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Photographer Contest


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Hi Arkana!

I've been getting a little lonely down here and haven't been able to get away from the beach. You would think being permanently ordered to watch over the Mereholt beach would be fun, but sometimes I want to explore! Can you share some cool pictures with me from your adventures?


I'll pay you well! 

Thank in advance.

- Momo






Find a really beautiful spot, make a coordinated photo with your friends, or take a cool/funny screenshot of anything else you can think of to participate in this event! Each person is limited to one screenshot, also I will know if you post on an alt :).


  • 1st Place: 800CP x 350 , 1 backpack
  • 2nd Place: 1 Warehouse Code
  • 3rd Place: 7d Premium Medal

Bonus points if u hav a screenshot of killing bikini on wanted. (bonus points do nothing)

  • Check thread lock time for final submission time/date. (March 12, 5PM PST)
  •  No photo editing 😐

  • Post your faction & IGN with your submission. Must be Lvl 25+

  • If you are doing a group photo, only one can submit. If chosen, the prize will be altered to a less valuable item to award those involved.

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