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    Hey Guys, Sorry for no information I've been waiting on some scripts to finish. Rollback Date: 2017-08-16 18:00:00 After looking into the situation we will be rolling back the database to the above date/time. It's actually not a lot time lost tbh less than 24 hours of work. Please understand we do not return items, character progress, gold etc. We understand people are going to be upset with losing progress it's always the case but you must understand it's not a simple "delete this many items and fix this" the damage done wasn't just a "little bit" items were generated into the game that never should have been, gold has been spread insanely the work to even look into this for everyone and make sure everything is gone would take longer than 24 hours hence why rollbacks are taken place. As people are already aware we have a compensation package which will be available next weeks maintenance. This package is getting a small update for this issue as well. The compensation package will be available after next Tuesday maintenance and again we are sorry this has happened. Thank you for your understanding the servers should be back online in the next 1-2 hours.
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    Servers will be back online tomorrow afternoon sometime.
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    Hey Guys, Just an announcement regarding current situation. I have been notified the guy returned (don't worry he didn't dupe I just couldn't find some of the alts because he's either using another machine or he's working with other people). He started dropping items so I've figured best course of action is to remove all the duped items in the game. This is in retaliation of me banning all of his customers and demanding that if they wish to be unbanned they must show me successful charge backs against the guy doing the damage to our beloved server and game. Does this mean I might possibly lose items? Unfortunately some people are going to be missing items if you are it's because it was a duped item. I understand people bought them but there is no way of compensation tbh we do log everything but to expect us to manually hand out compensations is just not something feasible given the size of our community. If you have any anger please direct it towards the people who have bought the gold they're the reason he is doing this and as long as they keep trying to buy it from him he's gonna continue doing this (alongside him being a jealous little script kiddie). Small note to all you "hackers" out there. You're hacking a game made in 2003 it's the definition of someone using cheat engine life hacking on Super Mario. It achieves nothing and it's cute you guys wanna continue calling yourselves "reverse engineers". You're hacking a game that uses plain text packets bravo! I will notify everyone when the server is online the scripts are taking a while so it's gonna be down for a few hours. Thank you for your understanding.
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    In-Game Rules It is your responsibility as a player to know and read these rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in some form of punishment. Continuing to break the following rules will increase the length of the listed bans. These rules can be changed at any time and a post will be made noting the changes. It's up to the staff regarding punishments. Punishments listed below may not be exactly what you'll receive and may be shorter or longer based on the offence. This post is merely a guideline. Bans can be appealed through the "Support" section of the website. Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Advertising/Fake Links Usage of a third party program or playing the game in a way that's not intended Client modification/reverse engineering the client Promoting the use of a hacking program Advertising/Promoting another server Promoting the use of a fake/knock-off VGN website (Be smart people!) 1st Offense: Permanent ban Harassment This includes but is not limited to: Vulgar and/or sexual remarks Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs. Usage of a different language in order harass to try and avoid punishment Harassing in tickets, forums or in-game about a subject that does not involve you (e.g bans) Harassment and/or disrespect of staff - this also includes hunting the GS specifically in arena over a mute you/friend received. 1st Offense: 1 day ban/mute or a warning depending on severity. Continued actions will result in longer mutes or bans Account Sharing/Item Trading If you share your account with another person, you lose all support privileges for that account. If you get scammed, then we at VGN cannot help you get anything that was lost back. This goes for item trading as well. When trading/bartering another player, all are considered final. If you lose an item to a trade scam between another player, those items will not be recovered. Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade. Keep your account safe from those who would wish to do it harm! Unauthorized Transactions Buy or selling in-game money, items or accounts for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for other game currency or items 1st Offense: Permanent ban for all parties involved Fraud Chargebacks* 1st Offense: Permanent Ban *Permanent Ban till the issue is resolved. Inappropriate Names Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation of staff 1st Offense: Forced name change and a ban till if the name is deemed inappropriate. You will have to provide the VGN needed for a name change. If you cannot, your account will remain banned till you can. English ONLY in General and Speaker English Only in General Chat English Only in Speaker Chat 1st Offense: Mute by Support Member 2nd Offense: Additional Mute by Support Member 3rd Offense: You will be banned for 3 days. This rule is a new rule we've inserted due to the nature of certain people ruining the environment for all. We are an English ran server and we must be able to police the game accordingly. We respect your native language and you are allowed to use it within Family, Party and PM's but we insist you keep any public chats in English so the game can be moderated accordingly. Alt Account Abuse Abusing the Fame System by killing alts. Abusing the Commend System by having your alts Commend you. 1st Offense: Fame, Gold or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. Because this has gone on for a while now we've had to step up our act before it's too late. Gold in game is being generated way too fast because of this kind of abuse as well as the Fame System now useless due to the fact people can't play fair. Commend System being the same and it's stupid we have to take such actions! Trading Kills or Commends Abusing the Fame System or Commend System by working with a friend or someone else by allowing them to Commend or Kill your characters. 1st Offense: Fame or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault! Raid Alt Abuse Abusing the raid system and bypassing the alt abuse checks. 1st Offense: Warning 2nd Offense: 7 Day penalty 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault!
