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    Trade Limit has returned: All EXISTING players level 94+38 or higher have automatically skipped the Trade Limit requirements. NOTE: Any new players will have to do the goals as normal. Only existing players could skip this. Any existing players that were not 94+38 also must do all the goals. Upon levelling to 20, 40, 60, 80 and 90 you will be reminded to claim your Level Up package from Armored Bash. Increased the drop rate of the following items: Increased the gathering rate to 100% for the following items: Cooldown of skill "Capture" has been reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash over the weekend.
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    Major Changes Kage Rework! It's finally here, I hope people enjoy it as it provides all new and fresh gameplay with a truly unique class design. Defense Cap has been reduced from 70% to 50%. Note: Experimental Change, after some revision of PDPS classes one of the main problems I came across was that they have to go through 1 extra step compared MDPS classes. So I made this change to hopefully make that step easier and will likely balance some classes that become too strong from this change once we see them in full scale PvP. However, this can be reverted if found to be a bad change. Elemental Resistance vs PDPS skills is now capped at 50%. This change only affects classes that can change their elemental damage (Annihilator and Kage). Their damage vs 70 resistance will limited to 50 just like if someone had 70 pierce. Note: This does not have any effect on MDPS classes and this has been tested heavily. Changed some server side values relating to skill casting and skill range to make skills react more fluently. This should mean "Target Too Far" should be a less frequent problem. Note: This does not mean classes have extra range. Note: This mainly affects Holy Blade and Physical DPS Classes. Captcha has been disabled on all Battle Maps. Dimension of Souls Alternate Dimension of Souls The Battle of Time and Space Devastation Dimension Vingot Lab Minor Changes Badge of Honor now works on Awakening Classes. Class Master Crystal Gem now works on Awakening Classes. Cosmetic Additions Mounts Azure Foxfire Kitsune Crimson Foxfire Kitsune *NEW* Wigs Metamorphosis Hairdo Assassin's Coiffure Hallowed Radiant Wings Hairdo There is a small problem when fully zoomed in to this costume that makes it disappear. I will try to fix this for a later patch. Fine Templar Archmage Hairdo There is a small problem when fully zoomed in to this costume that makes it disappear. I will try to fix this for a later patch. Metamorphosis Dance Hairdo Imperial War Coiffure Ice Queen Hairdo Ice King Hairdo Cute Bear Hairdo Custom Spirit Samurai Hairdo Gear Changes Neck Shredder now grants M-ATK on its base. Neck Shredder now grants M-CRIT on its affect. Neck Shredder Skill Bonuses for Kage Updated. Air Cutter now grants M-ATK on its base. Air Cutter Skill Bonuses for Kage Updated. Holy - Boomerang Dagger now grants M-CRIT on its base. Hallowed Slicer now grants M-ATK on its base. Hallowed Slicer now grants M-ATK on its affect. Satanic Slasher now grants M-ATK on its base. Satanic Slasher now grants M-ATK on its affect. Balance Changes Beserker: Skill, Ram: Removed Cooldown. Glacier Knight Class Talent, Duty: Now gives 4% Healing instead of 5% Healing. Blood Knight Passive, Iron Will: Now gives +20% DMG Dealt instead of 10%. Paladin Skill, Light - Divine Shield: Upon deactivation, Movement SPD reduction is now 30% instead of 50% and duration is 2 seconds instead of 3 seconds. Dragon Soul Class Talent, Dragon Wagging Tail: Increased from 4% DMG to 6% DMG. Class Talent, Dragon Potential: Increased from 4% to 6% DMG. Class Talent, Dragon Armor: Stacks 10 times instead of 5 times. Dragon Emperor Skill, Dragon Wing Bash: Damage Over Time affect lowered from 25% to 15%. Skill, Dragon Emperor Leadership: Primary P-ATK / M-ATK Lowered from 40% to 30%. Skill, Dragon Emperor Leadership: Secondary P-ATK / M-ATK Lowered from 20% to 15%. Assassin Skill, Sudden Stab: DMG Dealt lowered from 75% to 70%. Note: Holy Skill is unchanged. Rakshasa Passive, Cestus Expert: Now grants +20% Cast SPD. Elegant Dancer Skill, Swift Dance: MP Cost changed from 3% to 2%. Blade Master Skill, Raging River: MP Cost changed from 3% to 2%. Trainer Skill, Survival of the Fittest: Duration increased from 15 seconds to 25 seconds. Misc, Class Pets: Have been given more damage reduction. Devil Hunter Skill, Stealth: Can now be used in Combat. Skill, Stealth: Cooldown of 10 seconds added. Passive, Bow Expert: Now grants +10% DMG Dealt. Mecha Ares Class Talent: Grenade Burst now grants +2% DMG. Class Talent: Improved Fist: Increased from 3% DMG to 5% DMG. Class Talent: Electromagnetic Radiation: Increased from 3% DMG to 5% DMG. Lethal Arrow Skill, Lethal War Cry: Accuracy Reduction has been reduced by 25%. Reaver Skill, Final Destination: Duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds. Time Manipulator Skill, Time Freeze: Base M-ATK has been increased. Skill, Galactic Contortion: Base M-ATK has been increased. Conjurer Skill, Thunder Burst: Range increased from 10 meters to 15 meters. Adjudicator Talent, Boundless Light: Now gives 5% Healing instead of 4%. Druid Skill, Monkey Morph: Cooldown changed from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Totem Master Misc, Class Totems: Blessing Totem and Grace Totem have been given more damage reduction. Angel of Justice Skill, Heaven's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Skill, Demon's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Skill, King's Hammer: Now Deals Double Hit DMG. Major Bug Fixes Fixed the Blade Master Combo Problems, all combos should work correctly. Fixed the issue where Invisibility skills would not work when in combat with a player/monster over level 100. Fixed the issue of players who are in the next day could not find the ongoing Territory War due to their Time Zone. Fixed an exploit used to avoid the Captcha Check. Minor Bug Fixes Fixed the Anuran Paladin Passive. Fixed the costume "Treasure: Hallow's Yukata Garb" on Anuran's. Fixed the costume "UltraMech Bluejet Wings" on Male Halfkins. Fixed the costume "Magic Energy Wings" on Male Halfkins. Text Fixes Fixed the description of the Druid Class Expertise. Fixed the description of the Achievement "Pike King". Fixed the description of the Pet Pray "Magic Energy". Fixed the description of the Item "Eternal CP Talisman I". Fixed the description of the Item "Eternal CP Talisman II". Fixed Various Things Regarding... Quick Explanation, as many of you know some content more than others from our custom content was causing people with who did not have a SSD in their computer would have a high chance of getting an Alpaca Box when in the rendering range of the custom content in question. This was apparent mainly from the new custom Senshi pets from Twin Saga and the old monster in Viroona before I replaced them with EE models. I have figured a way to prevent this issue and have gone back and performed the fix on every model in the game. Although we've tested this fix and have proven it to be effective this does not mean you will never Alpaca again, as Alpaca is just an error catcher and anything in the game can cause it. If you suspect this fix to be ineffective please tell me what you think caused the Alpaca and I will investigate the problem. Thank you. Pets Koharu: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Aflallo: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Fina: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Aryn: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Shirley: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Nerokas: Fixed Animations, Added Sounds, Added Emotes and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Mounts Ostrich: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Demir (Alucard): Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Red Flame Divine Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Midnight Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Daybreak Unicorn: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Evil Dragon Gram: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Shadow Hyena: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ethereal Wolf: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Golden Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Fiery Chubby Birdy: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Blue Dragon Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Crimson Dragon Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Rock Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Stoneskin Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Steelskin Gigant: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Blizzard Iron Wolf: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Lavender Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Iceback Beakis: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Added Space Emote and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Quetzalcoatl: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Strawberry Bunny: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Pudding Bunny: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Shadow Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Glacial Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Divine Dragon: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Wicked Shadow Midnight Lion: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Heavenly Silver Griffin: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Infernal Plum Griffin: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Imperial Guardian: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Moonlight Panther: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Arrakin Wolf: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Viridescent Flaming Phoenix: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Amethyst Soul Puma: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Onyx Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ruby Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Amethyst Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Pyrite Mirage Dragon: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Coral Turtle: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Ice Soul Puma: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Energized Armored Kaiju: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Abyssal Armored Kaiju: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Snowy Shiba Inu: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Sooty Shiba Inu:Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Ares' Crimson Combat Machine: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Ares' Black Combat Machine: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Jet Black Sportbike: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Fixed Sidewalking Animation and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Racing White Sportbike: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds, Fixed Sidewalking Animation and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Gray Kitty: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Flushed Kitty: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Dark Knight Alpaca: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. White Knight Alpaca: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Sacred Dragon Warrior: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Dark Sabretooth Wings: Walk Animation Speed and Added Sounds. Alabaster Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Crimson Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Obsidian Haetae: Walk Animation Speed, Added Sounds and Fixed Alpaca Problem. Monsters Fixed all monsters Alpaca Problem excluding Sachiel, Sachiel the fix broke so unfortunately he will have to remain how he is. NPC's Fixed all NPC's in the games Alpaca Problem. Thank you for taking the time to read to the end! Enjoy Your Day!
