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[Scarlet Blade] Christmas Wish


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Dear santa, 

All I want for Christmas is that bootyful Rainbow Tux for my Sentinel KarmelMilk. Yes I know I said I would stop with my costume addiction last year but this one is rainbow!

Your girl, KarmelMilk

P.S. sorry for eating the cookies before you got to my house, I got hangry and ate them all 😅

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1 hour ago, BesTweaveR said:

I wish Pearlflame lancer 180speed enhanced


thank you

If you win, the item will not be ehanced.

From the main post itself:

Such items like guaranteed enhancements, enchanted items, gear of any kind, or items that are not/have not been released will not be given.

If you want one that can be ehanced to 180 rather then the base 160, I'd suggest for requesting the upgraded version of it instead and editing your post.

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