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    Hey Guys, We're expecting some downtime whilst I fix a bug crashing the servers. I wouldn't expect the servers to be online tonight the servers will be back online tomorrow. Any information on how the bug is occurring is greatly needed (not just "this is what is happening") I need full technical input so I can minimize the issue. For those who were duping during this expect to be banned (unless you cooperate and help us fix the bug) then I might be nice and leave it with just the item being removed. Thanks for your patience!
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    So everything is pretty much done. I am doing some clean up. So what exactly has been done? I've ran several scripts used to identify duplicate items. Those items have been placed in another table (incase of an error on our behalf we can retrieve an item back to it's owner but I very much doubt it will be necessary). Please don't be placing 100s of tickets requesting items back your item will return to you after I've reviewed the items myself and believe it was a mistake. I will be sat reviewing all the items we marked as duped in case of an error on my behalf so maybe the item will return to you who knows but don't be taking more of our time spamming us. What procedures are in place now to prevent such a long down time in the future if this is to happen again? I've decided to backup the database on an hourly basis from now on and not a daily basis. I believe pin pointing the damage and then rolling back so people aren't losing days but only hours of work is a necessary approach. We are doing our best to monitor and fix all the exploits in the game eventually I believe we will be critical bug free but until then things like this will happen the game is very old and have very old methods remember. When will the server be back online? I anticipate the server to be back online in the next few hours. I have some cleaning up to do and some just final analysis before I am happy with the progress. Compensation? I will talk with the team on a possible compensation package being added. But right now no plans have been made (maybe on maintenance next week I will have a little more info about this) but we will be extending the Summer Event for another 2 days. Thank you everyone for your patience!
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    Servers are currently offline and will remain offline whilst we investigate an issue causing serious damage to the game. We're aware of a guy who goes by the name of Hotu or Tuop who have found a way to dupe items and gold. The servers will remain offline until I have figured out how they are doing this. Those who have bought gold or items from this person(s) expect to be banned (very easy to find your alts given I log your mac ). The servers will remain down for as long as it takes. Please do not spam our contact forms asking why the reason is here. If you have any information involving this issue please come forward. Thank you
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    Hey everyone it's finally here! Just as a small update some of the suggestions / minor issues that I've been told about wont be in this patch along with the Holy Sage Skill fix. This will be coming in a smaller cosmetic focused update in the next couple of weeks as I need a bit more time to properly solve this skill issue. Thank you! Major Changes Added New Dungeon "Gates of Pandemonium". Added New Equipment. Added level 65 - 90 Legendary Achievements Added new Racial Crafts for each race. Updated the PvP Schedule to fix issues with some of the arena's not opening right. Note: 3 vs 3 will close when other arena's are open. Note: Territory Wars and Guild vs Guild have not been changed. Minor Changes Added Partial Enchant Chest VII to Pirate Chest. Level 65 trials can now be entered 10 times. Poisonous Powder is no longer removed upon death. Added the following NPC's to Guild Towns Collecting Expert: Hanga Pickaxe Merchant: Phio Gardening Gloves Seller: Ri Crystal Ball Dealer: Aidey Merit HP Potion and Merit MP Potion's now stacks to 999. All couple Refreshing and Energy Potion's now stacks to 999. Reduced the Skill Damage on "Templar's Honor". Class Changes - Glacier Knight - Combat Knowledge (KP) - Additionally grants WIS. - Practical Training - Additionally grants G-Heal. - Duty (KP) - Healing increased by +5% instead of +7%. - Ice Lance - MP Cost is now 2% instead of 3%. - Blood Knight (Experimental) - Bloodsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Health DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces P-Heal -15%. - Demonsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Mana DoT Duration: 5 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - Additionally Reduces G-Heal -15%. - Drainingsword's Mark - Duration: 10 seconds instead of 4 seconds. - P-ATK & M-ATK Reduction Duration: 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds. - Additionally Reduces ATK SPD and CAST SPD by 2%. - Bloodsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Demonsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Drainingsword - Base P-ATK doubled. - Blood Field - MP Cost: 2% instead of 3%. - Note: These changes are to try bring the class more consistancy and would like to have feedback on how well it goes. - Paladin - Light - Divine Shield - DMG Taken reduced from +30% to +15%. - Additionally removes 1 negative effect each 2 seconds from allies. - Arch-Elementalist - Doubled the duration of all combination effects. Archive Update All new Items. Lifesaber (Prime) can now be archived. Cupid's