned, there has been no account for the gold at all and we suspect possible Gold Selling activities. Please follow normal ban ticket procedures for more information. Thank you!
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    ✨EDEN ETERNAL SUMMER 2018 ✨ Happy Summer to all players! Here's my draw: ?--------------------------------------------------------------------? IGN: Meiko99 Guild: Gate
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    Hey everyone it's finally here! Just as a small update some of the suggestions / minor issues that I've been told about wont be in this patch along with the Holy Sage Skill fix. This will be coming in a smaller cosmetic focused update in the next couple of weeks as I need a bit more time to properly solve this skill issue. Thank you! Major Changes Added New Dungeon "Gates of Pandemonium". Added New Equipment. Added level 65 - 90 Legendary Achievements Added new Racial Crafts for each race. Updated the PvP Schedule to fix issues with some of the arena's not opening right. Note: 3 vs 3 will close when other arena's are open. Note: Territory Wars and Guild vs Guild have not been changed. Minor Changes Added Partial Enchant Chest VII to Pirate Chest. Level 65 trials can now be entered 10 times. Poisonous Powder is no longer removed upon death. Added the following NPC's to Guild Towns Collecting Expert: Hanga Pickaxe Merchant: Phio Gardening Gloves Seller: Ri Crystal Ball Dealer: Aidey Merit HP Potion and Merit MP Potion's now stacks to 999. All couple Refreshing and Energy Potion's now stacks to 999. Reduced the Skill Damage on "Templar's Honor". Class Changes - Glacier Knight - Combat Knowledge (KP) - Additionally grants WIS. - Practical Training - Additionally grants G-Heal. - Duty (KP) - Healing increased by +5% instead of +7%. - Ice Lance - MP Cost is now 2% instead of 3%. - Blood Knight (Experimental) - Bloodsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Health DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces P-Heal -15%. - Demonsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Mana DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces G-Heal -15%. - Drainingsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - P-ATK & M-ATK Reduction Duration: 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds. - Additionally Reduces ATK SPD and CAST SPD by 2%. - Bloodsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Demonsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Drainingsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Blood Field - MP Cost: 2% instead of 3%. - Note: These changes are to try bring the class more consistancy and would like to have feedback on how well it goes. - Paladin - Light - Divine Shield - DMG Taken reduced from +30% to +15%. - Additionally removes 1 negative effect each 2 seconds from allies. - Arch-Elementalist - Doubled the duration of all combination effects. Archive Update All new Items. Lifesaber (Prime) can now be archived. Cupid's Bow (Prime) can now be archived. Magical Bunny Paintbrush (Prime) can now be archived. Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime) can now be archived. Artrageous Guitar (Prime) can now be archived. Bug Fixes Fixed the spawn zone HP in Normal Class TW. Fixed TW quests in Normal Class TW. Human Thief can now be used in Normal Class TW. Hand Gem: Panzer now grants block instead of Move SPD. Dragon Emperor Leader: Flame Dragon Form now recovers HP. Level 85 trials no longer allows raid parties. Soul Guardian and the Detained Crimson Gem now correctly spawn at the end of Rose Temple 0/10 Mode. Holy Blessing KP now affects the Life Steal version of the skill. Removed the skill bar from "Arch Iron Robot I" to prevent the invisibility glitch. Conjurer "Roaring Thunder" KP version no longer stacks with the none KP version. Text Fixes Serveral Achievement Text Fixes (Too many to list). Blood Knight Passive "Iron Will" now has the right description. The "Get Free Items!" item from the blessed crystal now links to VGN not Aeria. Battle Poet's "Star of the Show" with KP now has the right description. Shield "Apocalyptic Defender" now has the right effect text. The "Upgraded Treasure: Tarragon Horns (legendary)" now has the right description. Blood Knight's "Bloodborn" skill description has now been fixed. The "Awakened Spell Master" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Thunder Hound" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Tempest Enchanter" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Dragon Lord" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. Fixed the description of "Arch Iron Robot I" buff. Fixed the description of "Frosthowl Bow" effect. Fixed the description of "Holy Glow Shield" effect. Enjoy and have a nice day !