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    Information Finally we're ready to release what we've had planned for you for the past few months. We've taken a new approach into obtaining the new gear so any feedback on this approach and improvements for future content we'd much appreciate. The next direction for this server will be to re-assess the PvP and in particular around the DMG Dealt and DMG Taken buffs and debuffs. We are also planning some changes relating to Dragon Emperor. More information on that later. For any feedback please comment here: New Content Haven of Oblivion Overview Haven of Oblivion brings 3 new dungeons on a daily rotation, containing new Trophies and new Weapons to be collected. Each dungeon in the Haven of Oblivion collection contains a total of 3 randomly selected bosses from a pool of 11 bosses who drop Essences that can be transformed into various different weapons. There is a total of 6 essences and the bosses have varying amounts of said essences. Speak with Gogo in Aven (X:213, Y:253) to get started! Haven of Oblivion: Ruin of Ages This dungeon is open on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday! To access this dungeon speak with Melody in Gemsis Ridge (X:417, Y:146)! Haven of Oblivion: Icecrown Altar This dungeon is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! To access this dungeon speak with Yui in Shiver Peak (X:124, Y:86)! Haven of Oblivion: Royal Trove This dungeon is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday! To access this dungeon speak with Emilia in Tranquil Hill (X:430, Y:348)! Essence System Essences are Tradable so you can swap them with other players or sell them for profit. As previously mentioned weapons are not dropped in Haven of Oblivion but are crafted via Essences that are dropped from the various bosses. Faded Essence which can be used for Pikes, Hammers and Staffs. Burnt Essence which can be used for Daggers, Swords and Rapiers. Clean Essence which can be used for Bows, Guns and Sickleshots. Frozen Essence which can be used for Cestus, Katanas and Shields. Aged Essence which can be used for Clubs, Greatswords and Axes. Cynical Essence which can be used for Guitars, Grimoires and Maces. There is two ways to use essences to create weapons. The first being that you can simply fuse the essences using the Arcane Box to create a random weapon out of the pool above. These weapons are automatically bound when recieved. The second being that you can get formula's from Gogo in-order-to craft weapons using foundrys which will grant you a Bind on Equip weapon and an Achievement. However, in addition to the above essences you will also require a Blent Essence which can be created by putting an Esssence of any type in the Arcane Box. Note: Crafting one of each weapon will grant you the Honor Title "Haven's Collector" which grants you permenant Move SPD +5%. Driver System Weapons are now locked at 100% upon being create using the Essence system. So in order to increase your weapon to 120% you will need to collect a couple pieces of each weapon. Each weapon can be converted using the Arcane Box into a Specific Weapon Driver that is used to upgrade a weapon of the same kind. Each driver will increase the target weapons % by 5%, this would mean you would need to collect 4 additional weapons to max out your current weapon. Note: You do not lose any fortifications, gems, etc. when using a driver on your weapon. Trophies Following the feedback on the previous content and their Upgradable Trophies we have aimed to expand on this. You can get a quest from Gogo that when completed gives you a formula to upgrade your Trophies. Note: If you complete all trophy quests and successfully craft all the Trophy's you will recieve the Honor Title "Eternal Oblivion" which grants you permenant Max HP +500 pts. Changes Pet's can no longer be used in battle during 3v3 and 10v10 arena. Increased <Pirate Leader> One-Eye Roger's HP. Awaken Hammer "The Messiah" now activates on both Attacks and Casts. Content Quality Upgrades Blazeblight Cestus custom colours have been improved. Note: A new Pink version and Yellow version has been added! Improved the visual quality of the following maps: Viroona City Ruins Guardians Valley Battlefield Gates of Pandemonium Whispering Woods Singing Valley Roaming Hills Crystal Utopia Dragonside Ridge Ruins of Ages Dragons Keep Palace of Dreams Improved the visual quality of the following pets: Winged Goddess & Humble Goddess Magic Sorceress Isolde & Robust Sorceress Isolde Magic Christmas Lumikki & Robust Christmas Lumikki Magic Summer Nidhogg & Robust Summer Nidhogg Magic Lumikki & Robust Lumikki Magic Kitami & Robust Kitami Magic Tyr & Robust Tyr Magic Zephyrine & Robust Zephyrine Magic Izanami & Robust Izanami Magic Amaterasu & Robust Amaterasu Magic Sif & Robust Sif Magic Michaela & Robust Michaela Fixed the weapons of the following pets Magic Cherry Blossom Hana & Robust Cherry Blossom Hana Magic Shieldmaiden Gaia & Robust Shieldmaiden Gaia Improved the visual quality of the following head costumes: Kitty Cat Hat Naughty Kitty Hat Royal Kitty Hat Note: Fixed the position of the Human Female version. Improved the visual quality of the following mounts: Guardian Dragon - White Haze Sacred Crystalline Dragon Tangerine - Court Maid Cat Ebony - Noble Duke Cat Fireworks - Sushi Master Cat Crimson Squad - Cute Tiger Officer Shadow Squad - Cute Tiger Officer Revered Commander - Kitami General New Cosmetics Ice Crystal Staff & Dark Crystal Staff from Aura Kingdom. Blue Bunny Scissors & Pink Bunny Scissors from Twin Saga. Devil's Trident from Twin Saga. Recolours of Fireworks Koi Pinwheel from Twin Saga. Now available in Blue, Silver, Gold, Purple and Pink. Recolours of Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel from Twin Saga. Now available in Black, Golden, Pink, Red and Amethyst. Recolours of Winter's Curse Cestus from Twin Saga. Now available in Pink, Golden, Silver, Purple, Red and Green. Recolours of the pet Magic Flower Melody. Hydrangea Fairy Melody Spider Lily Fairy Melody Bellflower Fairy Melody Recolours of the pet Magic Golden Yuuki. Sakura Blossom Yuuki Kanagawa Wave Yuuki Sweet Matcha Yuuki Recolours of the pet Sakuya-Hime. Joyful Sakuya-Hime Anxious Sakuya-Hime Gloomy Sakuya-Hime Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where Guild Arena ranks where not being reset. Note: This change will not be felt until this weekends reset. Pet Skill "Guardian Angel" is now a buff and not a debuff. Test Fix for Elysian Island Bosses, they should now spawn properly. Text Updates Bard Class Talent "Pop Style" effect. Support Class Skill "Prevention" buff text. Human Support Class Skill "Snub" buff text. Costume "Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Prime)" name. Costume "Fluffy Kitty Claws" description. Item "Enchanted Storm Soul Necklace" effect. Item "Divine Protection Blessing" effect. Item "Almighty Cape" effect. Item "Acilino's Fang" effect. Item "Tyrant Fear" effect. Item "Tyrant Night" effect. Item "Dark Impulse Cape" effect. Item "Bloodthirst Fanatic Cape" effect. Item "Resurrection" effect. Item "Jala's Execution Decree" effect. Item "Ulicul's Love Charm" effect. Gem "Off-Hand Gem: Ancient Demon" effect. Gem "1H Gem: Infernal Soul" effect. Level 65 Gold Armor Set Bonus Improvements. Level 63 Orange Armor Set Bonus Improvements. Armor Set Bonus "Iron Mind" Improvements. Armor Set Bonus "Redemption" Improvements. Armor Set Bonus "Ancient Shield" Improvements. Updated the Quest Item "Beast Trap Clamp" to contain the correct coordinates. Note: Quest: L61. Grounded (REP). Item "Blueprint: Magic Shield Crafting Skill" materials. Item "Blueprint: Ancient Magic Machine Wreckage" materials. Item "Formula: Athena's Spirit" materials. Item "Formula: Mars's Secret" materials. Item "Blueprint: Flame Lion Soul" materials. Item "Blueprint: Holy Law's Touch" materials. Item "Blueprint: Soul King's Golden Gloves" materials. Item "Blueprint: Guardian Ring" materials. Guild Statue "Rikerine's Bloom" effect and description. Guild Statue "Holy Glass Tree" effect and description. Guild Statue "Blooming Melody" effect and description. Guild Statue "Holy Crystal Light Tree" effect and description. Enjoy!