Bow (Prime) can now be archived. Magical Bunny Paintbrush (Prime) can now be archived. Dream Alpaca Mallet (Prime) can now be archived. Artrageous Guitar (Prime) can now be archived. Bug Fixes Fixed the spawn zone HP in Normal Class TW. Fixed TW quests in Normal Class TW. Human Thief can now be used in Normal Class TW. Hand Gem: Panzer now grants block instead of Move SPD. Dragon Emperor Leader: Flame Dragon Form now recovers HP. Level 85 trials no longer allows raid parties. Soul Guardian and the Detained Crimson Gem now correctly spawn at the end of Rose Temple 0/10 Mode. Holy Blessing KP now affects the Life Steal version of the skill. Removed the skill bar from "Arch Iron Robot I" to prevent the invisibility glitch. Conjurer "Roaring Thunder" KP version no longer stacks with the none KP version. Text Fixes Serveral Achievement Text Fixes (Too many to list). Blood Knight Passive "Iron Will" now has the right description. The "Get Free Items!" item from the blessed crystal now links to VGN not Aeria. Battle Poet's "Star of the Show" with KP now has the right description. Shield "Apocalyptic Defender" now has the right effect text. The "Upgraded Treasure: Tarragon Horns (legendary)" now has the right description. Blood Knight's "Bloodborn" skill description has now been fixed. The "Awakened Spell Master" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Thunder Hound" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Tempest Enchanter" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. The "Awakened Dragon Lord" 5-Piece Effect now has the right description. Fixed the description of "Arch Iron Robot I" buff. Fixed the description of "Frosthowl Bow" effect. Fixed the description of "Holy Glow Shield" effect. Enjoy and have a nice day !
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    This is quite a disappointment that I even have to make this announcement, but it has gotten to the point where it's becoming more of a problem each day. I'm getting massive amounts of reports of people trying to conspire against the testers in order to get them in trouble and kicked off the server. Whether this is out of jealousy or the fact that they themselves were denied from the test server stands to question. Honestly, I have had enough of hearing about it and would like it to finally end. The testers that are currently testing the patch were past testers that were invited by their GS friends or approved by myself. We no longer accept random people to be invited by the GS's because of the past incidents of people blatantly taking screenshots of the patch information and spreading it around before the patch was released. Those who are on it now have shown that they are both useful to the testing environment and can also keep quiet about what the entirety of the patch is (aside from already given information). I've also been hearing, though this baffles me too, that people think it's unfair that some get to see the patch prior to it being released. The staff, and those who were chosen to stick around and help test, are needed to test a patch of this magnitude. Would you rather a buggy patch be released that could possibly damage the server/economy/game-play? I'm honestly not sure why this is even a worry anyway. You cannot expect Jordan to make and test a patch of this magnitude single-handedly. So this whole, "Oh they get to see it first, so unfair," far-fetched mentality should be left at the door. Patch testing is also part of a GS's job. It's quite a shame that it has even gotten to this point, but I will be banning those who continue to attempt in harassing the testers and bait them into getting in trouble. It's sad, it honestly is, that there always have to be those few who either hate the people so much or are so jealous of them that they'll do whatever they can to attempt to get them in trouble, even if that means trying to bait them into saying information that is already given/or was publicly told and claim it was leaked information. I'm tired guys, mentally and emotionally tired of having to deal with this day in and day out. Screenshot after screenshot of people actually saying, "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' kicked off the test server" or "I'm trying to get 'insert name here' fired". The fact that some of you are even trying to get JORDAN, YOUR DEVELOPER, "fired" is an absolute disgrace. Do you really hate the game that much that'd you'd like to see development come to a complete halt? Honestly, to be as lucky to have someone like Jordan working on Eden only to have some of you attempt to get him fired is just appalling. If it wasn't for him taking the lead, you probably wouldn't have the classes and things you have now. Jordan took the spearhead and went through, guiding/suggesting to Bash how to do the patch before learning and taking it on himself. Its easy to speculate that some may have this hellbent hatred towards Jordan or the other staff because they themselves were not hired. Honestly, if you applied and are now one of these problem people, ask yourself this 1 question: Why would I hire someone who acts like this towards others when they don't get their way? The only person who hires staff and who gets the final say in who is hired is me, myself and I. The last batch of supports that were hired for Eden were completely unknown to the other supports and Jordan, and were ones I chose myself. I'm sick and tired of these petty jealousy games and will be taking complete actions on those who wish to continue to try and play them. I'm done with it guys, so consider this your only warning. I'll be issuing out bans from now on.