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    This is quite a disappointment that I even have to make this announcement, but it has gotten to the point where it's becoming more of a problem each day. I'm getting massive amounts of reports of people trying to conspire against the testers in order to get them in trouble and kicked off the server. Whether this is out of jealousy or the fact that they themselves were denied from the test server stands to question. Honestly, I have had enough of hearing about it and would like it to finally end. The testers that are currently testing the patch were past testers that were invited by their GS friends or approved by myself. We no longer accept random people to be invited by the GS's because of the past incidents of people blatantly taking screenshots of the patch information and spreading it around before the patch was released. Those who are on it now have shown that they are both useful to the testing environment and can also keep quiet about what the entirety of the patch is (aside from already given information). I've also been hearing, though this baffles me too, that people think it's unfair that some get to see the patch prior to it being released. The staff, and those who were chosen to stick around and help test, are needed to test a patch of this magnitude. Would you rather a buggy patch be released that could possibly damage the server/economy/game-play? I'm honestly not sure why this is even a worry anyway. You cannot expect Jordan to make and test a patch of this magnitude single-handedly. So this whole, "Oh they get to see it first, so unfair," far-fetched mentality should be left at the door. Patch testing is also part of a GS's job. It's quite a shame that it has even gotten to this point, but I will be banning those who continue to attempt in harassing the testers and bait them into getting in trouble. It's sad, it honestly is, that there always have to be those few who either hate the people so much or are so jealous of them that they'll do whatever they can to attempt to get them in trouble, even if that means trying to bait them into saying information that is already given/or was publicly told and claim it was leaked information. I'm tired guys, mentally and emotionally tired of having to deal with this day in and day out. Screenshot after screenshot of people actually saying, "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' kicked off the test server" or "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' fired". The fact that some of you are even trying to get JORDAN, YOUR DEVELOPER, "fired" is an absolute disgrace. Do you really hate the game that much that'd you'd like to see development come to a complete halt? Honestly, to be as lucky to have someone like Jordan working on Eden only to have some of you attempt to get him fired is just appalling. If it wasn't for him taking the lead, you probably wouldn't have the classes and things you have now. Jordan took the spearhead and went through, guiding/suggesting to Bash how to do the patch before learning and taking it on himself. Its easy to speculate that some may have this hellbent hatred towards Jordan or the other staff because they themselves were not hired. Honestly, if you applied and are now one of these problem people, ask yourself this 1 question: Why would I hire someone who acts like this towards others when they don't get their way? The only person who hires staff and who gets the final say in who is hired is me, myself and I. The last batch of supports that were hired for Eden were completely unknown to the other supports and Jordan, and were ones I chose myself. I'm sick and tired of these petty jealousy games and will be taking complete actions on those who wish to continue to try and play them. I'm done with it guys, so consider this your only warning. I'll be issuing out bans from now on.
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    First scripts have now finished we have a few more to run to clean up certain things. Expect server to be on sometime tomorrow!
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    Information Hey everyone, even though Patch 44 was only just over a month ago I have yet another Patch ready for you! This patch is mainly focused on some of the PvP elements of the game but I've tried my best to nail some of the major bugs the game has. I hope you enjoy this as we have put a lot of work into this, as always here is a feedback thread: Major Changes Guild Arena This is a brand-new PvP mode that has been developed by me exclusive to VGN. Based on the already popular and successful Guild vs Guild mode this mode will pit 2 Guilds against each other in a head-to-head match. Note: Although it's in full effect this mode will be classed as in a beta phase as it's only been tested on a functional level and not on a balance level. So please record some nice videos of this mode and share the link with me, so I can see how it's going and see what might need changing ? For more information about this game mode I have created a small introduction guide here: Normal Class Territory War Changes This mode only runs on Weekdays at the usual time (Monday - Friday). When winning a Normal Class Territory you will now take over the territory. Similar to Awaken Classes except does not grant salary bonuses and does not affect the Awaken Class Territory cap. Has no cap on how many Normal Class Territory Wars you can own. On Guild vs Guild reset (Saturday 6am Server Time), guilds will receive a week-long guild buff based on how many normal class Territorys have been owned. 1st Place: "Normal Class Masters" will grant players of the guild P-ATK, M-ATK and G-Healing +3% along with All Stats +3%. 2nd Place: "Normal Class Up-And-Comers" will grant players of the guild P-ATK, M-ATK and G-Healing +1% along with All Stats +3%. 