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    Vendetta Gaming Network is proud to announce it's new global event system! What is a Global Event System? The Global Event System is an event system designed to reward players for participating in all events hosted by us here at VGN. Anyone is welcome to join in on an event and if successful will be rewarded an Event Point which can be spent on the game they play! What is an Event Point? An Event Point is a currency that can be used on the Event Box system of each website. Simple visit the game website you wish to spend the point(s) on: Eden Eternal Event Page Scarlet Blade Event Page Eden Eternal [Classic] Event Page Once you're on the website you should have an option that looks like this: You will have a % chance at winning one of the main prizes or a common prize depending on the game you selected! How do I obtain Event Points? Event Points will be given by Support Members and GM's who are hosting events. These are our new reward we will be giving players instead of items. Unless stated otherwise event points will be the prize for each event! Can I win a prize for an event from Twin Saga even if I am an Eden Eternal player? That's the whole idea of this system! It does not matter where you are from game wise if you would like to participate in an event from any other game you're more than welcome. The more the merrier! Some in-game events however may require certain levels or tasks so you may need to be a player in order to obtain the event but as for forum events you're more than welcome to join! Will there be more items added in the future? Definitely! We will be changing items as time goes on for sure. But for now the item roster for each game has been decided and will stay as is for quite some time until we add more. We hope this brings good news to everyone and expect a lot of staff events coming very soon!
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    having a nice time with my cpl in the sea of Tranqui Hill, Midori & fLizzah, traditional manual coloring with wood colors IGN: Midori
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    Information Hey everyone, we have a nice mini patch for you today! We're in the middle of developing a bigger patch for you guys but we needed to patch today so I thought I'd throw in some of the changes from the major patch aswell as some bug fixes and other Quality of Life changes. We have some changes planned for Devil Hunter for the upcoming patch too that will surely make the class a lot more fun in PvP! Events Due to the release of Alternate Dragonside Ridge I have decided to give a +100% EXP/CP event for the week. Enjoy running everyone! Event Winners for the Dragonridge Sanctuary Event have had their titles added and will be given out shortly after maintenance. Main Changes Added Alternate Dragonside Ridge, Portal Located at (X:164, Y:276). Note: As per usual, bosses and Quest related NPC's have been removed. Added Dragonridge Sanctuary (Easy Mode). Please provide feedback on this mode! Changes Added Hanga 2.0 who allows trading for x999 Eden Amethyst's. Note: Located at (X:482, Y:462). Increased Monster Stone drop level gap to 15 instead of 10. Increased the drop rate of "Angelic Blood" in Ruins of Ages, Dragon's Keep and Palace of Dreams. Note: In Ruins of Ages and Dragon's Keep the drop amount are additionally doubled. Tripled the Exp given by the following Items: Nature Seeker's Organizer Seeker's Upgraded Organizer Arthur Hammer Basic Mallet Arthur Hammer Select Mallet Arcanum Association Scroll Ancient Arcanum Scroll Sage Stone Preamble Sage Stone Manual Market Research Report Crystal Camel Summary Silver Needle Basic Tool Silver Needle Medial Tool Pyrowind Enchanted Ore Pyrowind Enchanted Ore (Alpha) Amber Eye Apprentice Kit Amber Eye Smith Kit Ancient Spirit Follower Prequel Ancient Spirit Follower Journal Cosmetics Back Items Radiant Butterfly Wings (*New* Event Box Exclusive). Rhodonite Butterfly Wings (*New* Event Box Exclusive). Starry Moonflower Wings. Crimson Moonflower Wings. New Player Changes Added a new Level Up Reward Chest. Vendetta Level 80 Chest. Note: Contain's gear and some custom made equipment to help new players find there footing when they're getting started. Note: These rewards are given to all existing characters too. Bug Fixes Applied a Test fix to Guild Arena Rankings that was randomly resetting itself during the week. Note: Let me know if it continues after this point. Removed Amaterasu's 3rd Skill as it was causing Alpaca's while running Crystal Utopian Realm. You can now gain CCM while using Blockade Jewel. After fishing for a while you will no longer randomly sit down and cancel fishing. Fixed the base stats on the item "Mysterious Dream Monarch Eyepatch (Legendary)". Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Amplifier Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Minus Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Magic Elimination Gem Lv8. Fixed the material cost of crafting INT Plus Gem Lv8. Fixed the following items when you have more than 75000 fame: Nature Seeker's Organizer Seeker's Upgraded Organizer Arthur Hammer Basic Mallet Arthur Hammer Select Mallet Arcanum Association Scroll Ancient Arcanum Scroll Sage Stone Preamble Sage Stone Manual Market Research Report Crystal Camel Summary Silver Needle Basic Tool Silver Needle Medial Tool Pyrowind Enchanted Ore Pyrowind Enchanted Ore (Alpha) Amber Eye Apprentice Kit Amber Eye Smith Kit Ancient Spirit Follower Prequel Ancient Spirit Follower Journal Text Fixes Updated the Character Password Help Dialog to improve clarity. Fixed the name for the Achievement for the weapon "Great Snarl". Fixed the description for the skill "Heaven's Hammer" for Angel of Justice. Fixed the description for the item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Helmet (Prime)". Fixed the description for the item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Suit (Prime)". Fixed the description for the Level 9 Stat potion formula's. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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    Channel 1 player count has been reduced back to 300. Global Speakers have returned to the game. Created the following new stats: Added Zephyr's Calamity wings to the game. Added Zephyr's Vanguard wings to the game. Updated the stats of the following items: Removed Fibi Frosty from Mimic Mystery Box rewards in-game. NosMate Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Partner's Guardian Angel will increase HP to 100% when used. Updated text of certain items that gave wrong information. Improved drop rate of Amon and Lucifer bosses. Martial Artist now has a Trade Limit requirement of 93+30 and 2,500,000 reputation. Fixed a bug that caused Channel 1 to crash this week. Fixed bug where "Huge Monsters" would not drop anything.
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    Hello everyone! With the large wave of new players hitting both of our 2 games, we have decided to update the starter packs again with new goodies inside of them! Both Eden and Scarlet Blade will get these packs and all accounts will be able to claim them again. Some of the additional goodies for Eden Eternal are: Some of the additional goodies for Scarlet Blade are: All items that were originally in the packs are still in there and are still available to claim. All items inside these packs are nontradeable. As a note for an SB pack, please be careful with the class you select. Once you pick a class' pack, we are unable to change the rewards you get from it! Head over to the Event page of your game's website to claim them! https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn https://sb.vendettagn.com/
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    PvP Mode Changes Starting with the most important information there is a new schedule for PvP game modes and times when they open and close. Here is the new schedule: Note: These are based on server time which can be viewed on the main website or ask a GS if stuck. You might have noticed 3v3 is not on the schedule and that is because 3v3 is now permanently open all day (there is a slight closure at midnight for 1 minute 23:59 till 00:00, but that shouldn't cause much of a problem). Territory War Territory's will no longer reset at maintenance. Territory's will now take place twice a week (look bellow for more information). Crystal's have been made harder to cap. Note: HP has not been changed. Now grants 15% extra DMG reduction. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Crystal Island Battlefield: <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now deal more damage. <Capt. of Seaking Crew> Belk will now be harder to kill. Flurry Gem Battlefield: Totem buff "Snowy King" now deals damage fit for the current state of the game. Totem buff " Snowy King" new makes you immune to being transformed. Guild vs Guild Crystal HP has be increased by +50%. Modified the CRIT DMG reduction to 20%. Elysian Island PvP HP has been increased to TW standards. Friendly fire within your own party is now disabled (No more accidently killing your healer). Note: Currently a number of AoE skills still hit your party and I will be attempting to fix this at a later date. Changed the reflect "Gallop Peeper" to Physical Resistance. Changed the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to be used as many time as the player likes and requires you to be level 79 or lower. Changed the stats on the "Pulse Ebulience" buff to DMG Dealt, DMG Taken and Move SPD. Fixed the Boss Spawning so they always spawn. 3v3 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. 10v10 PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Monster Battle Arena No changes to this mode currently. Deserted Island Survival Currently Disable due to large un-popularity (basically has never been queued in 3 years) Will be made into a new PvP gametype next patch. Sakura Island PvP HP matches TW standards. PvP DMG reduction buff added. Territory War Schedule Change Due to their now being 16 territory war's a week instead of the original 10 I had to find compensation for this due to some limitations made against me from increasing the territory car beyond 3. Due to this I found a new way to balance the TW's while preventing the whole "We're capped so we wont go to TW attitude". Now every territory war map will take place twice a weak so there is a total of 8 territory's up for grabs. Here is the schedule for every map and what map it takes place on: Note: This is the regular schedule, certain maps have been replaced in the patch week with the new TW map so that people can test it out more often than usual cause its the first new map in 4 years. The following maps have been replaced FOR THE FIRST WEEK ONLY: Tranquil Hill Battle Goss Mt. Battle Avila Volcano Battle Additional Note: Due to the change in system i decided to double the rewards gained from "Domain Guardian Treasure Box" from the daily salary aswell as add back warstone's back to the box.