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    First scripts have now finished we have a few more to run to clean up certain things. Expect server to be on sometime tomorrow!
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    NosTale Vendetta is coming to VGN! It's been a long time since we announced a new game was in the works (about 10 months actually). But finally we can announce that NosTale is coming to VGN. NosTale was a game I played for a long time between 2004-2007 mainly and I loved every minute of it. I am happy to release this game on VGN and it's going to be great developing once again. NOTE: This is not our official announcement. We will be announcing the game closer to launch with pretty images and the usual. We're just informing our player base right now so they don't get confused with changes around the website. When will you be releasing? I am hoping to have the server online next week or even this week if things go to plan. Either way you guys can login and play NosTale within the next 14 days for sure! The launch however will be in a beta status (approximately 2-4 weeks long) this does mean we will be wiping after. That doesn't mean you guys shouldn't come and play. We are planning a reward service based on activity so the more you play the more cool perks you will receive once we actually launch. Alongside starter packs and basic beta pack we will be offering a lot of cool items for those who are being active. The system will become available on the website a little after we launch for beta so you can understand it more. Will you be hiring staff? We will 110% be hiring new staff. My experience with the games current status is not so good so having someone who knows the game more will be a big plus. We will be hiring during beta so we can start customizing the server for launch. Applications will not be available. We will be picking active players out during the beta who stand out with a nice attitude and show activity with helpful suggestions. Of course those players will be audited before we decide but the sooner we find people the better. Is this another emulator? Hell NO! This is the real deal. This is the real files there will be no incomplete emulator services here we are offering the game like it is on official. Fully working skills, services, dungeons, raids and everything else. This does not mean people should stop supporting the emulator servers they are doing a great job and we do not want to be treading on peoples feet we are simply here to bring a new server to our network and of a game standard I love. What content are we to expect? VGN has always thrived on custom content. Check out our EE, SB and TS server all of which are doing perfectly fine and in their own direction. We listen to the communities input and we execute what we agree on. You're more than welcome to submit as many suggestions as you want and we can meet in the middle. Official is very P2W will it be the same here? As stated above all suggestions are welcome and we will do everything we can to ensure there is no heavy p2w content. If there is we will make sure players get an equal chance in obtaining. We like to keep everyone on the same level. Donators are more than welcome to spend their money but our focus is always gameplay. We believe that in all of our games and if you take a look there is a fine balance. Screenshots? We will be proving screenshots and such very soon over the coming week. This page is only an announcement to the VGN playerbase this is not a public announcement as of now. I hope this news comes well to many and I can't wait to begin launching this game and getting in game with you all! Thanks!
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    Hey everyone! Sorry for the wait on this but the Name Change system is now available for players! All you have to do is the following: Have 5,000 VGN Points on your account. Create a ticket with the following information: Then wait till maintenance for the request to be completed! NOTE: You may only submit a name change for a character that belongs to you! We know everyone has been eagerly asking us to launch this so we've decided to begin processing these from now on. Thank you!