3rd Place: "Normal Class Enthusiast" will grant players of the guild All Stats +2%. Note: Guilds with the same amount of points will both receive the same buff and the guild bellow will receive the next buff. Note: There is no cap on how many normal classes Territorys you can hold, so yes you can deny other guilds a buff by winning all 5 in a week. Normal Class Territory Wars now have their own Crystals that are back to the original state before I buffed them in the balance patch (Exactly how it was back at 80 cap). Note: This means the Normal Class crystal debuff has been removed, which will make the map run better. New Normal Class Territory War Map Centurion Battlefield is exclusive to Normal Class Territory Wars and will be the only Normal Class Territory War map to appear twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday). There a no new mechanics to this map other than the major difference of there only being 3 crystals. Awaken Class Territory War Changes No longer will reset on Maintenance Day, Instead it will reset on Monday at 6am. Note: It may reset this maintenance, but not for future maintenances. Crystals have been slightly buffed. Crystal Island: Belk has been buffed. Crystal Island: Ray's have been buffed. Guardians Valley: Riccardo and Bertrude have been slightly buffed. Guild vs Guild Changes Crystals have been slightly buffed. NPC's have been slightly buffed. Easter Event I have tried to make something new and different, so please give me feedback on this so in future events I can improve the events. The Easter Bunny "Bink" has arrived in Aven (X:298, Y:361). Daily Quest - Bun Buns Unite! You are tasked to go on an Easter Egg Hunt in Cyclone Basin, Vipers Forest, Sunset Desert and Skyreach Jungle. Daily Quest - Bun Bun Slayer! You are tasked to collect "Bunnies in a bag" from the Aven event boss "Evil Bun Bun, Easter Bunny". Added Some Easter Themed pets Note: I've added some for Crystal Altar and some for Mystery Boxes, one of the Mystery Box pets will make a one time appearance on the Crystal Altar over the weekend. The Vendetta Treasury has returned! Note: We have now added a level 115 Category! Changes Added a new "Chr" Setting that allows you to hide your damage dealt and damage recieved numbers. Note: This is to help players who like classes such as Celestial Arrow while stacking Elemental bonus hits. Reality Potions from Sky Tower and 4 trials of the Dimension now stack up to 999 instead of 100. You can now disassemble Sky Tower gems into Demon Crystals. You can now disassemble Dreadlore Lab gems into Mini Reactor. Dragonside Ridge Daily: L108. Kid Collector III (Daily) now only requires 1 Dragonside Soul Token. Dragonside Ridge Drop Table Updates: Ridgeside Scout now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Fury Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Emerald Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Ice Drake now drops 5 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Venomous Dragon now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Soldier now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Berserker now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Hunter now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Furious Ridgeside Rex now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Frosted Hunter now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Frosted Ridgeside Rex now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Flame Beast now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Ridgeside Earthbreaker now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Holy Ridgeside Beast now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Holy Ridgeside Guardian now drops 3 Dragonside Soul and Dragonside Soul Essence. Halloween 2018 Quest "A Robot in need" can now be dropped. Removed Deserted Island from the Territory War Window. Bug Fixes Fixed a MAJOR bug with the new dungeons being able to be lost inside the server so NPC's didn't know where to deliver their response too and several other small interaction issues with the UI and some skills. Fixed a MAJOR bug when attacking a target under certain conditions that had a chance to cause an Alpaca Crash. Note: This will not magically fix all Alpaca issues as Alpaca is the way the game handles any crash related issue unless the issue overrides it. Note: This mainly occurred when using a dash skill on a target and mid dash they would use an invisible skill of any nature (Including Smoke Bomb). If you would like to test this bug you can still do it on every other Eden Eternal server and it has been possible since the Reawakening Patch. Fixed an issue where Captcha Code's would activate during a raid dungeon. Fixed an issue where Executioner Skill "Offense not Defense" was not giving +7% DMG when you had the class Talent "Fencing Focus". Fixed an issue where Devil Hunter skill "Viper String" was not dealing Double Hit DMG. Fixed the Dream of Destruction: Colossal Cauldron movement speed bug. Note: Yes I'm sure this time. Fixed an issue with the Flaming Crystalline Dragon Mount. Fixed an issue with the Charred Crystalline Dragon Mount. Fixed an issue with the Imperial Guardian Mount. Fixed an issue with the Moonlight Panther Mount. Fixed the Power Scroll Lv110 and Guard Scroll Lv110. Fixed the Exit Portal inside Ruins of Ages. Crystal Utopia Merchant "Kisu" now sells the correct items. Fixed the level 100 Knight Costume for Humans. The Stalwart Razorback (Legendary) can now be sold in Auction House. Fixed the following Weapon Costumes when sheathed: Text Fixes Fixed a typo with Beserker's Rebuke and its values (Both Regular and Class Talent version). Fixed the description of the Newbie Portal Stone Buff. Fixed the name of the Light Gray Headwear Color (Was Dove Gray Headwear Color). Fixed the name of the Citrus Headwear Color (Was Orange Yellow Headwear Color). Improved the Clarity of the description of all versions of the Class Temple Chest. Fixed the Buff Name of Ka'Nenellos' Molten Core. Fixed the Following Buff Descriptions: Engraved Ring Magic Engraved Ring Maxim Ring Prophetic Maxim ring Premonition Necklace Omniscience Necklace Translated Remaining Pet Skills that where missing. New PvP Schedule Have a nice day!
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    if GM's will decrease prices of shining blue souls then we will earn less money from exp on a6.1 therefore I think that they should also decrease price of full hp pots from 35k to 30k. Also I dont agree with idea of non trade policy before 83 lvl. It's just stupid because lvl never should be a requirement of trade and if it is really needed then they should atleast decrease that lvl to 55. Next suggestion is opposition to idea of decrease ingame gold economy by 20%. It is just aggainst rules if gms will destroy our hard work just because they didnt program server good enough to protect it before exploits. Why we have to pay for their mistakes? As IT specialist I can say that it's not professional to make people lose because of somebodys mistakes. That's all from me, thanks for reading and tell me what u think about this ideas. Cheers!