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    Hey all, Since this is a hot topic, we wish to address it here so the threads related to this subject stop and we can begin focusing on other areas of the game. We understand some players have concerns on the availability of Safety Stones, we've been assessing the situation for the past few weeks before deciding on any actions. Instead of us doing a whole bunch of changes, we're going to gradually tinker areas in hope it improves the availability of Safety Stones to everyone. Some key areas we've noticed relate to players hoarding these items for future gear being released, the lack of availabilty to non-paying players outside of farming gold for EC and possibly the rates of success these items produce. We've decided on the possible following steps in hope it addresses this subject without causing significant impact to the economy and server. Step 1: Altar Changes We will be amending Altars to allow Viridian Safety Stones to be on a lower prize pool so they become a more common item for everyone. It is common practice that a lot of players purchase EC either with AP or gold so we believe it is good to start here first. Step 2: Safety Stone Wipes If Step 1 has not improved the availability of these items, we will have to take other measures. We believe the possibility of wiping Safety Stones before each gear patch will stop players hoarding said items and make them available to everyone within the market. Step 3: Further Availability We may eventually be forced to make said items more available in other areas of the game (i.e. Dungeons, Quests etc). We've discussed many times many options on how to possibly do this but restrictions are near impossible due to Items being tradeable and achiveable so alt abuse is huge and defeats the purpose of the efforts. We are beginning with step 1 in hope it improves. It is important to remember that right now Safety Stones seem a lot lower due to Jordan's mess up on their availability in the Altar this week and the fact new Trial gear is available tomorrow. People are stocking up in efforts for the new gear which is understandable. How did we get here? Initially we overlooked the fact that players would hoard for future content, our calculations were based on a flourishing market which backlashed against us. I've stated the amount of Safety Stones available in-game right now that players hold and there are more than enough to go around so in terms of the item being produced to the game it's enough, we just have to find ways to spread them. Initially our ideas were to make a daily dungeon but that came with many obstacles, we can't just make the Stones untradeable either as alts and archives exist. We've made it clear from the start that we didn't intend on doing the things we do on Awaken as what's the point in having Awaken server aside from extra custom content and Awakened Classes? Our angle is to not make it 2 dungeon runs and done, we spend months doing content to then be complete in a few days and that's not what we're aiming to achieve here at Classic. You all asked for lower rates remember and with that came challenges we need to all face. This is important to remember that we're not doing this to spite any of you. I've spent a couple weeks now playing the game and in all honesty it's not as bad as it's being made out considering my approach was to not send an item, gold or VGN/AP to the account I'm playing on and it's really not as bad as you think. Anyways, granted this a sore subject now I felt it in everyone's best interest to understand that we are working on solutions and we are assessing everything. We hope tomorrow's changes make an impact and if not we will go back to the drawing boards. Thank you!
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    ? If you guys think this is a problem, just make WitchCraft2 and its ok Why bother setting up a limit Loosing TW But yeah, more guild in TW/GvG = More balance, more fun ~
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    Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you all are doing good. As everyone can tell, I'm new to the VGN community. So please go easy on me! Firstly, I want to thank everyone for the warm welcome and attention i received. So I guess a bit about myself? I played a bit of Nostale and Eden before, but I wouldn't count myself as pro at it. I still have a lot to learn with Scarlet Blade though so I'll be looking at you guys for help there. In general, I still have a lot to learn so please look after me. I'll try my best to help as a new GM and I hope to be able to give assistance to everyone soon! Nice meeting you all!
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    There is a couple of changes this maintenance that will affect Territory Wars, some players will not agree with the changes but we feel like they're in the best interest of the players currently to make Territory Wars more competitive. Note: The changes are not permanent and can be reversed if it has a negative affect on the game or the situation does not change at all. Change 1: Territory Wars will be returning to the original schedule the server had, with 1 Territory War on a weekday, 2 Territory Wars on a Saturday and 3 Territory Wars on a Sunday. Change 2: We will be resetting the Territory Wars with maintenance so that people have to compete for the Territories and not just attend for defense only. Change 3: We will be temporarily removing Normal Class Territory Wars for a short while until I get confirmation on something else which will help me decide the best approach as I'm finding it difficult to find the best approach to balance the normal classes without completely changing them all entirely which would then void the point of normal class Territory Wars. We hope you understand these changes thank you!
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    New PVP Schedule NOTE: TW is at 17:00 not 17:30, it was my mistake and will fix later on. This can be changed again if people do not like the new times. Territory War Info Marked by a * is the new normal class territory wars (Monday TW2, Tuesday TW1, Wednesday TW2, Thursday TW1, Friday TW2, Saturday TW1, Sunday TW1, Sunday TW3). Normal class TW's will disable your character when you try to use awaken classes as this is the limitation of the game and the only way I could put this in. If people dislike the mode it can be taken out as easily as it was put into the game so do not panic. For the following classes there is a special requirement for them due to limitations: CQC Training - Warrior Combat Knowledge - Knight Demon Slayer - Templar Life and Death - Warlock Drake Energy Safeguard - Dragon Knight Sickleshot Expert - Inquisitor Twin Lightshadow Blade - Luminary This requires just 1 KP point in the corresponding class talent for the class to be usable. NORMAL CLASS TW's come with free path of destiny buffs, so no need to prepare as much.
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    1. Reduce HP crystal to 1/5 current; Today i saw like 15ppl hitting xtal and the hp was not falling; 2. Add Class Drop back; I made all my run on 8p trial and we got like 2 item; 3. Safety Stone 25% on altar; That would make the economy more active;
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    Hey everyone, As it is a Holiday we will be activating a +150% EXP/CP boost until next maintenance (Remember this EXP/CP boost counts towards your charms so if you have EXP Charm I it will be +675% Exp (500% Server Rate, 25% Charm, 150% Event). Enjoy!
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    Because of the reports of possible abuse to this event that we've been receiving, I have decided to wipe the current GOP rankings and allow them to reset for this week. Why were they wiped? Though it was meant to deter people, parties found it to still be worthwhile to use tower pots when they were never suppose to, making the rankings illegitimate and giving possible cheaters/bug abusers the chance to take the top spots. Rather then reward them, we've added a measure to deter the tower pot use again and are allowing those who can do it legitimately the chance to do so. I'll be watching the logs of what buffs are used in this dungeon and if someone finds another bug and attempts to abuse these buffs again in this dungeon, then I will be forced to take further action and possibly ban those involved.
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    Dark Blood Dress(HISTORY) This is the story of the dress that leads to death; its owner was Lily, a shinigami who loved killing humans. One Halloween night Lily was looking for victims as she always did. Uh !! Today there are many "preys" (She thought). "All together to be butchered for me." There were many people near a lake, Lily looked at a girl who was somewhat apart, she approached her and killed her cruelly. Carl (a shinigami senior) He observed what Lily did, approached her and asked: Why did you do that? It was not her time to die! Lily replied: ALL humans there are for me to play with their lives! When I want to kill! Carl looked at her with disappointment, He took her neck and made ashes (whispering: You do not deserve to be a shinigami). Time passed and every Halloween night the dress appears with all the hatred of Lily, attracting girls, and every time it one of them wears it , these are killed in a gruesome manner. For this reason it is known as the dress that leads to death (Dark Blood Dress). BlackQueen
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    Made this to see other people's opinions on this, really. Since I've been healing again I've become frustrated with times when someone is just out of my purify wind range and I miss debuffing them because they're for example, maybe a foot out of my radius. I'd like to propose that we add back the place-able purify wind skill if other players are interested in this change being made. It helps healers keep more of a distance and I think that overall it would be good for players in both PvP and PvE. Please share your feelings on this if you have any. I'd love to see other people's pros and cons. Don't get too aggressive with each other or I'll just request a lock. Thanks~ PS - Since Jordan will probably read this, is there any chance that this skill option could, if anything, be toggled?