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    Hey Guys, I've recently been informed of an issue involving a possible dupe been found in game. I will be investigating this asap and hopefully have the servers back online soon. Bad Timing tbh... I am currently not able to work not for another 1-2 days so the servers will be offline for at least 2 days until I can get back to my PC and begin working. Any information that can help speed up the process (I am talking technical information not just names I well aware of who is doing what) will be greatly appreciated. Spamming Tickets Do not spam our ticket system. Please keep notifications forum related only creating more work for us just prolongs the situation. Rollback Most definitely expect a rollback of some sort so we can restore the damage done to the server. To what extent I do not know but I will keep everyone updated. Chatbox Offline I've switched the chatbox offline on our forums to avoid spam and useless comments. Thanks for your patience.
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    Just an update on this: The scripts are still running on the server to delete all the duped items. Unfortunately with over 1 million items that need to be verified by this script as being legit non-duped items, it's not as quick as we'd like and had thought it to be. We do not expect it to be finished till sometime tomorrow.
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    Major Changes: Added new awaken classes for "Dragon Knight" and "Luminary". Added new 5 player dungeon "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new 25 player raid "Dragon Slaying Expedition - Stormy Ridge". Added level 95 weapons to the previous level 95 trials. Added new awaken level 95 armors. Added new quests, used for obtaining the level 95 armors. Added new trophies that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new guild town statues that can be obtained from <Lost Spirit> Arvad in Aven. Added new special gems that can be obtained from "4 Trials of the Dimension". Added new racial crafting for level 95 (for all races). Added new gathering tools and gathered materials for level 95. Doubled all levels of class stress weekly performance (Allows all classes to gain more CCM) General Changes: Added level 95 crafting items (Essence, Stardust and Heart flame). Added several arcane box formulas. You can now re-roll DoD weapons for another chance at a different percentage. You can also re-roll level 95 weapons for another chance at a different percentage. Added new NPC in aven <Blueprint Seller> Elika who sells many different custom guild town merchants. Converted all missing prime star stones and luna rocks from legendary to prime. Added greatsword, Sword and Rapier to the Oberon 3 piece combination. Added level 95 gem formulas to the gem merchant. Added new Reaper Luna Rock's. Buffed movement speed on the Fantasy Dragon to legendary standard. Added Inquisitor path of destiny buff. Dimension of Souls bosses now give achievements and channel announcements when killed. Added more quests to <Soul Trader>Shyman for easier hand ins. Updated the Archive with all new gears, pets, costumes and mounts. Awaken Knight quest item can no longer be sold. Wedding items Extravagant Engagement Ring and Wedding Reception Coupon can now be discarded. Added 3 more honor titles (Ones that give stats without being worn) New Cosmetics Added! Head Gear Back Gear Body Gear Weapons Mounts Bug Fixes: Fixed several archive bugs. Fixed bug with Luisaka's Swift Ring. Fixed bug with Blisterbreeze's Sythesis Ring Fixed a small bug with custom bosses and auto pathing Fixed Damage scaling of Temple Warcry Gem Fixed buff of Holy - Guillaume's Soul Essence Fixed buff of Holy - Ram Blood's Goreclaw Fixed debuff of Oathblade necklace Fixed Awaken Blade Dancer's glyph icon. Fixed the class expertise of Assassin and Kage to give the right bonuses Fixed Luminary path of destiny buff's description and icon. Fixed portal bug in Valley of Kings to Wetlands. Fixed the tandem bug on the Ocean Fun Itasha mount Fixed the nameless pet Fox Spirit Inari Translated buff on the Royal Heart Palanquin mount. Fixed Typo's on the following: Balance Changes: Rifleteer skill "Holy - Illusory Phantom" now gives immunity Small Luminary changes to prevent it one hitting 100% of the time Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent skill fail Small Dragon Knight changes to prevent having permanent 60% damage reduction with no way of removing it Minor changes to both "Shake Sonar Study" and "Staggering Blow" certificate to make them more comparable (not one being better than the other in every way) Enjoy the patch everyone!
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    ✞ Adonai of Elohim Cloak✞ IGN: Mikotato "As the dark , dark night, a silent evil hosts an evil purpose. Thirsting to take his underworld like a heart in solitude, you can embody the will of the goddess who lies in this cloak and so purify the darkness."