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    Hello everyone! Yes, its the moment everyone has been waiting for - new game sages! Also, I'd like to make this note here and now. Whatever ill will you may have towards someone who may have been hired, please leave it at the door. From this moment on, while they are a part of the staff, we hope that you will treat them with respect as we hope they treat you with respect. Should any of the drama or anything of the sort continue after they have been hired, then submit a ticket with all necessary proof. Due to the current Nostale issues, these supports will not have tags till next maintenance. Eden Eternal: Head GS: @Nanami @Deathoniak @Mozz @Lilith @Mikitotefu @MoistyBlood @Springy Scarlet Blade: *Please note: As a new requirement for all SB GS, they are required to have a character on BOTH faction sides. @Viper @Daddy @Norleras @Colt
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    Hey all, We've decided to begin taking further steps to counter against malicious activity going on in-game. One of the biggest complaints we have are those who abuse packets, hacks and those who use clientless bots. We've now added protection to our client and our network to further prevent such activity. We hope this is a great step into cleaning up the community here at NosTale Vendetta as we are proud to be hosting such a game on our network. We have plenty more methods incoming over this year to prevent further abuse of the game. It will be a clean NosVille someday! NOTE: With the change will come issues with our client. If you have problems loading our client or your anti-virus detects our client, then please whitelist the application to proceed. The detection is a false positive and is only triggering because we have not assigned a trusted certificate to the executable. I'm sure some conspiracy theories will float around but I can assure you all the application is safe it is only encrypted. Please check your Nostale install folder to see if Nostale.exe is still there. If you do not see it, it means that your anti-virus program has already removed it. You will need to go into your a/v quarantine section, restore the file and THEN add it to your exceptions list (though many anti-virus programs automatically ask if you want to do that since you are restoring the file). DrDieless
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    NosTale Vendetta is coming to VGN! It's been a long time since we announced a new game was in the works (about 10 months actually). But finally we can announce that NosTale is coming to VGN. NosTale was a game I played for a long time between 2004-2007 mainly and I loved every minute of it. I am happy to release this game on VGN and it's going to be great developing once again. NOTE: This is not our official announcement. We will be announcing the game closer to launch with pretty images and the usual. We're just informing our player base right now so they don't get confused with changes around the website. When will you be releasing? I am hoping to have the server online next week or even this week if things go to plan. Either way you guys can login and play NosTale within the next 14 days for sure! The launch however will be in a beta status (approximately 2-4 weeks long) this does mean we will be wiping after. That doesn't mean you guys shouldn't come and play. We are planning a reward service based on activity so the more you play the more cool perks you will receive once we actually launch. Alongside starter packs and basic beta pack we will be offering a lot of cool items for those who are being active. The system will become available on the website a little after we launch for beta so you can understand it more. Will you be hiring staff? We will 110% be hiring new staff. My experience with the games current status is not so good so having someone who knows the game more will be a big plus. We will be hiring during beta so we can start customizing the server for launch. Applications will not be available. We will be picking active players out during the beta who stand out with a nice attitude and show activity with helpful suggestions. Of course those players will be audited before we decide but the sooner we find people the better. Is this another emulator? Hell NO! This is the real deal. This is the real files there will be no incomplete emulator services here we are offering the game like it is on official. Fully working skills, services, dungeons, raids and everything else. This does not mean people should stop supporting the emulator servers they are doing a great job and we do not want to be treading on peoples feet we are simply here to bring a new server to our network and of a game standard I love. What content are we to expect? VGN has always thrived on custom content. Check out our EE, SB and TS server all of which are doing perfectly fine and in their own direction. We listen to the communities input and we execute what we agree on. You're more than welcome to submit as many suggestions as you want and we can meet in the middle. Official is very P2W will it be the same here? As stated above all suggestions are welcome and we will do everything we can to ensure there is no heavy p2w content. If there is we will make sure players get an equal chance in obtaining. We like to keep everyone on the same level. Donators are more than welcome to spend their money but our focus is always gameplay. We believe that in all of our games and if you take a look there is a fine balance. Screenshots? We will be proving screenshots and such very soon over the coming week. This page is only an announcement to the VGN playerbase this is not a public announcement as of now. I hope this news comes well to many and I can't wait to begin launching this game and getting in game with you all! Thanks!
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    Here is some previews of the new maps upcoming in the next patch, this isn't all of them but just some of them.
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    Patch Preview Update - UI Additions Archive Save (Button at the bottom left of the bag) Auto Sort (Button at the bottom) Mail Upgrade (Select all, Delete all and Collect All) This is just a minor thing to the patch, but obviously I wanna save the biggest and most special patch content ready for patch day as a surprise Have a great day and I will be posting a road map of content plans following the current patch so you guys know what to expect and can base suggestions around it.
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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait on this but the Name Change system is now available for players! All you have to do is the following: Have 5,000 VGN Points on your account. Create a ticket with the following information: Then wait till maintenance for the request to be completed! NOTE: You may only submit a name change for a character that belongs to you! We know everyone has been eagerly asking us to launch this so we've decided to begin processing these from now on. Thank you!
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    Just an update on this: The scripts are still running on the server to delete all the duped items. Unfortunately with over 1 million items that need to be verified by this script as being legit non-duped items, it's not as quick as we'd like and had thought it to be. We do not expect it to be finished till sometime tomorrow.