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    diversity in builds after option C
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    Hii here Milya ~ Merry Christmas ?❤️?
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    Major Changes 2017 Vendetta Christmas Event Normal Class Territory Wars! Note: Check the bottom of the post for the schedule Added two new shields to aide 1HD dps classes in PvP. Minor Changes Ormormu's Heroic Mount is now tradable. Departure Crystal only requires 1 fame instead of 2000 fame to purchase. Added a Soul Guardian outside the DoS Trials (Lv95). Increase the amount of Summoning Stones that drop inside Guardian Tree of Life. Lowered the cooldown of the HP & MP Sprites. Increased the duration of the HP & MP Sprites. Added item "Deter Jewel". Removes the server rates Character EXP. Added item "Blockade Jewel". Prevents all Character EXP. Added new legendaries: Legendary Dazzling Candy Cane Mysterious Xmas Suit (Legendary) Mysterious Xmas Dress (Legendary) Legendary Candy Christmas Stocking Added new upgrades for the "Vendetta Upgrade Stone": Alpaca Knight Helmet (Legendary) Alpaca Knight Suit (Legendary) Alpaca Knight Sword (Legendary) Alpaca Knight Shield (Legendary) Added new mount from Aura Kingdom Added Custom Coloured Seraphic Wings Navy Blue Seraphic Wings Dark Green Seraphic Wings Grass Green Seraphic Wings Pale Green Seraphic Wings Bright Purple Seraphic Wings Blood Red Seraphic Wings Dark Pink Seraphic Wings Candy Pink Seraphic Wings Create Legendaries of the Arcane Box Secret Weapons. Added Costume and Headwear versions of Starlight Dyes. Updated the Archive. Bug Fixes Skill "Dance of Evasion" can now be leveled. Skill "Dance of Elegance" no longer costs gold to be leveled. Skill "Power Infusion" can now be leveled. Skill "Trembling Dragon Roar" now deals triple hit when Flame Dragon or Dragon Emperor Leadership is active. Icon for the achievement "Purple Heart" has now been fixed. Text Fixes Fixed the name and description of Mysterious Courtier Garb (Legendary). Fixed the name and description of Mysterious Militissa Ensemble (Legendary). Balance Changes Due to the large amounts of balance changes they will be contained inside a spoiler.
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    System Changes: - Due to feedback we have returned channels 5, 6 and 7. Arena Changes: - You will no longer be able to enter arena as a party. - You will no longer be able to form a party inside arena. - All buffs will be removed from your character before entering arena. Betting & Upgrade Changes: - New and improved custom rates applied to Upgrade System. - New and improved custom rates applied to Betting System. We feel the current official rates are just not fair so we've decided to improve the rates in game for everyone when upgrading or betting. General Changes: - Created new "Avenger's Gloves and Shoes": - This new equipment will drop from: - Following Monsters no longer drop gold: - Legendary Hunter Quests will now provide x2 Earth Crystal instead of x1. - The following monsters now have a 5% chance of dropping "Shining Blue Soul": - Relic of the First Tribes now sells for 25,000 Coins. - Intact Relic of the First Tribes now sells for 100,000 Coins. - The following raid box modification have been applied: Frozen Crown Changes - You will now obtain more points in Frozen Crown for your side. - Every 15 minutes an announcement will be made through all channels showing the status of Frozen Crown. - When a side is successful an announcement will be made through all channels. - The following monsters will now drop Draco's Claw and Glacerus' Mane:
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    General Changes Added a duration to the pets Dark Dragon and Flame Dragon from the class Dragon Emperor as afk farming became out of hand. (Note: This shouldn't affect the gameplay of this class just the ability to AFK. Added a duration to the pet Holy Dragon from the class Celestial Arrow (same reason as above). Note: Pets from the above classes will now need to be re-spawned in after 5 minutes
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    General Changes: - Added a Consumable Shop named Bash in NosVille (located near Salim the Family Manager). This NPC will be used for selling useful consumables for players. - Added an Equipment Shop named Armored Bash in NosVille (located near Salim the Family Manager). This NPC will sell up to level 85 equipment and level 45 resistances. - Modified the crafting recipes for SP 7 & SP 8. It now only requires Act 3&4 materials. You can see the changes at Lilith and Sarakael in Port Alveus Square. - Minigame rewards have been disabled from the game. - Partner and Pet exp has been increased by x3. Bug Fixes: - Family member bug is now fixed. - Family invite bug is now fixed. The above 2 fixes were applied a while back this is just here for documented purposes. - Fixed several exploits.
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    Introduction Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying the beta from the videos of PvP I see and the feedback I get from talking with you guys seems to be going pretty well. Me, Bash and Vivi are very happy with how the launch went and we thank anyone who supported our launch! Today I'd like to bring you a proper formatted topic about the current hot discussion of the weapon percentage system as I've seen many discussions on here, in game and in my DM's about this system. I'd like for your feedback along with your vote on the poll as an open discussion could provide even better results and a more accurate picture on the right direction. Now first of I want to run a disclaimer that the poll on this post will impactful on the final decision of this but it will also not be the one true factor as I will check each person who votes and check for any multi-account voting which happens most times we open a poll. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ ALL THE OPTIONS BEFORE VOTING SO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE VOTING FOR. Options Option A - Keep the 120% System The standard option of keeping the current system allows people to improve there gear by min-maxing as people who would on the current live. Let me remind you that the different between one of the bigger weapons (A staff) has about a difference of 2-2.5k M-ATK at level 55 between a 100% and a 120% both at +10. So this difference doesn't really have a huge impact on anything and is mainly just for asthetics rather than actual damage. Ofcourse its ugly to keep such a percentage but at the end of the day anyone who says a 101% 55 staff is un-usable just doesn't understand how numbers work in this game. This would also entail that 65 Awakens when released will need to have their attack stat re-evaluated so that they would match the kinds of ratios seen from the 75 golds to 75 awakens (About 121%-125% ish rather than being about 115% as they currently are so a 120% 65 Gold would be higher. Please note that 160% 65 Purples are slightly higher than 65 Awakens, the difference is about 80 M-ATK on the staff). Additionally there can be discussions made about increasing the trial cap so you get more runs a day or even reverting to the old system of 10 of any trials you want (we can even increase this higher if need be). Option B - Change the system to 110% max for Gold Weapons Simply put changing the current cap of gold weapons to 110% from 120%. In perspective this halfs the amount of RNG needed to get a good percent of the weapon still allowing for some min-maxing but will encourage people more so that low percent is ok. This change would push Purples at 160% ahead of the golds still but not enough to completely outshine said gold as the proc effect if serviceable should out-weight the M-ATK difference. If this change is implemented then peoples weapons will be scaled down. Here is a list of the scaling that will be done: 120/119 -> 110 118/117 -> 109 116/115 -> 108 114/113 -> 107 112/111 -> 106 110/109 -> 105 108/107 -> 104 106/105 -> 103 104/103 -> 102 102/101 -> 101 Option C - Change Purples and Gold Weapons (100% max) If we're going for the full classic experiance then some changes must be made. Arcane box is too convenient as it stands and with purples being so easy to obtain and reroll gold weapons practically lose all value with this change as your looking at the difference between a couple of rerolls running some 0/10's compared to running a trial, calling the weapon and then getting said weapon which is dumb. This is not how the game should be and not how it was so if we revert weapons to 100% max then likely arcane box will not be serving up purple weapons and if we are to keep rerolling then at the very least it will be made much harder (Most likely I will remove this option too). I would also like to inform since there seems to be a lot of people jumping on the 120% didn't exist at 55/60 cap but don't have the first idea about purples. The only thing that was different was gold weapons didn't have a percentage. Purples still had a percentage, so did blues, so did greens and so did whites. We also wouldn't be removing this before anyone suggests it. If this change is implemented all existing gold weapons will be reverted to 100%, I have this tested and ready to go so apologies if someone has a 120% already of anything of a high standard but remember this is a beta and things might be changed due to the community feedback. Finising Notes I'd like to thank everyone for reading and participating whether you just vote or provide feedback bellow. I would like to thank you in advance for not turning this thread into a flame war or an arguement. You can expect these changes for launch with the release of 60 cap giving us atleast a week to discuss these change.