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    Any information anyone has on how the hack works we will be rewarding people for it. You're gonna be banned either way and your hack is gonna be fixed so why not benefit from it and come forward? We might be lenient and allow you to continue playing. Remember the last kid? Where is he now? You can become as irrelevant as him very quickly or you can benefit by cooperating with us and saving us time. Thanks
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    Staff have been decided. Please welcome the following players to our NosTale GS Team! Rippes Pandemonia carlospok Lucy Leeyum friends111 Kiwo
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    Here is a more direct set guide (in case this is what you are looking for): Great Elemental Guardian Set Great Elemental Guardian's Helmet - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Great Elemental Guardian's Armor - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Great Elemental Guardian's Belt - Natalia (Graylin) Great Elemental Guardian's Gauntlets - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Great Elemental Guardian's Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater) Grim Bahemoth Set Grim Bahemoth's Helmet - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Grim Bahemoth's Armor - Yagi (Kahlo Tower), Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Grim Bahemoth's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Grim Bahemoth's Gauntlets - Forsinol (Graylin) Grim Bahemoth's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon Set Chaotic Dragon's Helmet - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon's Armor - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower), Lino (Rheutear Temple) Chaotic Dragon's Belt - Taipan (Meteor Crater) Chaotic Dragon's Gloves - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Chaotic Dragon's Boots - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus Set Flame Cerberus's Hat - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Flame Cerberus's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Lino (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus's Belt - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Flame Cerberus's Bracers - Natalia (Graylin) Flame Cerberus's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Wicked Necromancer Set Wicked Necromancer's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Brigandine - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin), Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Wicked Necromancer's Gloves - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Wicked Necromancer's Leather Boots - Luala (Meteor Crater) Swift Hound Set Swift Hound's Leather Hat - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Swift Hound's Brigandine - Aelius (Graylin), Luala (Meteor Crater) Swift Hound's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin) Swift Hound's Gloves - Lendar (Rheutear Temple) Swift Hound's Leather Boots - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Tempest Enchanter Set Tempest Enchanter's Crown - Aelius (Graylin) Tempest Enchanter's Brigandine - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Tempest Enchanter's Belt - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Tempest Enchanter's Gloves - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Tempest Enchanter's Leather Boots - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Elemental Voodoo Set Elemental Voodoo Master's Hat - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Elemental Voodoo Master's Brigandine - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Elemental Voodoo Master's Belt - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Elemental Voodoo Master's Gloves - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Elemental Voodoo Master's Leather Boots - Lilli (Meteor Crater) Infernal Pyromancer Set Infernal Pyromancer's Crown - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Infernal Pyromancer's Robe - Aelius (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Infernal Pyromancer's Belt - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Infernal Pyromancer's Gloves - Natalia (Graylin) Infernal Pyromancer's Boots - Seven (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet Set Divine Prophet's Crown - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet's Robe - Forsinol (Graylin), Taipan (Meteor Crater) Divine Prophet's Belt - Aelius (Graylin) Divine Prophet's Gloves - Bel-chandra (Kahlo Tower) Divine Prophet's Boots - Natalia (Graylin) Frost Spellbinder Set Frost Spellbinder's Crown - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Frost Spellbinder's Robe - Bel-chandra(Kahlo Tower), Luala (Meteor Crater) Frost Spellbinder's Belt - LAB-TR-000 (Graylin) Frost Spellbinder's Gloves - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Frost Spellbinder's Boots - Forsinol (Graylin) Warrior Skull Smasher - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Fierce Impact - Natalia (Graylin) Warrior's Blade - Luala (Meteor Crater) Skull Cracker - Aelius (Graylin) Warrior's Soul - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Sword of the Forgotten - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Broken Blade - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Demon's Club - Seven (Kahlo tower) Knight Holy Knight's Blade - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Holy Knight's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar) Queen's Protector - Natalia (Graylin) Queen's Savior - Aelius (Graylin) Templar Templar's Justice - Forsinol (Graylin) Templar's Honor - Lendar (Rheutear Templar) Great Blood Knight's Axe - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Great Blood Knight's Katana - Aelius (Graylin) Great Blood Knight's Spear - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Great Blood Knight's Sword - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Paladin's Protection - Taipan (Meteor Crater) Dragon Knight Ultimate Dragon Tamer - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Spear of the Dragon Hunter - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Spear of the Dragon Slayer - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) King's Lance - Luala (Meteor Crater) Thief Neck Shredder - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Air Cutter - Luala (Meteor Crater) Martial Artist Iron Fist - Natalia (Graylin) Five Sided Fistagon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Blade Dancer Sword of Elegance - Forsinol (Graylin) Rhythmic Dance - Bel-Chandra (Kahlo Tower) Samurai Tachi - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Tsubari - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Hunter Hunter's Mark - Forsinol (Graylin) Engineer Annihilation Cannon - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Magic Cannon - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Ranger Celestial Bow - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Ranger's Pistol - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Inquisitor Doomsday Scythe - Lino (Rheutear Temple) Magician Great Magician's Staff - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Illusionist Great Grimoire of Illusions - LAB-TR-00 (Graylin) Warlock Unholy Staff of the Banished Warlock - Michelano (Kahlo Tower) Rules of Unholy Truths - Seven (Kahlo tower) Luminary Blade of the Holy Chaos Knight - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Sword of the Darkest Magic - Stonmo (Meteor Crater) Rapier of Chaos - Seven (Kahlo tower) Cleric Holy Cleric's Mace - Luala (Meteor Crater) Holy Cleric's Scepter - Lillli (Meteor Crater) Justice Staff - Taipan (Meteor Crater) Holy Rules - Aelius (Graylin) Bard Songs of Compassion - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Demonic Riffs - Sachiel (Rheutear Temple) Shaman Nature Mace - Natalia (Graylin) Nature's Power - Wanda (Rheutear Temple) Sage Mace of Justice - Yagi (Kahlo Tower) Holy Hammer - Wanda (Rheutear Temple)
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    Hello to all, I am the first participant of this competition Here is my interpretation of the theme: IGN Name : Origami, Guild "Chocolat" Bonjour à tous, Je suis donc la première participante de ce concours Voici mon interprétation du thème
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    Event Changes: - Valentines Day Event has now ended! Systems Anti-Theft System Trophy System Raids - All raids now reward players with a raidbox despite your character level being higher. - You can no longer bring alts into a raid. - Raids no longer require 5 members to open the raid. - You can no longer use the skill "Heaven Song" in Desert Robber Raid. - Increased chances to obtain Draco's Claw & Glacerus' Mane inside Erenia Raid Box. Act 4 - You can now recall back to your miniland using Bell of Sweet Home within the Citadel on act 4. - Disabled the use of the following items in act 4 maps: Inventory & Equipment - Characters can now hold twice as much gold! (Max is now 2kkk). - Increased the stack amount of items from 99 to 999. NOTE: You can only sell a maximum of 99 items per transaction. - Slightly improved +8 upgrade rate for equipment. - Item Fixed rate has been reduced slightly for both Specialist and Equipment. - New custom stats added to the game: Item Rework - The following items have had the following reworks: General Changes: - When penalized by a GS your character (additional to other penalties) can no longer Trade, buy/sell in NosBazaar, Drop Items, Buy Items, Open a Shop or add to Guild Stash. This was added to prevent bots from trading their items they gain to their main whilst botting before they're banned permanently. - Revamped GS mute command so when a player is muted they can only not speak in game. NOTE: You can however only PM GS and GM's. All other chat features are revoked! - Rement has been replaced with Ismatte and Tallion on the following maps: - Updated Fenrir item information. - Increased the amount of items each map can contain before it begins deleting items from the map. - All Time Space's that had a level limit on them have been removed. Item Mall Changes: - Added "Trophy Upgrade" to the Item Mall. Bug Fixes: - Fixed Fenrir name not showing up for some players. - Fixed several bugs causing channels to crash. - Fixed a bug causing players to disconnect randomly on the Ship of act 4. - Fixed banners in-game.