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    Major Changes: Added new awaken classes for "Dragon Knight" and "Luminary". Added new 5 player dungeon "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new 25 player raid "Dragon Slaying Expedition - Stormy Ridge". Added level 95 weapons to the previous level 95 trials. Added new awaken level 95 armors. Added new quests, used for obtaining the level 95 armors. Added new trophies that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new guild town statues that can be obtained from <Lost Spirit> Arvad in Aven. Added new special gems that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new racial crafting for level 95 (for all races). Added new gathering tools and gathered materials for level 95. Doubled all levels of class stress weekly performance (Allows all classes to gain more CCM) General Changes: Added level 95 crafting items (Essence, Stardust and Heart flame). Added several arcane box formulas. You can now re-roll DoD weapons for another chance at a different percentage. You can also re-roll level 95 weapons for another chance at a different percentage. Added new NPC in aven <Blueprint Seller> Elika who sells many different custom guild town merchants. Converted all missing prime star stones and luna rocks from legendary to prime. Added greatsword, Sword and Rapier to the Oberon 3 piece combination. Added level 95 gem formulas to the gem merchant. Added new Reaper Luna Rock's. Buffed movement speed on the Fantasy Dragon to legendary standard. Added Inquisitor path of destiny buff. Dimension of Souls bosses now give achievements and channel announcements when killed. Added more quests to <Soul Trader>Shyman for easier hand ins. Updated the Archive with all new gears, pets, costumes and mounts. Awaken Knight quest item can no longer be sold. Wedding items Extravagant Engagement Ring and Wedding Reception Coupon can now be discarded. Added 3 more honor titles (Ones that give stats without being worn) New Cosmetics Added! Head Gear Back Gear Body Gear Weapons Mounts Bug Fixes: Fixed several archive bugs. Fixed bug with Luisaka's Swift Ring. Fixed bug with Blisterbreeze's Sythesis Ring Fixed a small bug with custom bosses and auto pathing Fixed Damage scaling of Temple Warcry Gem Fixed buff of Holy - Guillaume's Soul Essence Fixed buff of Holy - Ram Blood's Goreclaw Fixed debuff of Oathblade necklace Fixed Awaken Blade Dancer's glyph icon. Fixed the class expertise of Assassin and Kage to give the right bonuses Fixed Luminary path of destiny buff's description and icon. Fixed portal bug in Valley of Kings to Wetlands. Fixed the tandem bug on the Ocean Fun Itasha mount Fixed the nameless pet Fox Spirit Inari Translated buff on the Royal Heart Palanquin mount. Fixed Typo's on the following: Balance Changes: Rifleteer skill "Holy - Illusory Phantom" now gives immunity Small Luminary changes to prevent it one hitting 100% of the time Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent skill fail Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent 60% damage reduction with no way of removing it Minor changes to both "Shake Sonar Study" and "Staggering Blow" certificate to make them more comparable (not one being better than the other in every way) Enjoy the patch everyone!
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    Server is now back online!
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    Gold Rate has been reduced to x3. Minigames Channel has been removed. Channel has returned back to channel 9. There will no longer be mini-games running on this channel for now. We have plans to revamp it in the future. NosBasaar has been wiped. NOTE: All items and gold have been returned to those who either bought or sold an item. This does not include any expired sales, they have just been deleted. Anyone who went above the max value has had their gold added to their cuarry bank. Some gold may have been lost in the process, we cannot return anything more than we have. We apologise in advance for this. Use of all Trade features are now locked until the following goals have been met: Analysis of the entire game code has been performed and any issues that we located have been fixed. NOTE: This does not mean we have 110% removed/fixed all exploits. Exploits can always pop up so do not hold this against us if any issues arise in the future. Removed 20% of the entire gold economy in-game. NOTE: This is so we can ensure any of the gold that has leaked through to other players has took a hit. We understand innocent people are affected by this but the economy could do with a small purge if you ask me. Deleted all duplicated items from the game. NOTE: If you're missing an item this was a duped item, we do not return duped items and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. Added a new "Level Package" option to Armored Bash NPC in NosVille. This option is available for Mage, Swordsman and Archer characters. You will obtain a "Level Package" which can be opened Level 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90. The package will provide equipment and consumables to help you with your journey. You must select the option each time to receive each package in their respective order. NOTE: Existing players can also obtain this package, just go to the NPC and speak to him. Level requirement for creating a Martial Artist has been changed to the following 99+30 -> 93+30. Reduced the sale prices of the following items: Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: Fixed bug with Snarl's passive doing an opposite effect.
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    Hey all, This years Easter Event has been cancelled. I just do not have the time to be able to get everything done before the event becomes pointless. I can assure you I had every intention of releasing this event but unfortunately I don't see it happening. I've only been back fully working for 3-4 weeks since my hiatus. It's just impossible to do a Major Patch -> Bug Fix Patch -> Event Patch in that timeframe given I do have other responsibilities within the network. In all fairness I've not even had a chance this week to even begin the patch, the ideas are wrote down and designed but it's just not even been implemented yet. I had every intention to release it next week but even then 5-6 days of development is only going to conclude with a lot of bugs and rushed content. I understand people will be upset with this news, we will be arranging an Easter Themed Compensation Package to be distributed after maintenance today to everyone. I want to assure everyone this is not the standards I set for the work this network does. This is my failure in time management and development, but I wanted to prioritise Major Content over Temporary Content and I hope you all understand that. NOTE: I do not wish for anyone to offer options, even implementing the official easter event will take time and I just don't have that time. I want to focus on improving the entire game and not waste my time on an event already passed it's deadline. Thank you
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    Hey all, We have some infrastructure changes being applied (week commensing 10th December) that will impact the services we provide here at VGN. Some necessary and much needed changes in our back end systems are required in order for us to continue providing the best service we can for everyone. We will be attempting to minimalize the downtime as much as possible by planning ahead and ensuring all tasks are done so it is a safe and quick transition into the new infrastructure. The following changes are being applied: Scarlet Blade (Login): We have to update some parts of the login system, this will affect the status of the game and will be required to be offline during the process. Some bugs have been found with the login service as well so we will be focusing on fixing that during this downtime as well. Website: We are updating a lot of the back end services, so expect frequent downtimes to our entire website. It may not be noticable for some but if you experience issues with the site this is why. Password resets and other systems will also be affected by this so again please have patience if they do not appear to work immediately. Eden Eternal (New Server): We will be moving Eden Eternal to NA. Expect a lengthy downtime during the transition it may be a case of plug and play but we will need to further test some of the new services to ensure it all works and we do not experience further downtime afterwards. We hope everyone is happy with our service we provide as we continue to better ourselves and your experience here at VGN. Thanks again and have a great week!