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    Spring has Sprung in Scarlet Blade! Bunnies and various creatures have invaded Chromia and you are now tasked with getting rid of them! Our bunny bartender Mindy has appeared in Enocia (right behind the teleporters) to help out those dealing with these pesky rabbits. Visit her daily for a special request quest! She'll task you with collecting various items to make into a special Everlasting Pen! One that'll help her write all day long for those who have traveled to Enocia! Our love-able Carl also has a request for you after helping Mindy. Assist him in surprising Idel for some nice goodies from her! Finally, Erin will try to grab you attention in taking care of those pesky bunnies. Speak with her to get cracking on defeating them! Along with those quests, you will be tasked in defeating Mr Bun Buns! The world boss that will spawn in Enocia. He will spawn every 4 hours on both channels! A red system announcement will play when he spawns! Note: Unfortunately, these bunny mobs did not have original attack animations. As such, when you attack them or are attacked by them, they will not make a noticeable animation. Mr Bun Buns will also drag along some eggs with him. These eggs will spawn randomly (time and place) around Enocia. They'll spawn in grassy areas both in the fields of Enocia, or even in Enocia Canyon. A red system announcement will play with an egg has spawned! As a hint, no egg will spawn when Mr Bun Buns spawns! General Changes: Reduced the sizes of all monster pets that have been added to the game. You can now craft x10 passcards for x10 of the NT passcards 1 Hr Pet EXP Booster (+5) (NT) can now be destroyed Mother's Miracle (NT) can now be destroyed EXP Hyperchips can now be destroyed Updated the Cyberblade costume "Debonair" Diamond Card Gambling has been added! Note: Jack gambling is currently disabled Added 2 new level 60 dungeons: Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 1 and Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 2 In order to enter Floor 2, you must defeat the 1st boss on Floor 1! He will (at least 90% of the time should) drop the key to floor 2! Once you complete Floor 1, you can leave and enter Floor 2 via Enocia portal These dungeons have a chance of dropping 60+ gear/accessories and unique costumes! Each set of the dungeon has a chance of dropping a weapon or hat unique! The NPC for these dungeons can be found next to their original dungeon entrances in Enocia! Added 7 new costumes: Fairy of Nature Fairy of Dreams Fairy of Love Naughty Bunny Hunny Bunny Elven Prince The Dark Bunny Added 9 new lingerie (all level caps unless otherwise mentioned) Blooming Blue Bell Blooming Chrysanthemums Blooming Lilac Blooming Tulips All Natural Cybertronic Lingerie (59) Pretty in Black Baby Pink Easter Boxers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug where Rank 9 Provocation (WH) would debuff with Rank 8's values Fixed a bug where Provocation would still disable at all ranks
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    Event Changes: - Summer Event has now been activated! - Following Summer Event related items can now be traded: System Changes: - Gold Rate has been reduced from x5 to x4. - Reduced custom drop system by 1 loop from 5 to 4. - Once a character is Champion Level 30 their exp rate will be reduced to x5 instead of x20. - Deleted all current raidboxes from the database. Act 6.2: - Added Act 6.2 which includes new maps, raids, equipment and much more! - The following maps will only have a drop loop of 2 instead of the custom drop loop: - Added the following items to the following monster drop tables. - Updated Ancelloan the Creator Treasure Chest box rewards to the following: - Updated Fernon the Destroyer Treasure Chest box rewards to the following: - Ancelloan the Creator Treasure Chest and Fernon the Destroyer Treasure Chest box will have a max rare of 6. - Rotated Ancelloan's Will map names to be in the correct order. - Disabled useless drops from Ancelloan maps. - Set drop rate to x1 for Crazed Crusader and Brainwashed Crusader. - Increased amount of monsters in Ancelloan's Will 6 and Ancelloan's Will 3. - Added a force TP when entering Fernon Raid. - Reduced gold rate inside Fernon Raid. - Disabled the first set of items Fernon Drops before rewarding players for completing the raid. - Disabled the use of "Ambush" in Fernon Raid. - Renamed Akashic Record to Fernon Raid Seal. - Updated Icon of Fernon Raid Seal. - Improved Fernon's HP and Resistances. Caligor Raid: - Added Caligor Raid to the game. - Caligor Raid will open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday each week at the following times (Server Time): - Removed the following items from Caligor's Treasure Chest and Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest: - Removed Mukraju's Circlet from Caligor's Treasure Chest. - Removed the following items from Caligor's Glowing Treasure Chest: - Added an alt-check when being rewarded for completing Caligor. Act 3.2: - Added Act 3.2 which includes Valhalla and 2 raids (Yetirand and Fafnir). - Reduced gold drop rate in Fafnir/Yertirand raid. - Disabled custom drop rate for the Bushtails in valhalla. - Removed the PVP Reward from Yertirand Raid. NOTE: PVP will still be enabled but you will not receive the reward for being the last man standing. - Removed Bone Warrior Ragnar from Forgotten Tower 7. - Removed Strange Yertirand from Jotunheim. - Updated Fafnir's Raid Box contents to the following: - Updated Yertirand's Raid Box contents to the following: Mini-Games: - Added Sheep Farm and Bushi King Mini-Games to the game! - Mini-Games can only be accessed on Channel 1. - Added alt abuse check for Mini-Games. - Added a check for when Mini-Game is about to start to check if there is enough players. - Mini-Games will reward 2 coins for the winner and 1 for the losers. - Added the 60 minute cooldown onto Mini-Game entrance. - Disabled the following items from dropping off monsters: - Disabled Meteor Mini-Game. We have a plan for this in the future but for now it doesn't serve a purpose for the new system. Glacernon Changes: - Removed Brave Shares' Heavy Armour from Lord Morcos' Chest. - Removed Abyssal Lorten's Spell Gun from Lord Hatus' Gift Box. - Removed Leather Armour of Silver Soul Glacernon from Lady Calvinas' Gift Box. - Removed Luminiel's Shining Crossbow from Baron Berios' Treasure Chest. - Added an alt-check when being rewarded for completing a Glacernon Raid. General Changes: - New UI has been added to the game. - Extra Partner slots have been added to the game. - Extra Character slot has been added to the game. - Added new Costumes, Mounts, Wings and Pets to the game. - New Cuarry Bank added to store gold for your entire account to share. - When leaving the Arena of Talents it will wipe all buffs from your character. - Added the following items to Bash NPC in NosVille: - You can no longer sell the following items at an NPC: - Updated Trophy Icons. - The following Trophies have been renamed: - Separated all Raidboxes to their own version. - Disabled custom drop system and disabled gold rate in the following maps: - Increased drop rate inside Laurena's Fabled Witch's Chest for the following items: - Updated stats on the following items: - To avoid possible inflation in-game we've reduced the daily quest rewards that reward x80 to x5 of the following items: - Updated Mystic Heaven Military Supplies box rewards to the following: - Updated Hellord Military Supplies box rewards to the following: - Disabled Fafnir's Fried Dinner from being used in FC maps (still works in raids). - Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: - Removed useless trading options from Sarakael. - Umbrella Shield cannot be used in any raids. - Added Zenas' Egg to Raid Box: Zenas. - Added Erenia's Egg to Raid Box: Erenia. Item Mall Changes: - Added Cuarry Bank VIP Medal (10 Days). - Added Cuarry Bank VIP Medal (30 Days). - Added Savage Dyes. - Added Jelly Rolls Hair Wax. - Added Faux Hawk Undercut Hair Wax. - Added French Braid Hair Wax. - Added Choppy Bangs Hair Wax. - Added Partner Slot Expansion. - Added Magic White Tiger Box. Bug Fixes: - Fixed an error causing items to randomly disappear when registering them to NosBazaar.
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    Amethyst Royal Purple Saffron Lace White Lilac Indigo Pine Green Paradise Blue Red Brown Seafoam Misty Rose Sandstone
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    Bug Fixes: - Fixed the Glaceron and Draco raid crashes.
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    It has came to be my attention users are again abusing the battlegrounds by AFK'ing during it to receive the loser reward. The damage being done (faction wise) is going to end up ruining the game and the one thing you guys are crying for resolution right now (More PvP). I am going to make this very clear if this continues I will remove loser rewards from all battlegrounds. This is the last time I am going to warn about this before I take action.
