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Scarlet Blade Xmas Grid


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Ho ! Ho ! Ho !! Many surprises are hidden in the 100 square grid for Christmas. Below are the rules and rewards for this event, please read carefully. ☃️



This is how it works: Just choose a square (e.g. "G5") and write your choice, IGN and Faction here.
Don't forget: everyone can only choose a square once. So think carefully about your decision because out of 100 fields only 50 contain presents. And once you decided there is no going back.
Also, anyone can choose any square. So if player A chooses "D2", player B can also choose "D2".
Failure to follow the rules will result in automatic disqualification and will not be rewarded.

The following are surprises that you may receive from this event:


1 square = Narak Skin
2 squares = Plastic Surgery
4 squares = Binding Stone
6 squares = Safe Guard (NT)
8 squares = Safe Guard (NT)
5 squares = Powered Binding Stone
4 squares = Skill Reset
4 squares = Level 3 Hypovial Packs
1 square = Rare Jewelry Spanner
1 square = CP Pot (800) x 10
2 squares = 1000 CP x 350
1 square = Premium Medal (7D)
1 square = Event Point x1
1 square = Narak Blood
1 square = XP Booster (+1000%)(NT) x3
1 square = Premium Medallion (3 days) (NT)
1 square = Warehouse Code (30D)
1 square = Unique Graft Tool
1 square = Event Point x2
1 square = Arkana Name Reset
1 square = Hard Mode Entrance Card
1 square = Gilded Web ver.1
1 square = Ancient Jewelry Expansion Spanner

The event starts on 12/08/22 and ends on 12/29/22

Post your participation below!

🎅Merry Christmas!!🎅

~Your Vendetta Team!

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