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    Hey everyone! As some of you may have noticed, you will have seen a new GM listed on the forums! I would like you all to give a warm welcome to the new GM @Karah! Though they may be new to VGN, they are certainly not new to the job. They will be directly assisting me and while I teach them how to do my role here at VGN (before the rumors start by this wording, no I'm not leaving any time soon! I just need some help!). Since they will be learning and helping to manage all 3 games, I do ask that you are patient with their transition into the role till they get the feel of how we do things here at VGN. If you'd like to give them a hello or welcome, @Karah will be posting a thread in the welcome section later!
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    Information Hey everyone, after many months of hard work it's finally here Patch v44! There is a lot of new content to look at and enjoy along with lots of new gear to obtain to boost your character. Hope you guys enjoy! If you have any issues or feedback please post it on the following thread here: New Content New Overworld Maps Whispering Woods Singing Valley Roaming Hills Crystal Utopia New Battle Map Dragonside Ridge New Dungeons Ruins of Ages Dragon's Keep Palace of Dreams Utopian Realm Awaken Weapons The awaken weapons follow a Good and Evil design where some will have light colours and others will have a dark coloured design. Where appropriate there is 2 Weapons for the price of 1 to give different stats and effects to the user (Example, Sword has both a PDPS and an MDPS version). The NPC that handles Awaken Weapon Quests is located in Aven (X: 271, Y:207). Holy Weapon Dissenchantment The Holy Weapon system was always a hit or miss in my eyes and as much as I tried to avoid having Holy Weapons that make or break a class I know that unless the skills are useless it just isn't possible. I have decided to make this system never appear again in future patches. So that people who enjoy the skills or need the skills to make a class function you can now dissenchant your Holy Weapon's into a weapon gem to get the skill from the weapon instead. Note: This system works in the exact same way as the current system meaning you still need the skill from Aven. Added New Pets We've added a plethora of new pets to the game as a lot of them where used as monsters in the new content. As these Eidolons where requested many times in the past I hit 2 birds with 1 stone. Added New Mounts Added Vendetta Reward NPC. Allows you to recieve the Lv1-65 Enchant title on alts on the same account. Allows you to recieve the Lv66-90 Enchant title on alts on the same account. Changes Changed the base colour of "Immortal Arrow". Note: The previous Awaken Bow was already blue so I decided to change it up so its more unique. Increased the width of the players bag from 12 items wide to 15 items wide. Increased the width of the players bank from 10 items wide to 15 items wide. Increased the size of the Guild Warehouse from 40 slots to 100 slots in each Warehouse. Increased the amount of pets allowed to be bound from 10 to 30. Added "47-Slot Backpack Expansion". Added level 120 Corona's Essence, Stardust and Heartflame. Added Rapier P-ATK & M-ATK to the pet pray "Cracking Skulls". Added Axe P-ATK & M-ATK to the pet pray "Blade Master". Item "Trial Coin" now stacks to 999 instead of 99. Item "Daily Login Reward Coin" now stacks to 999 instead of 99. Item "Wizard Boots" duration increased to 5 days from 2 days. Note: May only affect newly crafted items. Item "Warrior Boots" duration increased to 5 days from 2 days. Note: May only affect newly crafted items. Item "Priest Boots" duration increased to 5 days from 2 days. Note: May only affect newly crafted items. Item "Guardian Boots" duration increased to 5 days from 2 days. Note: May only affect newly crafted items. Increased Temple Arena entry count to 10 per day instead of 1 per day. Added Trophy Achievements to the Level 100 Trials. Changed Frankengrue pet's damage type to Strike from Slash. Disabled the Trophy "5 Beast Team Badge". Balance Changes Executioner Offense not Defense now additionally increases DMG Dealt +7% to party members. Soul Flare MP costs reduced from 3% to 2% per second. Paladin Light - Blessing Aura now increases P-Heal +10% from +5%. Defense - Blessing Aura now additionally decreases DMG Taken -5%. Dragon Soul Dragon Soul Possession now increases P-ATK +30% from +20%. Dragon Soul Possession now reduces DMG Taken -20% from 10%. Assassin Sprinting Stab now deals Double Hit DMG. Neck Twister now deals Double Hit DMG. Camouflage cooldown increased to 60 seconds from 30 seconds. Camouflage healing reduced from 80% to 50%. Asura Class Talent "Relentless Strikes" now gives 2% P-ATK instead of 1% P-ATK. Trainer Heal Pet now heals 30% of the Pets HP instead of 5%. Heal Pet now grants the pet -30% DMG. Devil Hunter Viper Sting now deals Double Hit DMG. Equilibrian Inner Fire now grants DMG Taken -10%. Battlefield Poet Star of the Show cooldown decreased from 45 seconds to 30 seconds. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with Annihilator's Siege Mode only lasting 30 seconds. Fixed an issue with Pet Pray "Warrior" not working. Fixed an issue with Pet Pray "Duelist" not working. Fixed an issue when previewing the Cerberus Pet. Fixed an issue where level 104 players and above would start losing EXP, CP and Guild Fame from quests. Fixed some texture issues with the new wigs from Twin Saga. Fixed some server side scaling issues with custom models (Includes Pets, Mounts, Monsters and NPC's). Fixed one of the Viroona Monsters who still had the Alpaca issue from a previous patch. Fixed a visual bug on monsters having part of their Brake Points already broken at the start of a fight. Fixed a limitation on the quest system that prevented the game from having any more quests added. Note: Although this has been tested thoroughly some minor issues may pop up in the future. Please report any issues in the feedback thread or in ticket so we can address it. Fixed an issue where players over level 100 could not turn in Overworld Map's Fame Items. Fixed an issue where the weapon "Cosmic Star" gave the wrong amount of AGI and INT. Fixed an issue where the weapon "Hades Inferno" gave the wrong amount of INT and LCK. Fixed an issue with the Trophy "Mori Mori's Mucous S" having issues regarding other transformation buffs. Fixed an issue with Life Worshipper's Wind of Impatience stacking with its Class Talent version. Text Fixes Fixed the name of the Christmas Items that where accidently un-patched (This is why making a patch mid-patch is hard) . Fixed the dialog of the 100 Trials Reward NPC. Fixed a typo on the "Mysterious Inlay Merchant". Fixed the effect description on the trophy "Ultimate Beast's Lucky Blood". Eden is Eternal!
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    Based on my Patch roadmap or plans this is half of the cosmetic patch here, I've been waiting on some things in order to get more custom content from the other games so that is why this cosmetic patch isn't full. However, this means I will likely delay the cosmetic patch later in the cycle and try get some more content out in the meantime. Just before getting into the patch notes I will mention here about 3 bugs that have not been fixed yet. Auto-Sort Bag, this is a long messy bug that is fixable but will take time and simply I didn't have the time to address it yet. Apologies. Blade Master Combos, due to some changes in the server stuff with a recent patch I will need to rework the skill to make it functional. This does not mean change the skill to something else but rework the backend to make it functional again which is messy and time consuming. I'll try get this done ASAP as I know the class needs this to function. Invisible PVP no longer leaves combat, I'm still investigating this bug so at this time I have no news on it just yet. Major Changes Halloween Event has been added. 3 Bosses are taking over Aven, defeat them all for daily rewards! 3 New Halloween themed pets are now available with both in-game reward and item mall variants. 4 New themed costumes are available in game. New Event Dungeon has been Added, "Vendetta Treasury" Quick Daily EXP and CP farm for players above level 80. Rewards with charms for further EXP and CP grinding. Note: This dungeon I plan to bring with all events and possibly randomly throughout the year if everything goes well. So if there is any suggestions to improve the quality let me know! Minor Changes Many new costumes. New Boss Pets. Updated Koharu pet attack attribute to Fire. Updated Aflallo pet attack attribute to Dark. Updated Fina pet attack attribute to Ice. Updated Shirley pet attack attribute to Holy. Updated the icon for the achievement "It was just a little rain cloud". Bug Fixes Class EXP no longer goes to negatives when going past a specific amount at level 109+. This was caused when changing class it would bug out the value and save an incorrect value. Anyone who was affected by this bug should automatically be fixed back to 0 after maintenance. Daily Rewards should now reset when the end of the month has been reached. Samurai now has level 100+ Class Expertise. Awaken classes and various normal classes no longer disappear from the class expertise list when Samurai is leveled past 104. Fixed the Arch-Elementalist skill "Magic Burst" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much. Fixed the Battlefield Poet skill "Melody of Mana" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much. Fixed the Blade Acrobat skill "Victory Dance" so it no longer goes to negatives after leveling it too much. Fixed the Zumi Templar and Awakens Passive "Enforcer". Fixed the Zumi Thief and Awakens Passive "Crazy Wheels". Fixed and Issue with the pets "Kimba", "Petra" and "Maul" where the break animation would occur on entering combat. Text Fixes Fixed the description of Gravity Manipulator skill "Air Dance". Fixed the description of Pet skill "Resistance Collapse". Fixed the name of the achievement "Magic Scroll: Hand Enchant - Beast Blood Lv3". Fixed the description of the achievement "You Are Not A Dragon!". Fixed the description of the item "Formula: Mars's Secret". Fixed the description of the item "Blueprint: Magic Tuskar Club". Balance Changes Gravity Manipulator Knowledge Point "Soaring Dance" DMG lowered from 350% DMG to 300% DMG. Skill "Gravitation Lockdown" cast time lowered from 2 seconds to 1 second. Skill "Black Hole" cool down lowered from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Skill "Feather Steps" stack cost increased from 3 to 5 stacks. Dragon Emperor Skill "Dragon Rage" P-ATK and M-ATK lowered from 20% to 15%. Skill "Dragon Emperor Leadership" M-ATK and P-ATK lowered from 50% to 40% and 25% to 20% (Respectively). Skill "Dragon Wing Bash" damage over time lowered from 30% to 25%. Holy Blade Skill "Destructive Leap" PDMG increased from 200% to 250%. Skill "Destructive Leap" MDMG increased from 150% to 175%. Devil Hunter Skill "Shooter's Mark" P-ATK and M-ATK reduction increased from -10% to -15%. Skill "Aimed Shot" cool down lowered from 4 seconds to 2 seconds. Skill "Will to Survive" cool down lowered from 45 seconds to 25 seconds. Assassin Skill "Neck Twister" range increased +50%. Skill "Lockdown Slice" range increased +50%. Elegant Dancer Skill "Dance of Blessing" cool down lowered from 20 seconds to 15 seconds. Enjoy your day!