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    Hi, good luck everyone ☺️ IGN: G59
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    This is so true. People keep lying to themselves and saying this server is perfect and fair but in reality you either put $ in to keep up/progress or play the game like a full time job and you MIGHT catch up. This server is pay to win regardless of how much people want to say its not. If a person puts $50+ they can progress to endgame quickly if they're lucky. Whereas someone who can't do it will catch up in maybe a month if they get lucky with forts. Even the altar is basically designed to take $ with all enhancing items on last rows and the best stones you can get is lucky SS? Even Aeria had halcyons and that was better for economy than this. And while these are just rumors and may not be true. If 65 cap comes out within a month its just gonna set back all the new players even more considering most barely have done achievements much less +10 a weapon. PvP can't survive or even get onto its feet with how p2w this game is atm and with caps coming through every month or 2. Just my opinion though.
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    Maybe my look at it is wrong, but i'd say likely yours is. People say right now the TWs are just stompfests(and let's be real, they have been most of the time on this server. With the current system you will always have 1 or at max 2 guilds actively playing TW and stomping everything. I myself quit a while ago but back then i and others simply lost interest in doing TW at all because it was just lame as fuck to simply have no enemies at all or get completely stomped, do quest and leave. The old system made EVERYONE able to participate thus bringing tons of life to TW. The System made each top 3 guilds on crystals get %, with many more people participating you will have many more guilds. Also less presure for people to only join top guilds. It literally only has benefits. Sure there will be times where people go "omg this trash ass guild got the map with 8%" but that's what makes it even more fun. Maybe some people that currently are actively playing TW can elaborate some more on the participation point. I think you can't really compare that as it's 2 whole different things. And that's where i come back to my main point. That is true to a certain point but makes every other person lose interest super fast. Some diversity and difference makes the competition lively and active instead of having the same 2 guilds all the time(i don't know if you still need to adjust it manually per hand or whatever you do right now to keep up at least a bit of balance). I mean if you consider trying it, you can still change it up as much as you want right. Like if you want to balance it more towards the top DPS on each crystals change the % everyone else gets or something. Don't underestimate your "casual" audience(not even casual for real, maybe just people that do actively play and want to do TW but simply don't have the resources/time to put into grinding classes/gear as much). I could elaborate myself for tons of hours more but i'll stop here for now and reply to questions/answers as they may come up ^^ I think i sold my main point, sorry for potential bad grammar at times, not native.
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    Bash is currently fixing a last minute bug he found with items that were taken off the nosbazar. Since this thread was already answered and the server is infact offline, I'll be closing this thread.
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    I'll see what I can do, maybe add it sometime today.
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    I'll have to ask @Nanami if she can make the white bits black but i mean this is the best i could get it.
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    Honestly this is how I see wings when I play high, looking cool ?
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    1. New Battle Map (End Game) Mobs be atleast level 115 (This is important so that DoS does not become obsolete, because 115-9 = 106, therefore players will have to be atleast level 106 to get Exp from the map. Therefore grinding in DoS will be necessary to be able to even get ExP on this map. This will also help having less fight for channels between lower level & new players to older ones, since it is very difficult for them to be able to get parts to run themselves. It also will make the effort people ran on other maps to level higher than 106 be worth it, rather than just be lazy and wait for new content. Add a buff to the mobs of the running areas , that gives more ExP the faster you kill them and making them harder than previous tiers. For example: A tick of 15 seconds upon the monster being hit, if the monster is killed before the buff runs out the monster will give the player a bonus of +20 % EXP to its original EXP. This will make players want to try hard and kill the monsters faster, therefore Running builds will become a thing again, Effort will be rewarded with bonus ExP. Add a buff to the monsters that prevents them to be affected by the Totem Master debuff, therefore being an end game map, it should not be just a no-brain afk run. People will have to be geared and find actual damage classes to kill the monsters. 2. Extreme Trial Battle Map Following suggestion 1, from the new battle map, add a portal there which will be locked unless the following requirements are fulfiled: Portal Opening Requirements: -Kill Specific monsters on the map -Obtain Specific items -Obtain a buff Once those requirements are met, players will be able to access the other part of the battle map, In this version there will be 4 Raid Tier bosses (like 25 man raid) will spawn at specific hours. Killing these bosses will give specific items: -Materials to craft Rare Weapons/Items/Armor -Materials to complete specific daily quests, for example a daily quest that gives the player 5x Eden Crystal (NT) -Blueprints of craftable Mounts which will require materials from both the first part of the battle map and these bosses This can be done in a same manner as the Ormormu mount in old EE days. 3. Adding a new crafting/gathering system while using the current available resources Add new drops from lower level monsters and bosses or new rare monsters that spawn on maps. For example: Instead of just gathering materials in Guild Town, use chests that have a drop rate like enchants from everywhere. To craft xxx recipe you will need: -Drop from Normal Monster Level 5 xx/xx -Drop From Rare Monster Level 22 -Drop from Guild Boss Level 70 -Drop from Chest in xxx map -Drop from Boss in xxx trial -Gather xxx material from GT You can also add random nodes like those small trees etc that give drops for quests. It could be used for future awaken armor/weapon This would also create an economy in game where people would buy and sell materials more often rather than being a dead gather bear things for their own. They could sell it and make gold circulate more around the game, rather than just the usual things like EC. EP, Stardust, Legendaries etc etc. From this same system, you can also add blueprints to craft costumes or anything that would please the players. You can also do it in depth into something like this: -Collect xxx materials to craft ''Broken Outfit'', BP will be available on a specific way in game. -Collect 10 Broken Outfits + Other materials to craft a new in game Legendary costume Of course , this would take time to get, Let's say you can only get 1 Broken Outfit every 2 days, so it would take the player 20 days to get that specific Legendary, You can also make it more fun by altering in better ways you would like. You can also increase guild level cap and add more things to Guild Town for this. 4. Make player Housing great again. A gathering and crafting system should be diverse and huge. So i would suggest, remove the current housing item drops from monsters and implement them into the crafting system on no.3. This way people would go craft and fetch materials to craft housing items. Add new types of banquets that will give different stat boosts after meeting a specific requirement like Rarity, Luxury etc These banquets could give the players buffs for things like PvP or PvE Some examples you can add a banquet requiring xxx Rarity xxx Luxury and the banquet would give a buff of: - Atk +3 %, Defense +3 %, Crit reduced by 2 % -Matk +3 %, P-Resist +3 %, , M crit reduced by 2% -Dmg +3%, Atk +3 %, but resistance reduced by 5 % -Elemental resist + 5 %, Defense +5%, Parry +5 %, Block +5 %, Physical Resist + 3 % Atk reduced by 5 % -G Heal +5 % , P heal +5 %, All stats + 5 %, but defense -7 % These are rough examples of what you can add, it can be thought more into. 5. Removal of Arena enchants and Adding Rewards Let's talk a bit more PvP wise, Arena has been dead for long time. People just do it for their dailies, or they just don't queue because of the overwhelming boosts arena enchants give. So i would suggest completely remove those, or just rework them. But this still will not be enough to make people queue for arena. This can be fixed by adding specific items that you get on arena. I know some people will still try to afk and queue farm for others. But it will still make those try to win. So you can add a quest that requires the players to win and that quest will give drops for awaken weapons and armor for future patches. Those token rewards that you get from winning can also be increased, there people will not just go farm Honor Stars to get their things. Add more things that can be crafted using those class tokens. Example: Awaken Weapon for Berserker would require xxx amount of Warrior Class Tokens. You can also modify those Aven Dungeon dailies reward drops, so this will keep people busy doing all sorts of contents in order to acquire things and NOT just get things in 1 week and finish everything then bored until next patch. A bit like the first Content Suggestion i did to prolong patch lifetime. 