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    PvP Mode Changes Starting with the most important information there is a new schedule for PvP game modes and times when they open and close. Here is the new schedule: Note: These are based on server time which can be viewed on the main website or ask a GS if stuck. You might have noticed 3v3 is not on the schedule and that is because 3v3 is now permanently open all day (there is a slight closure at midnight for 1 minute 23:59 till 00:00, but that shouldn't cause much of a problem). Territory War Territory's will no longer reset at maintenance. Territory's will now take place twice a week (look bellow for more information). Crystal's have been made harder to cap. Note: HP has not been changed. Now grants 15% extra DMG reduction. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Crystal Island Battlefield: <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now deal more damage. <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now be harder to kill. Flurry Gem Battlefield: Totem buff "Snowy King" now deals damage fit for the current state of the game. Totem buff " Snowy King" new makes you immune to being transformed. Guild vs Guild Crystal HP has be increased by +50%. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Elysian Island PvP HP has been increased to TW standards. Friendly fire within your own party is now disabled (No more accidently killing your healer). Note: Currently a number of AoE skills still hit your party and I will be attempting to fix this at a later date. Changed the reflect "Gallop Peeper" to Physical Resistance. Changed the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to be used as many time as the player likes and requires you to be level 79 or lower. Changed the stats on the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to DMG Dealt, DMG Taken and Move SPD. Fixed the Boss Spawning so they always spawn. 3v3 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. 10v10 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Monster Battle Arena No changes to this mode currently. Deserted Island Survival Currently Disable due to large un-popularity (basically has never been queued in 3 years) Will be made into a new PvP gametype next patch. Sakura Island PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Territory War Schedule Change Due to their now being 16 territory war's a week instead of the original 10 I had to find compensation for this due to some limitations made against me from increasing the territory car beyond 3. Due to this I found a new way to balance the TW's while preventing the whole "We're capped so we wont go to TW attitude". Now every territory war map will take place twice a weak so there is a total of 8 territory's up for grabs. Here is the schedule for every map and what map it takes place on: Note: This is the regular schedule, certain maps have been replaced in the patch week with the new TW map so that people can test it out more often than usual cause its the first new map in 4 years. The following maps have been replaced FOR THE FIRST WEEK ONLY: Tranquil Hill Battle Goss Mt. Battle Avila Volcano Battle Additional Note: Due to the change in system i decided to double the rewards gained from "Domain Guardian Treasure Box" from the daily salary aswell as add back warstone's back to the box.
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    An update in regards to this. The person behind stealing peoples accounts is this person here: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/members/6585209-systemx64-.html If you have ever registered to any of the servers this person is affiliated with I'd advise you strictly to change your password. We do not return stolen items or anything but the people behind stealing your items and ruining your experience here is this person and whoever else is helping him. It is just plain stupid and rude of them to be doing such actions but they have a bitter jealous grudge against our accomplishment and are wanting to ruin this for you all. This shows bad practice of information handling and I'd advise you all to keep away from the servers this person is involved in. In fact because of OpenNos being so open I'd advise you to keep away from any of the new servers coming up that is OpenNos based. It is to my own knowledge people are deliberately placing servers online now to just steal your information and benefit here. That being said it is always advised never to use duplicate information such as accounts and passwords on any website, email service and even here. You do not know the people handling your information and as you guys can tell they will use it against you! Thanks for your time!
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    Vendetta Gaming Network is proud to announce it's new global event system! What is a Global Event System? The Global Event System is an event system designed to reward players for participating in all events hosted by us here at VGN. Anyone is welcome to join in on an event and if successful will be rewarded an Event Point which can be spent on the game they play! What is an Event Point? An Event Point is a currency that can be used on the Event Box system of each website. Simple visit the game website you wish to spend the point(s) on: Eden Eternal Event Page Scarlet Blade Event Page NosTale Event Page Once you're on the website you should have an option that looks like this: You will have a % chance at winning one of the main prizes or a common prize depending on the game you selected! How do I obtain Event Points? Event Points will be given by Support Members and GM's who are hosting events. These are our new reward we will be giving players instead of items. Unless stated otherwise event points will be the prize for each event! Can I win a prize for an event from Twin Saga even if I am an Eden Eternal player? That's the whole idea of this system! It does not matter where you are from game wise if you would like to participate in an event from any other game you're more than welcome. The more the merrier! Some in-game events however may require certain levels or tasks so you may need to be a player in order to obtain the event but as for forum events you're more than welcome to join! Will there be more items added in the future? Definitely! We will be changing items as time goes on for sure. But for now the item roster for each game has been decided and will stay as is for quite some time until we add more. We hope this brings good news to everyone and expect a lot of staff events coming very soon!
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    Hey guys just a heads up that our official launch will be Friday 9th June I will be working a lot during next week finalizing more changes for NosTale in time for the launch.