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    With this maintenance, we will be investigating those that abused this bug to gain items they should not have readily been able to obtain. Punishment for those who abused it will range from the following: Inventories, banks, auction house listings, mail, etc wiped from all accounts linked to you If you account shared with someone who abused this bug, you're at risk of having your inventory wiped as well Permanently banned accounts depending on the severity of it Diamond altar may or may not be coming with this maintenance as well because of this bug. If it does not come, I'll be sure to publicly post the names of who you can thank for abusing such a bug. I may decide to take further action against those who abused it, but it all depends on severity of it. Other items such as Non-Tradeable Auric Jewels and NT II Charms, which had no other way of obtaining in this dungeon will also be wiped from people's inventory if you obtained them.
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    It's time to make it official! Some of you may have known already, but 3 game sages were promoted to Head Game Sage for their games. Though they specialize in their game, they may float around and be of assistance in any of the 3. Your HGS for each game are: Nostale: @Pandemonia Scarlet Blade: @DrDieLess Eden Eternal: @Goddess You'll begin to notice over time that they'll be assisting in other parts of the games such as helping with their game tickets (you may have already noticed Panda answering your NT ones), or by assisting in other portions of the games such as creating altars or by assisting their fellow game sages. Please keep in mind, though they can answer tickets, they cannot give out items/vgn or anything a normal GS could not originally do.
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    ✞ Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞ IGN: Mikotato "As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."
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    New "Martial Artist" Class is now available! So after careful analysis and review of this class, we believe this class falls short in every area of the game. We've decided to take this class in our direction with it being at early stage. We hope everyone likes our approach on this class and if you have any suggestions on improving the class please do so via the suggestions section. Requirements for creating Martial Artist is one Level 99+30 character. Modified the basic resistances of the following Martial Artist Specialist Cards: Modified the following skills of the "Draconic Fist" Specialist: Modified the following skills of the "Mystic Arts" Specialist: Modified the stats of following Martial Artist items: Updated the following item's sell prices to 15,000,000 gold: The following item's will now drop in Erenia and Zenas raid boxes: Updated the following item's sell prices to 30,000,000 gold: The following item's will now drop in Fernon raid boxes: Added Martial Artist's Major Trophy. NOTE: You can obtain this Trophy the same way as the other Major Trophies. Collect the 13 Minor Trophies and turn them in to MoJo JoJo. Global speakers have been disabled (for now). Applied many UI improvements to the game. Added Item Link System. Updated NosBasaar with new features such as Page Selection and Collect All. Parcel Box will now refresh instead of requiring you to relog. Added the following trade options to Bash NPC in NosVille: Added the following trade option to Sarakael NPC in Port Alveus: Added the following items to the Amelia Glacia NPC in Glacernon shop: Increased the HP of the monster Archangel Lucifer. Increased the HP of the monster Overseer Amon. Increased the HP of the monster Hellknight. Increased the HP of the monster Archtheridon Hellduke. Added these additional drops to Archangel Lucifer: Added these additional drops to Overseer Amon: Removed the following drops on Overseer Amon and Archangel Lucifer: Respawn Time is now random (between 45 minutes -> 3 hours) for the following monsters: Removed "Trophy Piece" System. The Trophy Piece System has ruined the initial design of why we invented Trophies in the first place. We have decided to remove it and it will not be returning. Increased the rate of obtaining a Trophy from a raidbox by x2. Added missing costumes from Costume Fusion. Added the following items to the Hero Equipment Downgrade option at Teodor Topp: Added the following items to the Upgrade C25-28 gear to C45-48 at Teoman Topp: Updated the Pet "Snarl" with the following changes: Updated the stats of the following cosmetic items: Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: Reworked the following stat: Released the following costumes: Fixed a bug causing the server to crash. Fixed many bugs and complaints with the current UI in-game. Fixed bug where if the channel was full the client would close. Fixed bug where you were not able to use emoticons through keybinds whilst chat is open. Fixed a bug where costume weapons would not additionally add the defence stats. Fixed Timespace chests. Fixed Wings of Friendship teleport bug. Fixed Fernon cutscene bug. Fixed bug with "Raid Destroyer" title achievement not progressing when completing Fernon Raid. Fixed weird bug where it would show random text on mini-game channel. Fixed a bug with the mute message in-game. Fixed the bug with Puppet Master's Beat Costume shrinking a player.