6. Customize Wedding/Couple buffs Add system that requires players that are coupled ONLY to be able to do a specific dungeon everyday. These dungeon would give a new type of Love Token, which will be required to use specific buff skills which will be added. For Example: -Daily Dungeon or Quest drops xxx amount of Love Shards. (limited daily) Love Shards permit the use of new skills such as: -Skill 1: Increases couples Defense by 5 % for 30 minutes -Skill 2: Increase couples P-healing by 5 % for 30 minutes. -Skill 3: Increases Couples Atk by 2 % for 30 minutes And many more. But SINCE the Love Shards are limited daily. Players will have to save them for specific occasions for example PvP mostly. Or use it on PvE if they are not a PvP player. So lets say you can only get 2 per day per couple. They can only use 2 of the skills on that PvP occasion, or just save it for GvG occasions. Its not a biggie but it is content to be added and done in game for people. 7. A new type of Aven Since all these contents might be a mess to just implement in the current contents, you can also add a completely new map which has Aven like NPCs for fame etc. This new map will have the specific NPCs for future trials, contents etc. It could also feature a new type of NPC that crafts special Blueprints unlike those FF/Alchemist/Craftsmen in GTs. It could open more ideas and add a ''standard base'' to working for Level 100 + content. You could add new ways to make fame, that uses specific items that are just not so readily available, it would also make an economy of new items. Or just simply use the old versions of will distribution, but can only be done at Level 105 +. There is also this dead NPC alpaca that requires Jades etc etc from specific dungeons, you can add something like to that map and make a custom rare mount (like it will be an achievement for the player to have gotten that map, remember this is a mmorpg, players don't like everyone to have the same things as them. So adding contents that require work and be unique will be great)
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    What makes you state I have never done Fernons? I've spammed quite a lot of them. The raid isn't easy - it is mindless and skill-less. There is a huge difference between strong and hard. Fernon is a STRONG raidboss, not a HARD one. There is nothing interesting about it from a skill point of view because it mostly requires two fingers - one on your skill hotkeys and one on your full pot hotkey. Sure, this is an exaggeration, but let's not act like it's a difficult raid to master once you have the right gear. You're completely misunderstanding my point. I'm not vouching for easier Fernon raids. I'm vouching for harder Fernon raids that are less based on gear and more on skill. In terms of teamwork, Fernon is among the easiest raids of this server - I'd even rate Chicken King higher because it requires more cooperation and there is more time to be won through decent strategies than Fernon. There is hardly any "mastering" in Fernon - once you've found the right team with the right damage, you're done. There also isn't any point in experimenting with new strategies because it hardly matters - the only "rules" in Fernon are "stay alive" and "maximize damage". Besides, nowhere did my post state anything about changing Fernon. I'd even be fine with keeping it the way it is, as long as they will add something that is interesting for players who enjoy teamwork, difficulty and the notion of "practice makes perfect". Also, to state that PvP fams are capable of doing Erenia/Zenas like PvE fams makes no sense at all. Sure, players with good PvP gear won't be HUGE burdens in those raids, but they certainly don't contribute to maximizing it and most players with PvP sets don't deal a lot of damage there. On top of that, most time to be won in those raids is in the areas BEFORE the boss where damage matters less.
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    Hey guys, We've decided from now on to begin doing maintenances every Thursday of the week instead of Wednesday. Reason being is that Wednesday is not the best of days for us to consistently be performing maintenance due to IRL tasks and responsibilities. Thank you
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    General Changes Added the "Mysterious Leather and Lace Dress (Legendary)" and the "Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary)" to the archive. Added new items for the newly implemented Event System: 4 New custom pets (based on in game bosses). 2 New back costumes (from Aura Kingdom). 3 New mounts (from Twin Saga). More Information about the Event System: Bug Fixes Fixed the archieve bug on the "Rose Magic Accordion (Prime)". Fixed the Female "Dragon's Treasure: Tarragon Horns (Legendary)". I'm aware there are more bugs that needed fixing but the remaining bugs requires me to do a lot more work as shuffling patches in while making the balancing patch is rather difficult. The other bug reports I have will be fixed in the balancing patch. Mount: Imperial Guardian Back: Abyss Evil Wings Pet: Petra Pet: Kimba Have a wonderful day from the Vendetta Team!
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    Formula Collection A quick overview over all formulas in this topic. For more in-depth explanations, check the post that they appear in (click on the title). In general, your Arkana's stats are simply a sum of their base stats and any bonuses gained from levels, gear and buffs. In addition to that, offensive skills can have additional bonus effects (displayed after the skill's damage), such as being more likely to crit or being more accurate. These stats are simply added as well, but only for the use of that skill. There is one issue with that however, namely Crit Attack, which has no effect at all. Instead, there is "Additional Crit", which gives both Crit Rate and Crit Attack. For example, this one has 20% bonus Crit Rate and Crit Attack, rather than 20% Crit Rate and 40% Crit Attack: Arkana Base Values and Increments Flat HP: 300 at level 1, +10-67 per level depending on level Flat SP: 150 at level 1, +10 per level Flat CP: 1000 HP Regen: 10/0 (idle/combat) SP Regen: 1/0 (idle/combat) CP Regen: 3/0 (idle/combat) Physical ATK: 0~1 at level 1, +1 per level Chakra ATK: 0~0 up to level 19, +1 per level thereafter Accuracy: 95% Chakra Accuracy: 80% Defense: 0 at level 1, +1 per level Movement Speed: 60 Resources You start out with 300 Flat HP, 150 Flat SP and 1000 Flat CP at level 1. Each level increases your Flat SP by 10 and your Flat HP by 10 at level 2, 11 at level 3, 12 at level 4... 67 at level 59. Flat HP = 291 + (17 * Level + Level ^ 2) / 2 + sum of all flat "Max HP" stats (gear) Flat SP = 150 + 10 * Level + sum of all flat "Max SP" stats (gear) Flat CP = 1000 + sum of all flat "Max CP" stats (gear) %HP = sum of all % "Max HP" stats Bonus HP = sum of all bonus "Max HP" stats (pet, buffs, passive effects) Total HP = (Flat HP) * (100 + %HP) / 100 + Bonus HP (SP and CP equivalent) Healing HP Healed = Instant HP + HR + (Target's Total HP) * (Instant %HP + %HR) / 100 If the skill doesn't feature Instant HP, HR takes no effect: HP Healed = (Target's Total HP) * (Instant %HP + %HR) / 100 If the skill doesn't feature Instant %HP, %HR takes no effect: HP Healed = Instant HP + HR SP Healed = Instant SP CP Healed = Instant CP Skill Damage Min ATK = Level - 1 + sum of all "Min ATK" values from gear and buffs Max ATK = Level + sum of all "Max ATK" values from gear and buffs CH-ATK = (Level - 19 or 0, whichever is higher) + sum of all "CH-ATK" values from gear and buffs %ATK = sum of all "%ATK" values from gear and buffs Damage = Base + ATK * (%Scaling + %ATK) / 100 Damage Reduction DEF = Level - 1 + sum of all "DEF" stats from gear and buffs Reduced Physical Damage = (Physical Damage) * (100 - %VOID) / 100 - DEF Reduced Chakra Damage = (Chakra Damage) * (100 - %Chakra Resistance) / 100 Reduced PvP Physical Damage = (Reduced Physical Damage) / 3.5 * (100 + %PvP ATK - %PvP VOID) / 100 - PvP DEF Reduced PvP Chakra Damage = Reduced Chakra Damage / 3.5 Reduced DoT = DoT * (100 - %DoT Redcution) / 100 Reduced PvP DoT = DoT / 2 * (100 - %DoT Redcution) / 100 Pierce Reduced DEF = DEF * (100 - %DEF Pierce) / 100 Reduced %VOID = %VOID * (100 - %VOID Pierce) / 100 Reduced %Chakra Resistance = %Chakra Resistance * (100 - %CH Pierce) / 100 Accuracy and Evasion %Accuracy = 95 + sum of all "%ACC" values + (sum of all "ACC" values) / 100 %Chakra Accuracy = 80 + sum of all "%CH-ACC" values + (sum of all "CH-ACC" values) / 100 %Evasion = sum of all "%EVA" values + (sum of all "EVA" values) / 100 %Chakra Evasion = sum of all "%CH-EVA" values + (sum of all "CH-EVA" values) / 100 %Physical Hit Chance = %Accuracy - %Evasion %Chakra Hit Chance = %Chakra Accuracy - %Chakra Evasion Crit %Crit Chance = %Crit Rate - %Crit Evasion %Crit Damage = 150 + (%Crit Attack - %Crit Avoidance) Spotting Render Distance (meters) = 40 + 50 * (%Character Setting) / 100 Spotting Distance (meters) = Detection - Concealment Movement Speed Running Speed (meters per second) = Movement Speed / 10 Attack Speed Reduced Cooldown = Cooldown * 100 / (%Attack Speed) Reduced Animation = Animation * 100 / (%Attack Speed)